Calling All Aspiring Writers: JamBios Is Your New Favorite Writing Tool

Published on March 18, 2019

Writers block? I don’t know her.

Compiling a lifetime of memories into a memoir is no easy feat. Take it from some of the authors who have written some of the most celebrated recent memoirs in recent history—Cheryl Strayed, Joan Didion, Anthony Bourdain. What they have in common is not that they lead particularly interesting lives—a lot of people have recovered from a drug addiction, for example—but in how they turned those life experiences into stories that can resonate with so many.

Finding a way to express those memories in a way that makes them not only relatable but interesting is what makes memoir writing one of the hardest forms of creative writing. JamBios knows that, and wanted to create a platform that would not only allow writers to interact and share their work with like-minded individuals, but offer a way to inspire the creative flow of memoir writing.

Creative Platform

JamBios is, first and foremost, a writers platform. The website allows aspiring nonfiction writers to create an online memoir and share it with their friends and family. Readers can also collaborate on pieces together, as the platform is founded on the idea of being able to collaborate on sharing memories and stories together.

On creating an account, users are able to access a pre-made book of 100 chapters where they can fill each one with their own stories. Once they’re finished with their book, they’ll be able to share their stories with the world both digitally and in a physical book that can be ordered directly from the site. In an era where online content is becoming increasingly popular, JamBios makes it easy to create and share without having to go through the rough process of finding a publisher.

JamBios can also help families share experiences and memories with each other. A family member can begin a story by sharing their memory of the event and share it with other family members and friends.

Those people can then comment on the memories or add to the story by sharing their own experiences or outlook on the same event. The website aims to bring people together over shared stories online in the same way that an in-person get together would in the real world. JamBios also gives writers the opportunity to take their writing a step further by offering prompts and different writing opportunities. Each user can sift through hundreds of writing prompts to find something that inspires them.

Different From Blogging

Anyone can start a blog, but it may not be the best route for people who simply want to share memories and stories with their loved ones.

JamBios gives people the opportunity to hone in on what matters most—the stories they want to share. It takes away the hassle of having to work on your own website. JamBios is online and available now to new users.

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