Paying For Both A Class And The Clothes? Learn Yoga Using Leggings From This New Apparel Line

Published on August 13, 2018

women practing yoga in perfect balanced world apparel

It cannot be overstated we now live in a wellness-centric world. Athleisure has become synonymous with everyday attire – enabling modern individuals easily to go from their morning exercise class to an early lunch with friends. Many athletic brands make fashionable yet functional pieces. However, to ensure high performance for specific exercise classes, it is important to purchase gear that specifically is made for activity. These niche items already are widely available for a variety of competitive sports such as basketball, tennis, and football. However, in the wellness sector of the fitness industry, there still is a lack of options for each specific exercise category.

In recent years, the practice of mindfulness and non-religious spiritual practices have become increasingly important rituals in individuals’ everyday lives. Correspondingly, yoga has become a widely popular practice. Surprisingly, there were no workout clothes on the market that were created to meet yogis’ particular needs – until now.

Perfect Balanced World now offers a line of yoga apparel that founder Carla Berkowitz, describes as allowing a user to “hav[e] a yoga teacher in your clothes.” After practicing yoga for 14 years, Berkowitz saw a common pain point among yoga student when trying to perfect poses. She said that many yogis “used brute force rather than their intuition to guide them.” Accordingly, Berkowitz saw an opportunity to create a product to fulfill this market need.

Unlike other yoga clothing options, Perfect Balanced World’s garments “build balance into the clothes.” By imprinting “landmarks,” rubber markings throughout the clothes in the areas where a yogi needs to place their feet while practicing, Berkowitz invented and patented a unique design that allows students to perfect poses and hold them for longer.

Currently, the brand offers three apparel products imprinted with their patented landmarks, a workout top and both capri-length and full-length yoga leggings, that enable wearers to develop yoga “muscle memory.” The top includes a non-padded, built-in shelf bra, and the pants are made from a soft, silky material, enabling a yogi to easily move and stay comfortable during his or her practice session. In addition to apparel, Perfect Balance World also offers shrugs, slides, a headband, and legwarmers (which feature landmarks on the soles). 

Both products now are exclusively available for purchase on the website.

Elisa Lewittes is a contributing editor and marketing strategist at Grit Daily. She specializes in the luxury fashion and lifestyle fields. Her other professional interests include business, entrepreneurship, and psychology. Elisa lives in Manhattan, New York.

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