Tulum Vies for the Lead in the Eco-Luxury Travel Trend

Published on January 31, 2019

Once synonymous with surfing, Tulum, Mexico has slowly but surely evolved to become the ultimate eco-luxury getaway for those looking for a mind-body escape, self care, and an immersive cultural experience. All while enjoying the clean conscious of sustainable living.

Offering a seemingly endless array of yoga studios, offering meditation and pilates as well, the main strip in Tulum sets an eco-chic tone, and is set on a single unpaved road with open air restaurants, shops and hotels side by side.

While several eco-luxury hotels have popped up on the beach during this past decade’s so called “Tulum Boom,” Hotel Dos Ceibas Eco Retreat, a mainstay since 1996, has held strong. Currently run by Luca Pieri, The Retreat operates solely on solar energy, produces minimal waste with most every disposable item being recycled.  Luca’s vision is to give the an authentic Tulum experience seeped in nature and spirituality, while preserving the land, energy and environment of our Earth.

Not just any path. A mysterious path.

The Retreat is tucked away behind a mysterious path of palm trees and lovely gardens offering an unforgettable – and Instagrammable- getaway experience.  With unbelievable views taking center stage, Hotel Dos Ceibas Eco Retreat offers alluring and comfortable oceanfront rooms. The Retreat strives to create a unique experience for guests unlike any other Caribbean getaway.

Each property in Tulum has to maintain their own water sources and septics. Every morning trucks can be seen delivering water to many of the hotels. Dos Ceibas has its own well and does not opt for this service. The shower and sinks have high mineral water that is a bit salty, keeping in line with Luca’s commitment to live off the land, producing little waste and emissions from the property.

The Hotel Dos Ceibas Eco Retreat’s amenities include live music, morning yoga classes on the

There are retreats. And then there are treats.

terrace facing the sea, a detoxifying Temazcal sweat lodge, and massages. Every morning fresh breads are baked daily along with their fresh jams from the fruit of the day prior in their stone oven. Refrigeration is scarce at Dos Ceibas, so fresh produce and local ingredients are brought in daily.

Outside The Retreat’s bucolic grounds,  Tulum offers massages on the beach, shopping,  and what seems to be unlimited fresh farm to table, open air restaurants.  Below are some “must try” venues for any visitor.

Shiva: Shiva restaurant specializes in Indian food cooked “home-style” using spices imported from India. Fresh naan bread is baked throughout the day in an authentic clay oven specially imported from India (tandoor). Shiva’s rustic “jungle” bar and lounge offer special cocktails blended with Indian spices as well  as a wine/tequila/mezcal cave, and a large open-air terrace.

Hartwood: A favorite amongst any visitor lucky enough to score a reservation, Hartwood’s menu changes daily based on the local harvest schedule. Throughout the week, Hartwood’s chefs travel hours into the interior of the Yucatan to markets and farms where they collect ingredients designed to offer customers a new and exciting taste of a community that has existed for centuries. All of these aspects come together each day and allow for a humble way of cooking that celebrates Tulum’s unique environment.

Mezzanine Thai Restaurant & Bar:  Perched above one of the most dramatic views Tulum has to offer, Mezzanine’s terrace and tropical beats will set the scene for an instagramable afternoon or lunar-lit dinner. Authentic Thai Restaurant led by Garn Surasak brings to life the tantalizing flavors of his country. From fragrant herbs to homemade coconut milk, Garn serves up traditional dishes created by our Thai cooking personality Dim Geefay.

Mia Beach Club: Mía Restaurant & Beach Club opens its doors to the general public with a contemporary international culinary proposal, and to break the traditional scheme of the cuisine of Tulum offers a fine dining concept wrapped in a casual atmosphere. In addition, it houses a cellar with more than 200 international wine labels.

Beach Club at Coco Limited: Coco Limited’s restaurant will amaze you with its breathtaking view of the ocean. Decorated in a glam-tropical style, enjoy a nice dinner with friends while enjoying the best cocktails in Tulum. The fresh tuna ceviche with coconut and sesame oil and the  wasabi ribs over an ice-cold beer or glass of wine truly hits the spot while you enjoy the breeze and blues of the ocean. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

La Troupe Tulum:   The best pic of locally handmade fashion and home decoration. Based on fair trade, La Troupe is known for their genuine, embroidered, and organic clothing and cushions.

Located on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, a few short steps away from the beautiful turquoise sea, Tulum is just over an hour from the Cancun Airport.

Heather Grabin is a Columnist at Grit Daily. She has worked for years in the travel and hospitality industry.

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