New Charges Filed Against Harvey Weinstein

Published on April 10, 2020

Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein is facing new charges in Los Angeles. The charges stem from a 2010 incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel in May 2010 in which he allegedly sexually assaulted another woman.

Weinstein is facing a felony count of sexual battery by restraint in addition to the other charges he is facing in the state of California. The original charges also stem from incidents at hotels in the Los Angeles area, all with different women.

What Did He Do Now?

According to authorities, the new felony charge alleges that Weinstein sexually assaulted a woman in Beverly Hills on May 11, 2010. The victim has not been identified by law enforcement or the press.

The unidentified victim originally told her story to law enforcement in October 2019 as a witness in the case. Law enforcement determined that the incident took place within the statute of limitations and they, therefore, chose to pursue charges. Weinstein maintains his innocence in all charges leveled against him.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said in a statement, “We are continuing to build and strengthen our case. As we gather corroborating evidence, we have reached out to other possible sexual assault victims. If we find new evidence of a previously unreported crime, as we did here, we will investigate and determine whether additional criminal charges should be filed.”

Weinstein is Not Having A Good Year

The new charges are the latest in a string of hits to Weinstein. In late February, Weinstein was convicted on two charges, third-degree rape, and first-degree criminal sexual act. In March, the judge gave him a sentence of 23 years in prison, a likely life sentence for the 68-year-old.

Weinstein also reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 according to a corrections official but is currently free of symptoms.

Now, Weinstein is facing up to 30 or more years in the state of California. The extradition process has begun to transfer him to the West Coast to face another trial. It is unknown, however, when the movie producer will be transferring to Los Angeles to face his next trial.

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