S!NG Mobile App Allows You to Create NFTs for Free

Published on April 16, 2021

Over the last few months, we’ve seen artists selling their works as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and entertainment companies teaming up with digital collectibles platforms to sell themed NFT items. But now, an app called S!NG allows anyone—artist or not—to turn their work into an NFT.

How Does S!NG Work?

S!NG is the world’s first free mobile application designed to instantly mint NFTs to sell or license online. Launching back in March, the app serves as the easiest way for people to come up with an idea and share it out without the hassle of any legalities.

“We wanted to be able to share our ideas confidently and hesitation free, without having to lawyer up. Following an idea through the collaboration process and clearly documenting ownership didn’t really exist. We wanted something to work in the background, carefully tracking without getting in the way of creativity,” the company said on their website.

S!NG utilizes the Ethereum blockchain; ethereum is the technology that helps in time stamping and verifying the original ownership of a file, which allows for NFTs to show their true authenticity even after it is shared.

When you first download S!NG, you must create a user account to access its features. After doing so, you can upload a file (image, audio, or video) to the app; if you choose to focus on an audio file, you can also record audio directly from your phone’s microphone. After you finish uploading your files, S!NG will turn your work into an NFT that you can either share out, sell or licence to others. If you so choose, you can also opt to store your NFT in a digital wallet as you wait for buyers to come around.

S!NG does not currently offer a buy-sell function within the app, but it plans to its own marketplace. In addition, the app will also integrate itself with OpenSea AFI, the world’s largest NFT market; the integration allows any S!NG user to easily connect to their OpenSea account to sell their NFTs.

The app was co-founded by Jim Harmon and former Apple and Adobe executive Geoff Osler, and their team also receives input from a number of visual artists, musicians, and entertainment industry executives. Raine Maida, frontman of the band Our Lady Peace and S!NG’s chief product officer, said that the app is the safest and easiest platform for creators to mint NFTs.

“There is no better time to be an artist than right now, because we are on the precipice of an artistic revolution where control belongs to the artist. This is an industry game changer.”

As of now, S!NG is only available for download on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. Click here to check it out.

Lexi Jones is an award-winning journalist and Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Las Vegas, she covers startup brands in entertainment, internet and LGBTQ+ startup news. She is also an editor of Grit Daily's "Top 100" entrepreneur lists.

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