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How big is your reason “why?” When it’s big enough, you’ll do anything to make your goals. For Jason Katzenback, his kids were his “why.”

That motivation pushed him through barriers, real and imagined, to create next level success.

That purpose then shift to helping others to survive better.

With Co-Founder, Matt Clark, he founded, with such well-known programs as The Amazing Selling Machine.

They have had the pleasure of helping thousands of other people achieve financial freedom by teaching them to build real, sustainable business, using Amazon as a platform. It all started for Jason when he found his “why.”

CEO and Co-Founder of, Jason is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, who since 2005 has generated over $120 million in sales in his own companies.

Jason has also been blessed to be able to have coached, mentored and taught tens of thousands of students on how to successfully create and run their own businesses.

“What I discovered is once you have that reason why, once you really know reason why, I initially what it was for for me was my kids. And once you realize, you know, you focus on that that makes all the difference in the world. It’s not about money.”
-Jason Katzenback

As Amazon has grown, has been able to help more and more individuals to start their own business. It appears that the trend will only get better, as Wal-Mart recently reported that online sales passed in-store sales for the first time in the company’s history.

In the latest episode of the Create Your Own Life Show, Jason Katzenback sits down with me, Jeremy Ryan Slate to talk about purpose and the future of e-commerce.

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