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Women STEM Entrepreneurs In Latin America Are Gaining Momentum

Although women founders receive less than 2 percent of venture capital funding worldwide, Latin America is a growing hub for women STEM entrepreneurs who are building startups to solve pressing social issues. Using their background and studies in science, technology, engineering, and math, they’re creating ventures that provide access to finance, health and education, or improve traditional industries like transportation, agribusiness, food and mining. Brazil’s Nubank is the largest neobank in...

Canada Is Having A Record Year For VC Funding

Note: The numbers we refer to below, with the exception of the chart, have been converted from Canadian to U.S. dollars. Canadian venture capital funding is on a tear in 2019, and investments hit their highest point on record in the third quarter. Overall, venture investors put a mammoth US$1.8 billion to work in Q3 of this year, according to the Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA), which published its latest quarterly results this week. It’s the highest quarterly...

Data Shows Boston’s Historical Progress In Funding Women

On a Monday morning in her office on Newbury Street, Sarah Fay of Glasswing Ventures said that for venture capitalists to invest in more diverse founders, “we have to drop the idea that a CEO needs to be a braveheart on a white horse.” “The personality of a woman is going to be different than a man, so you have to […] understand that someone can be effective, even if they really aren’t aggressive,” the managing director of the firm continued. “It’s about opening the door wider.” Fay is one of...

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