The Global League of Women Wants to Change the Dominant Narrative

Published on December 16, 2019

The different facets of womanhood take many forms. Topics like entrepreneurship, mental health and identity all have a place in a woman’s life that shapes who she is. Lisa Carmen Wang is talking openly about these topics and more on The GLOW or The Global League of Women Podcast. 


Wang’s latest venture The GLOW speaks to ambitious women about topics we all struggle with. It seeks to “challenge pre-existing narratives around womanhood, identity, and power” according to the description on Apple Podcasts.

And it’s clear that this venture is tackling all kinds of topics. In its introductory clip, Wang says The GLOW compiles “the female voices who address critical issues, stories and thoughts.” These women featured on the podcast come from all different backgrounds and career paths.

In its debut, The GLOW released eight episodes that range from 21 to 53 minutes in length. They talk about relatable issues so many of us have faced even if they aren’t an obvious problem at first. Two of the latest episodes deal with social issues: toxic relationships and body shame. 

The GLOW episodes

In its first sentence, the description for the episode about cutting off toxic relationship says, “the red flags we ignore at the beginning of a relationship always seem to be the exact reasons why the relationship had to end.” In that episode, Wang interviews investor and advisor Courtney Daniels who had to cut off a relationship after it became abusive. 

The episode about overcoming body shame features Olive Persimmon and her struggle to love her body. She’s dealt with overeating and bingeing. This created a clear unhealthy relationship not only with her body but food. And it started in part because of a desire to be accepted by others. So many women have struggled with these issues and, thanks to The GLOW, have a platform to hear a real woman’s story and relate to her on a personal level.  

Lisa Carmen Wang

Host of The GLOW podcast and CEO of The Global League of Women, Lisa Carmen Wang wants to change what she calls the “dominant narrative” of each topic she discusses.

“In The Dominant Narrative, only his voice matters, only his story is heard. The GLOW is committed to changing that,” Wang said in a press release. “Change begins with women who have the courage to speak up and challenge the status quo.”

Of course, Wang is an accomplished woman herself. She’s a Yale graduate, USA Hall of Fame gymnast and co-founder of SheWorx, a global platform that helps female entrepreneurs build successful companies. But it doesn’t stop there.

Wang has continuously used her career to uplift other women. Her #HerPower blog is a safe place for women to find encouraging words to sharpen their focus.  And she’s a public speaker who hosts workshops that helps others become better versions of themselves. 

Wang’s accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed. She was named one of Entrepreneur’s 100 most powerful women and earlier this year, SheWorx was acquired by Republic

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