Kylie Jenner Announces New Skincare Line, Kylie Skin

Published on May 13, 2019

As if the billion-dollar cosmetics line weren’t enough, Kylie Jenner has announced that she’s decided to venture into the skin care industry. The arrival of Kylie Skin has been a long time coming, as the beauty mogul has teased it for months on her social media pages. After hinting that a new project “completely unrelated to Kylie Cosmetics” would be hitting the online world soon, Jenner finally dropped the bomb that skin care would be her next venture. The announcement came as somewhat of a surprise. The star teased that there would be an announcement just hours after her red carpet appearance at the 2019 Met Gala.

Kylie Skin

Taking a page from Glossier, Kylie Skin features simplistic, baby pink packaging and a focus on clean imagery to create glowing skin that doesn’t need makeup in order to feel beautiful. Kylie, of course, is the face of the brand. Jenner appears hydrated and baby-faced in the campaign photos to promote the skincare line. It’s no secret that the celebrity makeup mogul is a fan of high-end skin care and beauty treatments, but her loyal consumer following will likely assure success of the line regardless.

The first couple of products to come out of the skincare line are things like a Foaming Face Wash ($24), a Walnut Face Scrub ($22), a Vanilla Milk Toner ($22), a Vitamin C Serum ($28), a Face Moisturizer ($24), and an Eye Cream ($20). With each product around the $20-$30 range, Kylie Skin is set to be one of the more affordable skincare lines in the entire market. Competing with brands like Glossier (which is fitting, considering the packaging is so similar), Kylie Skin will surely fit right in when it comes to online-only skincare products.

However, the brand has already seen more than the usual amount of backlash. In particular, consumers are wary of the Walnut Face Scrub, which contains abrasive walnut shell powder in its list of ingredients. Dermatologists and estheticians warn against using products with walnut shells in them because the ingredient is far too abrasive to be used on the face. Over exfoliating can actually have adverse effects, as it leads to micro-tears in the skin. Yikes! Kylie Skin will either have to take the product off the market or come up with an alternative ingredient before the May 22 release date.

Other Kardashian Ventures

The Kardashians are well-versed in the ins and outs of the beauty industry at this point. Far before Jenner released the highly successful Kylie Cosmetics line, she and her sisters had their hands in a wide variety of projects. Their names could be seen gracing the packaging on self-tanning lines to hair care products. Most of which have come and gone from the shelves of Ulta over the last two decades.

Kylie Cosmetics has, so far, been the most successful project. Since then, though, sister Kim Kardashian has found success in the luxury sphere with her own line, KKW Beauty. The luxury makeup line focuses on nude-toned color palettes, smokey eyes, and heavy contouring. Pricing for that brand is much higher than Kylie’s mid-range prices. The sisters clearly know their markets. As Kylies younger age brought her a young fan base when the company first launched back in 2015.

Now that Kylie has seen so much success as a beauty mogul, other members of the family have opted-in on the same industry. The announcement that sister Kendall Jenner is creating her own beauty line came in the same day. Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian recently launched Poosh after advocating for cleaner beauty products in Washington D.C. Kylie Skin will launch on May 22.

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