Kim Kardashian Is Coming For Eyewear

Published on February 26, 2019

When people complain that Kim Kardashian is wealthy and famous for not doing anything it seems like they’re forgetting that the reality tv star has been hard at work monetizing her name for over a decade now. Kardashian-West recently jumped from endorsement deals into launching her own line of beauty products. The first time she did this was with the launch of KKW Beauty in 2017. The company quickly launched Kardashian-West into the beauty world, with collaborations on products with famed makeup artists in the industry. Now, after solidifying herself as somewhat of a mogul in the beauty world, Kardashian-West is coming for the eye wear world. A collaborative launch with Kim Kardashian-West and Carolina Lemke was announced just a few days ago via Kim’s social media accounts.


It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is a massive fan of the fashion world. The reality tv star has been vocalizing her love for high fashion lately on her social media accounts. Just this week, Kardashian-West posted photos of herself in one-of-a-kind Thierry Mugler gown. The gown resembled dripping liquid gold, complete with an acrylic bodice. The gown was one of two looks that the star wore to an exhibition event. The event, which took place in Montreal, honored the avant-garde designer’s prolific career in fashion. This was just one of many occasions in which Kardashian-West was part of the high fashion industry. As a longtime attendee of events like the Met Gala and various fashion week’s around the world, the logical next step in Kim Kardashian-West’s career would be designing the looks herself, right?

The arrival of a collaborative design work with Kim Kardashian for Carolina Lemke was no surprise. Especially given that the star will slap her name on anything an everything she can. “Kim is a trendsetter. She understands fashion, and this was important for our brand, to align with someone who has such a grasp on the industry’s big picture. Yes, she has a global audience, but we also found something new when we co-designed this collection. Kim gave us a fresh perspective,” said the CEO of Carolina Lemke North America, Mordi Shabat, in an interview with InStyle.

Recent Legal Battles

Just last week, Kim Kardashian-West sought legal action against fast fashion companies like Fashion Nova and Missguided. She did this after one of her one-of-a-kind, vintage looks was ripped off within hours. The companies have been blasted in the past for contributing to massive waste issues surrounding fast fashion. Kardashian-West described it as “devastating” to see these looks being ripped off on cheap websites. She said this because designers often put so much work into creating their individual pieces. Designers like Virgil Abloh, the creative director of streetwear brand Off White, have also spoken out against fast fashion and knockoff companies in the past.

Fashion Nova has responded to the controversy surrounding Kim’s response to their using her name to promote their knockoff products. “Kim Kardashian-West is one of the top fashion icons in the world that our customers draw inspiration from. However, we have not worked with Kim Kardashian-West directly on any of her projects but have been driven by her influential style,” said Fashion Nova in a statement about the accusations.

Kim Kardashian-West’s collaboration with Carolina Lemke will be released next month. Each pair of sunglasses will retail for less than $100. The company prides itself on affordability in addition to being fashion forward. Kardashian-West also just closed her KKW Beauty pop up shop in LA. The company recently launched a line of new red products.

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