The 8 Best Oscillating Fans of 2021

Published on April 23, 2021

A nice fan can change a stuffy area into something far more pleasant. An oscillating fan takes that one step further by moving air in a larger area, going back and forth to cool an entire space instead of a single spot. Of course, the type of space being cooled is important when buying an oscillating fan. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best Oscillating Fan of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Oscillating Fan

As mentioned previously, the type of space being cooled is important, and certain fans cool some spaces better than others. You might even need something small and mobile or a fan that can easily be tucked into a corner. Therefore, in order to cover all the bases and select quality oscillating fans for this list, these factors were considered:

  • Size: Size is important when it comes to oscillating fans. It is not a matter of bigger or smaller but of which fan will suit the space you are looking to cool. Therefore, a variety of fan sizes and types were included in the list, each one providing a different solution to your cooling needs.
  • Coverage: The point of getting an oscillating fan is to cover a larger area. Therefore, every fan on this list is not only capable of oscillating but covers a decent range. After all, an oscillating fan that barely covers more area than a regular fan isn’t worth the extra time searching.
  • Fan Power: The power of the fan is vital when it comes to any fan, and oscillating fans are no exception. Every fan on this list was selected because it can offer powerful airflow and effective cooling. Many are even capable of changing speeds to give you a customizable cooling experience.
  • Durability: The quality of materials is important, but when looking at an oscillating fan, design and longevity are equally critical. After all, oscillation means more moving parts, so only fans with sufficient quality were placed on the list.

No matter what your needs might be, there is something for you on this list. Each and every fan was selected with the above criteria in mind, having a design, power, and durability that will not only cool you down but cover a large area.

The 8 of Best Oscillating Fans of 2021

There are a lot of oscillating fans on the market, and there are many of them that share the same design. However, not every fan is created equally, and this list sorts through some of the best fans out there. It also covers a large variety of styles, allowing you to see what type of fans are out there and make it easier to decide what will work for you.

Lasko 2511 36″ Tower Fan

The Lasko tower fan is the perfect oscillating fan for those wanting something that will cover a large area. With a height of 36 inches and a wide oscillating range, this fan delivers cool air without fail. It even comes with three speeds that deliver smooth, consistent airflow. All of this is delivered in a space-saving design perfect for any room.

This fan also comes with a few great features that make it even more convenient. Aside from various speeds, it has several different timer options, which allow you to set the fan to automatically turn off after a set amount of time. Plus, it comes with a remote control that allows you to control the power, oscillation, speed, and timer from a distance.

  • Space-saving design and size
  • Various speed settings for precise control
  • The fan covers a large area
  • It comes with a remote control
  • Can set a timer for automatic shutoff
  • It is a rather noisy fan
  • Not the most durable product

Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan

This Amazon Basics oscillating fan takes a more traditional approach, using a circular fan on a 16-inch pedestal. However, the change in design makes it no less effective. With its dual blades and adjustable height, you can set it up to cool the exact area you want it to. Its cooling is made even better by the three speed settings available to you.

The three breeze modes included with this fan allow you to customize your experience, letting you choose between nature, sleep, and normal. There is even a remote that you can use to adjust the fan’s settings from afar, with the settings that you can adjust using the remote including powering the fan, oscillation, speed, breeze mode, and a timer.

  • Comes with three speed settings
  • Has three different breeze modes
  • Stands on an adjustable 16-inch base
  • Includes a built-in timer for auto shutoff
  • The remote allows you to easily change settings
  • The cage holding the fan is poorly designed
  • The setup instructions are unclear

Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence Fan

Rowenta makes a smaller fan that is perfect when it comes to ensuring your personal comfort. Not only is this fan effective, coming with five different speeds to give you the exact cooling experience you want, but it does so in a small, portable package. It even has a handle and a stable base that make it perfect for moving around with you.

You won’t be disappointed with the airflow of this fan, either. It has five blades that provide a powerful wind, and due to the fan’s oscillation, it effectively covers a large area. The included remote will even take things a step further, allowing you to adjust the speed or turn on one of the two included modes: Turbo Boost and Silent Night.

  • Portable and has an ergonomic handle
  • Has five different speed settings
  • Has a Turbo Boost and Silent Night mode
  • Includes a remote control for easy adjustments
  • Provides a powerful airflow over a sizeable area
  • The fan lacks features compared to many others
  • Directions are not very helpful
  • Batteries for the remote are not included

NANW Clip on Stroller Fan

While this fan is referred to as a stroller fan, it can do far more than attach itself to a stroller. Due to its small size and ability to sit atop a flat surface or clip onto a number of other surfaces, it can be used in a large number of places. Whether you are looking to use it with a stroller, in a car, on your desk, or carry it around with you, this fan excels.

The fan is not only small and mobile, but it has all the power you could want. It even comes with a way to adjust the fan speed and automatic oscillation for effective cooling. In addition, this wireless fan has a rechargeable battery with life between 4.5 and 45 hours, depending on the settings. This tiny fan even comes with an aroma function.

  • Highly portable and perfect for numerous surfaces
  • Has a long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Includes automatic oscillation
  • Works using a stepless speed regulator
  • Built to allow the use of essential oil
  • The fan is too small for some situations

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan 16 Inch

Sometimes, mounting a fan is the only way to get a good oscillation angle. If you find yourself needing something off the ground, you can’t go wrong with the Hurricane wall-mounted fan. Not only does it offer 90 degrees of oscillation, but the 16-inch diameter means that you will be getting a lot of cooling from this single fan.

This fan also offers durable materials, utilizing a metal grill, a steel support neck, and a design that will keep it going for a long time. Additionally, the fan offers three different speed settings, allowing you to customize the airflow. You can control the speed and oscillation using the pull cords at the bottom of the fan.

  • It can be mounted on a wall
  • The fan oscillates 90 degrees
  • It utilizes durable materials
  • There are three speed settings
  • It lacks a remote control
  • Even the lowest speed is strong

Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan

If you want a tower fan that gives you great cooling power without much noise, this Honeywell oscillating fan will do the job. It focuses on cooling without making noise, and it doesn’t skimp anywhere. In fact, there are five different cooling levels to choose from, and each of them operates with as little sound as possible.

The controls for this fan are also easy to use, making operating it a breeze. There is even a remote that can be stored in the tower fan when not in use. In addition to being easy to use and effective at cooling a large area, the fan is sturdy and has an auto-off timer and lights. You can even upgrade to an eight-speed version if you need more.

  • Includes multiple cooling settings
  • It oscillates atop a sturdy base
  • There is an easy-to-use remote
  • Has a built-in auto-off timer
  • Not the most powerful fan
  • The casing is made of mediocre plastic

PELONIS 16-Inch Standing Fan

The first thing the PELONIS fan offers is energy efficiency and a quiet fan. The silent DC motor keeps things quiet while offering energy efficiency. However, this fan is more than just efficient. It also comes with 12 different speed settings for the ultimate level of airflow customization. That, combined with a 12-hour timer design, makes things easy.

The fan oscillates 85 degrees, so you get great coverage. The entire thing is easy to use as well, having an LED display that makes it simple to control the fan. There’s even a remote for ranged control. If you wish, you can even adjust the stand the fan sits on, putting the fan at 3.5 or 4 feet.


  • Allows you to adjust the height
  • Has 12 speed settings
  • The timer goes up to 12 hours
  • DC motor means quiet and efficient
  • Easy to control
  • The remote is not responsive
  • Assembly can be challenging

Woozoo HD18U Oscillating Circulating Fan

The Woozoo fan has a diameter of 7 inches, but don’t let the small size fool you. This oscillating fan is great for smaller spaces, especially when placed atop a desk. The shape of the blade helps focus the airflow, allowing it to provide concentrated cooling air. You can even change between the three available speed settings as needed.

While the fan oscillates left and right as expected, it also has six vertical tilt settings. These settings make it easier to direct the air where you want it. Additionally, due to the compact design, it makes a perfect mobile oscillating fan that can travel with you as needed.

  • Has three different speed settings
  • The unique blade concentrates the air
  • Offers six vertical tilt options
  • Its small size makes it mobile
  • Is only meant for smaller spaces
  • Airflow could be better

How to Shop for an Oscillating Fan

When shopping for an oscillating fan, there are quite a few options to choose from. However, it is easy to narrow down the number of fans that are perfect for you. All you have to do is keep these things in mind when shopping for an oscillating fan to make your decision easier:

  • Location of the Fan: The location you plan on using the fan matters a lot. It will determine how large of a fan you need, how much space you have for it, and what type of coverage you need. You might even need something that can be taken from place to place or placed off of the ground, so consider it carefully.
  • Necessary Airflow: How powerful of a fan do you need? No matter what type of fan you purchase, this is always an important consideration. If you only want to cool a small area, you might not need something powerful. However, to cool a larger area, you will need something powerful.
  • Sound: While this might not seem important, the sound of a fan is something you should definitely consider. It is especially important if you plan to use the fan while you sleep or work. Fortunately, there are plenty of quiet fans on the market, so just keep an eye out if that is something you care about.

No matter which type of fan you are looking for, you want to keep the above things in mind. You also want to make sure you purchase a durable fan made using high-quality materials. Make sure to consider everything before making a purchase.

In Conclusion 

Oscillating fans are perfect for ridding an area of any stuffiness and keeping it cool, so you can’t go wrong buying one for yourself. Additionally, with all the high-quality fans on the market, you can easily find one that fits your needs. Think about where you’ll be using it, how powerful it needs to be, and any other features you want, then go for it

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