Ethereum Merge Brings 3 Major Improvements Benefiting Individual Investors and the Environment

By Jordi Lippe-McGraw Jordi Lippe-McGraw has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 29, 2022

All eyes are on cryptocurrency lately, with many concerned about the future. But one significant recent change means some positive advancements. In September, Ethereum completed a major software update called The Merge. The Ethereum merge set Ethereum on track to become the fabric of the full global economy with substantial growth opportunities in investments for individuals and investors and opportunities for funding social impact solutions. Here’s how The Merge is beneficial.

Rapid Capital Growth for individuals and investors

Investors can earn passive income with the Proof-of-Stake model since ETH now accrues value from staking rather than mining, thanks to the Ethereum merge. Staking allows investors to earn passive income – like interest in a savings bank, but at interest rates of up to 12%, and the “savings account” is called a “node.”

This is something that the company Launchnodes utilizes. They are building the infrastructure for widespread ETH accessibility, crafting the “LEGO blocks” for everyone, from institutions to individuals, to build wealth from staking. It allows users to lock in their holdings while earning interest. Uniquely, Launchnodes enables investors to earn 100% of their earned assets without paying fees – building wealth at tremendous recurring rates. 

“You put 32 Ethereum on a connected node,” says Jaydeep Korde, founder and CEO of Launchnodes. “That node is then allowed to update everyone’s copy of the Ethereum shared database and validate transactions. In return for doing that work, your “node” gets paid. It’s all automatic, so after you set up the node, that ‘work’ is done automatically – which is to say, your node earns automatically. This money your node earns is called the staking returns.”

Ethereum Merge reduces environmental impact

Since the Ethereum merge, the new Proof-of-Stake mechanism has reduced environmental impact, cutting the blockchain’s energy use by 99%. And the network is secured by the beacon chain and validator nodes rather than miners. This helps individual investors generate inflation-proof income, and global institutions – from banks, corporations, and NGOs – are increasingly turning to Ethereum. 

Social Impact Funding via Blockchain Solutions

Despite best intentions, traditional aid and development models can only deliver results at a different rate than needed to solve today’s pressing crises. Blockchain’s efficiency provides rapid access to capital to address these urgent issues.

Blockchain’s efficiency helps address global social issues, and Launchnodes is building the software infrastructure for widespread accessibility. For example, UNICEF’s Giga Foundation just unveiled that they’re financing school internet connectivity in Rwanda – and Launchnodes is their implementation partner to provide funding via Ethereum staking.

“Tremendous opportunities are raised by having a fixed pool of capital that automatically generates an ongoing interest rate – passive income – in perpetuity,” said Korde of another positive result of the Ethereum merge. “One standout area in staking for me is impact staking. At Launchnodes, we look at staking as a tool to support and fund useful outcomes in climate change, inequality, and new infrastructure.”

Korde added, “We also consider staking to be a financial tool that can fund long-term outcomes in climate, inequality, and infrastructure. Staking isn’t just for making crypto bros richer.”

The Future After the Ethereum Merge

Ultimately, Ethereum will create the same level of change in our lives as the internet has. Adoption is high – and it continues to be high, irrespective of the crumbling of FTX and the contagion that is coming from it. For individuals, investing in Ethereum presents tremendous asset growth in value from interest rates. Ethereum staking is on track to become a $40 billion industry, changing how institutions operate and further enhancing blockchain adoption. 

But, for the Ethereum network to meet its potential, it needs to grow: and it grows by more applications being built and based on it, and therefore the data relating to those applications being public and accessible. Korde added, “The more people own ETH, the more widespread the benefit financially from the growth in of the Ethereum network.”

By Jordi Lippe-McGraw Jordi Lippe-McGraw has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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