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SAFE App Raised $3.5 Million to Start Showing Verified STD Results on Dating Sites

The SAFE app, calling themselves ‘the safe sex app,’ just raised $3.5 million from investors to partner with HUD ( and add a feature that will allow users to post their verified STD results — in a move to decrease the spread of these preventable diseases.

“Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in the U.S., both for heterosexual and queer populations,” says Katie Wilson, Community Manager for HUD. “At the same time, sexual mores are changing, and more people are choosing to have casual sex after meeting someone via a dating app like HUD. It’s critical that casual sex should be synonymous with safe sex.”

“As well as using condoms, you can also help protect yourself by knowing your own STD status and that of your sexual partner. HUD users who also use SAFE App can sync their accounts, and display a SAFE Badge right on their HUD profile page, which indicates to potential partners that they have verified STD test results to share.”

The badge is set to launch of HUD profiles on June 28th, kicking off NYC’s Pride weekend.

SAFE received funding from Flight Ventures, Harry Schwefel (co-CIO of Point 72), Caivis Investments (led by John Scully, former Apple / Pepsi CEO), Startup Health Ventures, and the Mayo Clinic.

Focus on health apps is more apparent than ever. SAFE allows users to upload STD test results, or book a test at a local clinic. SAFE is HIPPA compliant, so results are accurate and private. The app connects users directly with a lab, where they can get tested for $99, or they can pay with insurance. Users can store their test results so that they can always show a new partner, any time.

SAFE emphasizes privacy, so results will only be visible to the user unless they choose to share them. “The SAFE Badge on HUD will never show a user’s STD test results, just that they have been tested recently – within six months – and can prove it,” says Lauren Weiniger, co-founder of SAFE App. “Their actual test results are only shown on their phone with SAFE App, never sent or shared.”

HUD is one of the top hook-up sites around the world. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, HUD removes the focus of finding ‘the one’ so that more users can have successful dates. The emphasis is on open, honest, and consensual experiences.

Since HUD’s user base is worldwide, more users than ever will be connected to SAFE’s resources.

“Verified status means that results are imported directly from the electronic health records of doctors, clinics, or labs, so there’s no user input or faking the system,” says Weiniger.

The new feature is set to premiere in NYC, at the Ladyland festival in Brooklyn.

“LadyLand is an event where everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community is welcomed with open arms, and HUD and SAFE App are proud to help people celebrate Pride and make connections while keeping sexual health very much a part of the conversation,” says Wilson. “Like LadyLand, HUD promotes inclusion and acceptance, and this event highlights that yes, it is possible – desirable, even – to combine fun with responsibility.”