We Finally Know: Laurie Segall Launches Content Studio, Dot Dot Dot

Published on December 2, 2019

The long wait is over for (former CNN) Laurie Segall fans and the company name couldn’t be more poetic. For the uninitiated, having worked as a tech journalist for years, Laurie Segall certainly knows what information appeals to people. So it makes sense that she’s launched her own media-and-entertainment company, Dot Dot Dot Media.

Dot Dot Dot

According to its Twitter, Dot Dot Dot Media is a news-and-entertainment company with a focus on tech and humanities. It’s basically a reflection of Segall’s own career. In its introductory video, Segall talks about how tech media has changed over her 10-year career. She’s seen the ebb and flow technology has had.

Not to mention how social media have changed how we all love. Dot Dot Dot wants to present those topics in a way that appreciates the people affected by it.

“Dot Dot Dot is on a mission to tell stories that make us feel human again,” Segall says in that introductory video. “Now, there’s absolutely no question that technology is humanity.”

That human touch is clear in the initial posts on the company’s website. One of them discusses love and relationships with Hinge co-founder Justin McLeod. He’s married, but he doesn’t believe in that idea of finding “the one.”

Instead, he says you can make someone ‘the one’ by putting effort into the relationship and deepening your connection with the other person. 

Even though Dot Dot Dot has just launched, it looks like Segall has some big plans for it. Of course, it will continue to talk about the ways technology influences the world around us. Some posts feature clips from Segall’s podcast “First Contact.” Find those interviews on the company’s YouTube channel

In addition, the Dot Dot Dot studio plans to work on all kinds of media including scripted original content, docu-series’ and other kinds of film. In fact, the Dot Dot Dot website says it’s already working on “several original series” that will further its humanity-focused goal.  

Laurie Segall, “Mostly Human”
Former CNN tech correspondent Laurie Segall gets Mark Zuckerberg to admit: “It was a breach of trust.”

Tech journalist Laurie Segall has interviewed so many big names in the tech industry including Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg. While at the University of Michigan, she was able to land an internship at CNN and she grew from there. She became a senior tech correspondent at the news giant and has even hosted her own docu-series.

“Mostly Human” focuses on the way tech has merged its way into the human experience. One episode features a self-identified robosexual who was engaged to a robot. That piece then went into the world of AI replacing human interaction. There’s even a possibility of it becoming a tool to treat sex offenders. 

On the other side of the tech spectrum, the next episode discusses mental health in Silicon Valley. The numbers of people who have taken their own lives despite having what many would consider being enviable careers. The piece says, “in Silicon Valley, where your biggest asset is your brain, the stigma [against mental illness] is magnified.”

Although Dot Dot Dot has just launched, it’s got a strong foundation. Segall has so many years of experience in the tech-media space. So she certainly has what it takes to make this a huge brand.

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