The Best Site to Buy YouTube Views: TOP 12 Safe & Legit Places in 2022

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on August 25, 2022

To make blogging a realistic career that brings you profit and self-realization, you have to invest lots of your time, and resources in it too – and despite that statistics purchases are often considered fraud, this sphere of manipulating social media growth has evolved a lot since the infamous bot farms. 

The necessity to grow blogs fast and stable remains because the competition in most industries on YouTube has drastically increased. Thanks to that fact, it can be hard for new bloggers to fit in the niche and find their audience. The main reason to buy YouTube views 2022, likes, or anything else is that it helps to control and redirect the attention of your audience. 

Is it a good idea at all?

Primarily purchasing views for YouTube is a good idea because it saves a lot of time. Speed is a big deal when it comes to growth on social media, as entrepreneurs who are the fastest, get the most attention to their content. Of course, popular niches, that are also quite easy to embrace, require the hypersonic velocity of uploading new content and engaging your audience. Paid views for YouTube are playing an important part of the attention hook, which assists you to redirect and control the attention of your organic viewers. 

Purchases come into use when the talk is about competition too. With paid services, newcomers can jump into the existing community and strike the curiosity of the target group, providing a higher position in ratings and being able to concentrate on the quality of their content. 

Is it safe and legal to buy YT views? 

There are many services that provide social media stats for money. Not all of them are safe, but nowadays there are enough trustworthy resources that can improve your performance in a perfectly legal way. Unlike bot farms which were dominating the market some time ago, modern providers can secure a growth that can be practically identical to the organic one, because they offer real users, who can watch, comment, like, and share your videos. The opportunity to buy YouTube views reviews the industry rules though, and YouTube security systems are sensitive to boosts. 

Key Points of YouTube Views Provider To Consider

There’s a list of features that you have to check on any sites you want to make a purchase at. Unfortunately, as the sphere of paid stats remains controversial, there is a chance that you meet services that provide bots instead of real users, causing you to get banned or even fraud. So here are the main points to pay your attention to when you are about to buy views for YouTube:

  • Password from your account is not required to provide stats
  • The order is delivered organically within the stated period of time (not all your views drop at once, but the number increases gradually)
  • A clear and secure system of payment 
  • Variable statistic numbers that can be purchased and optionally a possibility to alter these numbers according to your needs
  • Available client support

Now, let’s see a list of best sites to buy real YouTube views review that can help you to choose the best company for your needs.

12 Best Sites to buy YouTube Views in 2022


This is a superb provider to assign for naturalistic progress on YouTube. Along with an essential increase with the cheap YouTube views for videos, on Easy-Views, you can purchase spectators to your live streaming and place the order for targeted video growth. The drip system contributes to the safe and natural progress of your YouTube channel, hence your pastime on-site doesn’t provoke the security, as your content doesn’t become a top result in a blink of an eye( and with bots that is exactly what you will get).

 At Easy-views, you obtain a recourse to go at your own tempo, reinforcing your strategy as you examine the existing result. This YouTube views provider also has more options for neophytes of the industry – packages in the range from 0.39 to 5$ that can demonstrate the potential of the service in the short term and rather effectively, so it will be perfectly suitable for newborn channels. 


This one is presumably among the best sites to choose from YouTube views service platforms. On this site, you will get plenty of packages for different budgets and numbers, so you are to both save money and organize natural expansion for your channel. The prestige of this paid Youtube views provider is spotless, so you can be certain that you obtain high-quality outcomes, and count on it in your protocol. VideosGrow delivers real users only, which shapes your community and boosts your engagement rate, so there is no threat to be banned by YouTube security systems that also react on bot farms. Views that you have bought are delivered to your profile gradually, so the time of completion alters in bias on the package you have ordered. 

Along with basic available choices, on VideosGrow you may request a customized volume of YouTube subscribers or views if you have such a necessity. And in addition to the perks above, to preserve the continual development of your channel, you can set up a refill of your previous package, so it will renew in 30 days until you disable the option. 


This platform for stat improvement is a reasonable alternative if you are determined to develop a few social media platforms simultaneously. On SocialsGrow there are the offers for boosting your rating on such networks:

  • YouTube 
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • SoundCloud
  • Telegram 
  • Spotify
  • Tumblr
  • Quora
  • Shazam
  • Twitch
  • Pinterest
  • Periscope 

And the list expands constantly. Such an assortment gathered in one place makes Socialsgrow an excellent appliance for cross-platform publicity both for bloggers and businesses. This service also delivers exquisite supervision for your orders and a guarantee for 14 days, which is sufficient for you to see the first result and appreciate its quality. Mind that the delivery period depends on the numbers that you buy. The greater the digit, the idler the delivery would be. This is a part of a gradual progressing tactic that is targeted to stay off the lookout for the security systems and make your strategy more organized. And surely here you will buy legit views if you want to buy views for YouTube


This service provides country-related views, which makes it a suitable place to order stats for businesses. By purchasing targeted views, you improve your chances to impress your target audience and gain more loyal clients, breaking in the competition. Getting paid engagement is a method to attract organic users, as your content enters the top results of search and suggested videos for them. The destinations that are available for such promotion techniques right now are:

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Canada 
  • United Kingdom 
  • India
  • Australia

The rates start with 1$ package, and for this price, you get 50 YouTube views, which is a perfect amount for beginners who want to test drive the service. 


This service is great for beginners because it provides cheap views in small amounts that would fit for a new blog. The packages start the range from 100 views, and these would cost only $1.79. After the deal is complete, the delivery begins at once, though to maintain a naturalistic approach, the initialization may take up to 3 hours. But even such a small quantity as 100 views will be provided in a slow-drip method, so you can keep calm about the safety of your deal. On, you have:

  • Various options for payment
  • No-password system
  • Customer support 24/7
  • 120 days refund and refill policy

Such conditions give you enough time to adjust and understand the frequency and amounts of your further purchases. Also, with online customer support around the clock, you can perfectly use the service all across the globe, despite local time.


Don’t miss the opportunity to get 1000 YouTube plays for free! The service offers very fast yet drip-type delivery and real people whose activity on your account wouldn’t disturb the security systems of YouTube. 

QQTube provides:

  • likes
  • subscribers
  • views

Giving you a full range of instruments to improve your performance on the platform. The price range begins with $2.80 per 1000 views. If you need AdWords views, this will cost you $3.50 per 1000. For a thousand YouTube likes you will have to pay $32, and a thousand subscribers cost $44. The prices aren’t the lowest on the market, but for this sum, you will get high quality and risk-free results. Another pleasant addition to the perks of QQTube is their blog – where you can get some useful tips and ideas for your strategy. 


This service provides real YouTube views that are delivered in natural terms. Delivery begins instantly after you complete the deal, but the overall term of delivery varies for different amounts. For example, 20000 views will take up to 12 days to finalize the order. Smaller applications will be complete in a day or two. This site is also a good choice for beginners, as the price range is very moderate (and they often have discounts too): the lowest quantity of views to buy is 500, and such a package costs 4.49$. Hence, a quick boost is quite affordable for newcomers, who want to test out their potential in a certain niche.


SubPals is an innovative platform that offers free and pre-paid options that help to increase your value on YouTube and push your channel to get more attention from your target audience. Here you can choose a promotion plan that is completely free. Keep in mind that it is required to register on this site to get access to its services. After you do that, you can choose any plan you like. For example, with the Basic plan which is free to use, you press the activation button, and then you will be redirected to the page that offers ten other channels to subscribe to, and like ten videos. After you complete the task, you will get 5 abonents to your profile. The operation is to be repeated only after a 24 hour period has passed. To stop you don’t have to do anything specific – simply stop visiting SubPals. There are also paid options that make the process quicker and more fruitful, and to cancel them you will have to contact the support team to stop the progress.  


Famoid concentrates on Instagram and YouTube, providing different metrics for these social apps. Unlike many other platforms, this one goes big – the price range for YouTube views starts at $12,95 for 1000 views, with the highest point at $1899,95 for 500000. The views that this service offers are completely suitable for monetization goals, because they are provided by 100% real and active users, who interact with your content. 

Of course, your social media password is not required, and the provider guarantees the safety of your account, as with the drip-feed delivery system from real users, as with the completely official and respectable payment services: PayPal and Nuvei.


This is probably the best option for users who want to get high-quality customer service in minutes and buy real high retention YouTube views. The platform offers imrovements for other important stats on YouTube and other networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or SoundCloud. Also, on SocialsUp you can find helpful information for your development on YouTube and other social apps thanks to a team of skilled smm experts who work in the service. For much delight, besides basic packages this provider has an opportunity to place individual orders, ensuring that you receive organic results, which wouldn’t alert the algorithms of YouTube – simply reach out to the support team. 

A pleasant addition for all the information above is moderate prices, hence even beginners can use the service for growth now you can get 100 views for $1,99 only! The order delivery usually takes around 24 hours, to secure a naturalistic flow, and guarantee your safety. 

The system of ordering is simple:

  • Choose a convenient package
  • Fill in the URL for your channel or a particular video
  • Choose a payment option that is suitable for you
  • Get your order!


Another good choice among websites to buy YouTube views for a moderate price. Here you can buy subscribers for a moderate price and with gradual delivery that begins instantly. Of course, the term of delivery is prolonged up to 8 days if you get a big number at once. Using this platform, you can easily gather more reputation points as the subscriber count is still an important factor for your public image. Buying targeted views and followers is a great strategy for new explorers of YouTube who don’t have a strong community that can be called for backup from another platform with them. 


This service closes the list of most trustworthy and respectable services for social media promotion. This is the optimal site to purchase views, subscribers, likes and comments with targeting for the Indian audience specifically – and this is an incredibly big viewership market. Global viewership on YouTube  can be purchased too – UK, USA, you name it where you want to buy your stats. Keep in mind that the prices on this service are provided in Rupiahs. Don’t be afraid for legality and safety – in India buying stats for your social media campaigns is not illegal, and it’s kinda considered as one of the progressive social media marketing methods. 

Still Confused Which Provider Purchase Youtube views? Here Are Crème De La Crème Sites!

Yep, with the list of 12 top sites it is still a riddle to find the best site to buy YouTube views from. So here is the dynamic trio or top rated places to consider as your primary choice:


These platforms offer high-quality services, with great variety and possibility to make custom orders if there is an urge. These sites have an established reputation that speaks for itself. However, it is up to you to choose the best company to use by yourself, seeking what lies closer to your heart and mind. Follow what seems to have more options that are suitable for you, without relying on someone else’s experience. That is because the journey of each decent blogger on YouTube is unique. And your strategy depends on many individual factors that a system cannot take into account. Being a YouTube entrepreneur is a road full of experiments and unexpected outcomes. 

The only point that concerns everyone equally is finance. 

It is obvious that many people are considering YouTube to become their income source, so they may not have much money to spend for their starter campaign. Along with YouTube Ads, third-party services that provide views for your videos can be a good investment in your career, as some of them have moderate prices and discounts for popular packages. 

Don’t be carefree with your budget at any stage. To make the purchases work in your favor, you must buy those wisely, analyzing and refining every step you take for your growth on YouTube. Look out where you can save money, and make decisions after a thorough research. 

So, The Pros And Cons Of Buying Youtube Views In 2022

So let’s get this straight. Video content is considered to be the most engaging type of content, that engages the biggest audience, and this is why YouTube is such a hit. Another reason for that is that it combines the functions of social media and a huge search engine (thank you Google). Therefore, many people feel like they have something to share with others and become bloggers. The flow of videos that are uploaded on YouTube daily is enormous. Hence the question of fast and effective growth on this network remains. And due to the lack of information and controversial attitude of the official social media guidelines, beginners are often lost when it comes to the decision to buy legit YouTube views and likes. 

The Pros

  1. Jumpstarting your career. Speed is what matters a lot when it comes to social media. Trends arise and die out in shorter terms than ever. To get your blog noticed in the stream of the videos with similar topics. When you find the best place to buy YouTube views, likes, or subscribers, it is a serious time-saving option, that allows you to concentrate on other things while the stable flow from new views. 
  2. Increasing organic engagement and viewership. When used wisely, paid services provide an incredible growth of natural engagement. The decent number of views on the video makes it appear to people as more credible and relevant. Of course, you shouldn’t begin ordering 5000 views at once. Try to find a correlation between organic and bought YouTube views and order what fits your channel. For example, if you have 250 subscribers, it is hardly possible that your video gets thousands of views, so try to keep it somewhere around the original number. Of course, not all people who watch your videos are your subscribers simultaneously, but anyway you have to keep it close to reality. 
  3. Improve your reputation. If you get many views on your videos, it seems to people that the information you provide there is more valuable, professional, or entertaining – that depends on your needs. It is also important to show that your channel has many visitors who watch your new content every time you release one, and paid views can become a great help with that. 
  4. Improved rating. If your videos have constantly growing metrics, the rating algorithms of YouTube will consider your videos as the ones that are the most engaging. It means that users will spend more time on the platform, and that’s what YouTube wants too. So, if the system checks that your views, watch time, subscribers, and likes are constantly growing, it will put your video higher in search ratings and appear as suggested content for an expanded target group. 
  5. Bigger profit. Views are one of the metrics that are vital for YouTube monetization. With the stable flow that can be secured by the best YouTube view service, you can be sure that your income will increase, as the organic engagement grows. However, don’t hope that you will get much money immediately. 
  6. Better conversion and visibility. According to YouTube ranking algorithms, more views and likes means that your content is interesting to people, hence the system that is targeted on keeping users on the platform as long as possible will expose your videos more often, considering your content as engaging and valuable. 

The Cons

  1. Hard to meet your target group. In most services, it is impossible to select a certain region and set of preferences for users who will provide views on your channel. More often the metric comes from various locations and various users. Hence, you must put double the effort to attract your target audience and make them engage with your content, as paid viewership is more likely to feel less engaged with it. Also, with paid services you can get irrelevant data in your progress analytics, so you always have to keep that in mind and adjust your results accordingly. 
  2. Ethical controversy. YouTube considers paid services from promotion unethical and usually treats artificially grown accounts aggressively. If your operations are noticed by YouTube security algorithms, you risk losing all your progress. The cure for that is not relying too much on paid services and controlling the amounts that you buy to keep it tuned in with the real balance. Remember that nothing can substitute the real engagement and appreciation that comes from organic users who came to your profile willingly. 
  3. The necessity to invest constantly. You cannot simply buy a bulk of Youtube views and expect that your growth will improve drastically. Using paid services is also a complex task that consists of many points that you must keep in mind. To make your growth look organic and provide the result that suits you, you must increase all the statistics that correlate: likes, subscribers, and most importantly, watch time and retention. Although most sites offer quite cheap prices, when you realize how many things you have to buy to secure your growth and safety, the tag becomes more significant. 
  4. Scam risks. As the industry of paid likes and views for YouTube remains in the shadow zone of business, you always have the risk of meeting scammers on your way. Be sure that you checked all the information that the site provides, never buy big packages at once and if you are asked for your CVC code, close this service page immediately.
  5. Complex strategy. To make your purchases look organic, you will have to put twice more effort into creating the organic equivalent of your result. So, you will require even more thorough research and analysis, along with the time that will take your strategy to work. The effectiveness of your purchases correlates strongly with your tactical steps, so make sure that you have implemented paid stats wisely in your plan, and even the best place to buy YouTube views cannot save you from that work. 
  6. No profit from ads. Purchased views do not impact your monetization directly, they can only enhance your organic performance that will later turn into revenue. So, be ready for the fact that your profits will not increase immediately. You will still have to work on your organic growth a lot to make money  out of your YouTube channel.

The main thesis that you have to remember out of all this article is that you should never completely rely on your purchases. The main goal is to collect natural engagement and stats, while your paid option is helping you to maintain the interest in your videos and keep up the progress. Look for individual plans that will work for you specifically, taking into account your industry and blog style. 

Simply buying views for YouTube will not bring you popularity. To make it work you will still have to put effort into creating a decent tactic that can bring good results without purchasing stats. Unfortunately, only time and thorough analysis can show how effective your plans are. Constantly check how your things are going and be ready to alter your strategy for a better performance. 

Getting It Together

As you can see, there are various options available for those who seek popularity on YouTube. YouTube views are an incredibly important metric as it directly affects the rating algorithms, with more views, the system considers your content more attractive and interesting for people and begins to offer it to more and more users. 

Modern paid services that provide YouTube stats, such as ones that are enlisted in this article are a legal and safe marketing technique that enhances your results, helping you to make your way into the top list of bloggers in any industry. But you have to beat the competition not only using your budgets. To retain and empower your success further, you have to create interesting, engaging and valuable content and upload it regularly, as well as keeping in touch with the community, inviting more spectators to become your loyal fans with high-quality materials. However, it is always good to have the option to buy safe YouTube views. 

If you are not completely devoted to YouTube blogging and not ready to invest not only your money, but your time and mind too, then no site from this list will help you. Even if you buy a package of 500000 hits on SocialsGrow, without any progress and effort your channel will die of stagnation. Remember that blogging is a journey, meaning it is necessary to keep moving and changing your pace. Whatever crowded your niche desired niche can be, you always have a chance to squeeze in and get attention and love from people. 

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Cory Maki is a former Staff Editor and the Business Development Manager at Grit Daily.

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