These Are The Cases Featured In Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2’

Published on December 13, 2020

Netflix rebooted the wildly popular Unsolved Mysteries this year with an all new set of creepy stories to dive into. The only problem, though, was that the streaming service only released a handful of episodes in its first run earlier in the summer. Now, with Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 being released on Netflix next week, fans are excited to get back into the mystery just in time for spooky season.

When will Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 2 be released?

Netflix will release the second volume of Unsolved Mysteries episodes next week on Monday, October 19th. The new volume will feature six new mysteries, two of which are set to be ghost stories in the spirit of Halloween. The show creator, Terry Dunn Meurer, spoke with Variety over the summer and revealed some hints about the new volume. “But I’ll qualify that and say it’s an unusual ghost episode. That’s all I’ll say. It’s different. A bit different,” the show creator said.

Has Netflix said what cases will be discussed in the new volume?

The details on what each episode will be about have been kept fairly quiet in the weeks leading up to the release of the new volume. This summer, the show featured six stories that ranged from murder mysteries to one of the most famous UFO sightings in American history. While the details on each story have not been released, Netflix did release the names of each of the six new episodes in a trailer. The names of the new episodes are Lady in the Lake, Tsunami Spirits, Washington Insider Murder, Stolen Kids, A Death in Oslo and Death Row Fugitive.

Some of the names of the episodes are more vague than others, but some are indicative of specific cases throughout history. Luckily the subjects of each case has already been released, so we’ll go ahead and dive into them for you:

Lady in the Lake

This episode will profile a woman named JoAnn Romain, who’s death was ruled a suicide after her body was found floating in the Detroit River after she went missing on Lake St. Clair in 2010. Police ruled her death a suicide despite the fact that the circumstances of her death are questionable (a local newspaper reported in 2016 that she would have had to cross the icy lake in heeled boots in the middle of winter). Romain’s daughter, Michelle, believes that her mother was murdered.

Tsunami Spirits

Locals in Ishinomaki, Japan have claimed to have several ghost encounters after the 2011 tsunami that struck the area resulted in disaster. The Netflix trailer features haunting scenes inside a Japanese home, revealing that the ghost story will feature the northern Japanese coastal town in one of its two ghost episodes, though it’s not clear which will be the other—if there really are two in this Volume.

Washington Insider Murder

This murder mystery will profile the murder of a man named John P. Wheeler III, who’s body was found in a Delaware landfill in 2010. The circumstances surrounding his death, which was ruled a homicide, are questionable and his murder remains unsolved to this day. Wheeler had a significant career in Washington, D.C. prior to his murder and was a chairman on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. He was also a senior planner for Amtrak, and even served as an official on the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as being a presidential aide in three administrations.

Stolen Kids

This story will explore two cold cases that are linked to one another. After two toddlers went missing in Harlem in 1989, it was presumed that the two cases were involved with one another. Police were unable to solve the cases and both children remain missing to this day—though if they’re still alive they would be well into adulthood by now. You can read more about the case from a local news outlet here.

A Death in Oslo

In searching for the details about this case I came across another unsolved mystery involving an Oslo woman that was found dead in an ice valley in 1970. That was not the case that ‘A Death in Oslo’ is about, but it also sounds interesting. This episode likely centers around a woman that checked into the Oslo Plaza Hotel under the name Jennifer Fergate—an alias. Fergate was found dead in her room at the luxury establishment of a gunshot wound to the face. Her death was initially ruled a suicide but was later reexamined.

Death Row Fugitive

Lester Eubanks is one of the most wanted men in the country, and he disappeared while on a “temporary furlough to go Christmas shopping,” according to the U.S. Marshals service. Eubanks was serving life in prison after previously been convicted and charged with the death penalty for the rape and murder of a 14-year-old.

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