At 800 Employees Strong, Rightpoint’s Startup Culture Remains Intact

Published on April 8, 2021

Rightpoint, a Chicago-based digital consultancy, has helped hundreds of well-known brands enhance their user and customer experiences over the last 13 years. From starting out with only 15 employees, and growing to having over 700, the team at Rightpoint still finds a way to make sure that every employee is allowed to have a say at the company, giving everyone an equal opportunity to speak their mind while still developing new UX/CX platforms for their clients.

Co-founders Ross Freedman and Brad Schneider started Rightpoint in 2007. In its own words, the company is a “global experience company,” and creates experiences that connect people and drive meaningful outcomes for organizations. Within the first year of becoming an established company, the team gained its first big client. A medical devices and healthcare company from its home base in Chicago reached out to Rightpoint, asking for assistance with creating a digital portal that connected its brand teams from around the globe, allowing them to communicate and collaborate with one another.

The team at Rightpoint came up with a small, yet sensible solution for the company. Without fail, the company allowed Rightpoint to create this portal, with Freedman calling it their “big break.” They started helping out other departments within the company with several projects, and soon found themselves assisting known Fortune 500 companies as well.

Who Has Rightpoint Helped?

Examples of companies that Rightpoint worked with in the last decade include General Motors, Airbnb, Walgreens, Hulu, HP and several others. Additionally, Rightpoint helped a pretty well-known theme park brand build an app for thrill seekers of all ages to navigate themselves through the parks.

Six Flags, the world’s largest amusement park company, reached out to Rightpoint and asked the team to help design a mobile app that would serve as the hub for all of its visitors to any of its parks. The company needed areas of the app to include park hours, dining options, information on rides, and fast access for guests to get to their passes; it also said that guests wanted easy access to these things so they could enjoy more of the parks. Rightpoint took on the challenge and managed to create

Rightpoint took on the challenge and managed to create a Six Flags app for both iOS and Android users, ensuring its inclusion of a fun mobile experience that would not take away guests’ time in the parks. When the app launched in 2017, it received positive reviews from both guests and the company alike. Sean Anderson, director of interactive and mobile services at Six Flags, describes the company as “thrilled” when talking about Rightpoint’s involvement with the mobile apps.

“It is no surprise that our apps launched to great accolades and a very solid ranking in the app store, a consistent 4.5 stars since launch,” he said.

Growing and Growing

With the amount of companies it helped, Rightpoint made a name for itself in the digital consulting space. It received awards and accolades such as INC. 500’s “Fastest Growing Companies” and Forbes’ “Most Promising Companies in America.” The MarCom Awards, one of the oldest and most prestigious marketing and communication awards in the world, also selected Rightpoint as a Gold Winner from its 2018 ceremony.

Additionally, Rightpoint grew to the point where it could start acquiring companies of its own. Stella Point Capital, a private firm out of New York, invested $55 million in the company, giving it the push to gain more opportunities and even buy its competitors.

Rightpoint first acquired Agency Oasis, a fellow customer experience agency from Boston, in 2016; this specific acquisition led Rightpoint to diving deeper into helping companies within the healthcare sector. Next came Raizlabs, a mobile innovation and emerging technologies firm, and Bowfin, a Salesforce shop and Rightpoint partner, in 2017 and 2019 respectively. Its most recent acquisition came in 2020, when the company integrated e-commerce agency Something Digital into its family.

In October 2019, Genpact, a global professional services firm with a focus on delivering digital transformation, bought Rightpoint. Very minimal changes came to the company after the acquisition, though. Freedman remained Rightpoint’s CEO and other employees got to keep their titles as well. Both companies did say that with the two of them coming together, they were able to create more opportunities for their clients around the world, and that they complete each other.

“If you take the best of Rightpoint — experience innovation — and bring it together with the best of Genpact — process innovation — the two come together to build this front, middle, and back end-to-end suite of digital transformation services,” Freedman said.

Being There For Employees

Although the company grew significantly in these last 13 years, Rightpoint still ensures that each employee has a say in what happens.

Freedman is the company’s CEO, but also has a more unofficial role as CPO — chief passion officer; his official company biography also states that his passion for marrying creativity and technology to solve business problems and transform brands is “utterly contagious.” He works to make sure that his employees are comfortable in their workplace environment, even if it’s grown into the 700-person company that it is today.

He and co-founder Schneider hired what they called a “director of people potential” in 2009. The person in this role helped establish new company initiatives to bring employees together. Such initiatives include the Culture Club, which focuses on evolving Rightpoint’s company culture. The club puts on events like movie nights and game nights for those to participate in, or more formal gatherings where everyone discusses what to do for bringing on new team members or showing recognition to existing employees. 

Another includes the Compassion Crew, which serves as Rightpoint’s community outreach group. Each of these initiatives align with Rightpoint’s beliefs in intrapreneurship, rather than entrepreneurship — putting importance in bringing all parts of the company together and creating something out of nothing.

Freedman also wants his employees to know that they’re free to speak their minds on any thoughts or ideas they may have, showing that Righpoint is a free space to communicate and come together.

“I don’t want people to join the company and have their ideas shot down,” Freedman said. “There’s nothing more demotivating, so when people have ideas, we find ways to support them, invest in them and give them that white space opportunity to be successful.”

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