The Top 8 Head Massagers of 2021

Published on May 23, 2021

A great massage can help you unwind and relax, and it can also bring relief if you have something that troubles you. So, regardless of whether you are looking for some relaxation or relief from something like migraines, a great head massager can make a world of difference. Keep reading, and you will see some of the best options available.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Head Massagers of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Head Massagers

When it comes to head massagers, there are a lot of different options, from manual to electric. However, while there might be certain reasons you choose one over the other, the basic requirements stay mostly the same. For that reason, these were the things that were considered when choosing the top head massagers:

  • Massaging Heads: The heads of massagers come in various forms, from prongs to rotating, multi-node heads. No matter what sort of head a massager uses, it is important that it focuses on giving a good massage. Therefore, all of the massagers on this list conform to the head and apply sufficient pressure.
  • Grip: While it does not apply to every massager out there, such as those that fit directly over the head, most massagers require a good grip. A head massage requires you to move the massager where it is needed, and since you will be unable to see without using a mirror, good control is important.
  • Design: The final thing that needs to be considered is the design. While both the heads and grip play a role in the design, the most important factor is how well it works as a whole. The massagers on this list are all easy to use and a mix of comfort and efficiency.

The best head massagers are those that give a good massage without making things too difficult for the user. After all, there are some basic massagers that do a good job because of the design and how easy they are to use.

The 8 of Best Head Massagers of 2021

On this list, you will find a variety of head massagers, and while they are all good, each has its own pros and cons. Some are manual and small, capable of being used however you wish. Others are more complicated and aim to provide a superior experience using various features. However, all of the massagers on this list are great choices.

USAGA Head Massager

If you are looking for a head massager and want to start simple, then you can turn to USAGA for the basic experience. Their head massager is manual and works by using 20 prongs that massage the head and provide relaxation and relief. It works just like you think it will as well, only requiring you to move it back and forth on your scalp.

While the way it functions is simple enough, the quality comes from the metal used. It is durable, but it is soft and elastic as well, which allows it to not only remain usable in the long term but also adjust the size to fit almost any head. Moreover, USAGA is so confident in their product that they have given it a lifetime warranty.

  • It uses 20 prongs for a relaxing experience
  • The process is simple and effective
  • It uses metal that is durable and elastic
  • It fits almost any head
  • There is a lifetime warranty

  • It will not give you that deep of a massage
  • The prongs do bend out of place over time

Ryoma Portable Hand Held SPA Head Massager

If you want an option that can be taken with you anywhere, you will not find many better options than this portable handheld head massager. Ryoma makes a great product, and it all starts with the design. There are five steel massager balls connected to an ergonomic handle, making it comfortable to grip and easy to use.

The claw head is flexible as well, allowing the steel balls to work well on any part of the head. Moreover, it does not only work on the head, with the design allowing you to use it on any part of your body. Plus, since it is manual and has a simple design, it is lightweight and can be used pretty much anywhere.

  • It is portable and can be stored easily
  • It can massage more than just the head
  • The handle is ergonomic and comfortable
  • The fingers on the claw head are flexible
  • It does not get caught in hair

  • The massage is not very strong

LATME Electric Scalp Massager

When it comes to head massagers, there is nothing better than an electric model to give you a deep, satisfying experience. The LATME massager uses 28 individual nodes and 3D deep kneading to help you relax and find relief, and it is not limited to the head. You can use it almost anywhere, though you will need body lotion for other places.

This head massager also has four modes and multiple speed settings, with buttons that can adjust the speed and mode during use. The massage nodes are also detachable for easy cleaning, and there are four spare nodes included. Moreover, the entire massager is waterproof, so it can be used dry for a scratching experience or wet to help clean hair.

  • There are 28 individual nodes for a deep massage
  • It can be used on most parts of the body
  • The speed and massage mode can both be changed
  • It is waterproof and can be used while wet for a deep clean
  • The heads can be detached and cleaned with ease

  • It has a tendency to pull your hair if you do not apply pressure
  • The speed options are limited

FREATECH [Wet & Dry] Manual Head Scalp Massage Brush

There are a lot of head massagers out there that cater to those looking for something to use in the shower. This massager by FREATECH is one of them, and you will find that it works great both dry and wet. It uses soft silicone bristles to provide a strong but comfortable massage, and they are uneven, so they fit the head perfectly.

While this massager can be used dry, it is best used with shampoo to get a deep clean, and thorough massage. Not only does it provide comfort and relief, but it can exfoliate and help with dandruff. Plus, with the ergonomic handle, it will fit in your hand snugly, giving you plenty of control. There are even a variety of colors to choose between.

  • It can be used wet or dry
  • It exfoliates and helps with dandruff
  • There is an ergonomic handle
  • The soft silicone bristles provide a satisfying massage

  • Thick sections of hair can reduce its effectiveness

Tenswa Electric Scalp and Head Massager

Tenswa’s electric head massager is an example of an electric massager that can be taken with you anywhere. However, its small size does not impact the great massage it gives. This massager has four heads that move both clockwise and counter-clockwise, and they each have 28 nodes, totaling 112 nodes for a powerful, relaxing experience.

The multi-directional movement of this massager helps increase its effectiveness, and it even has six different massage modes. The grip also allows for easy control, allowing you to get the massage you want. You will not have to worry about power either since it has an easy-to-use charging stand and long battery life thanks to its lithium battery.

  • There are a total of 112 nodes on four massager heads
  • There are a total of six massage modes
  • It can be charged easily with the charging stand
  • It has a 950mAh lithium battery
  • It is waterproof

  • It does not work as well with longer hair

Heeta Hair Scalp Massager

Heeta makes a head massager that is targeted towards the scalp. Its main purpose is to be a shampoo brush, but the design choices of this massager make it work as both a dry and wet massager. The main thing to look at with this massager is the bristles, of which there are two types that work together to provide a superior massage.

The bristles are also made using durable and soft silicone, providing both comfort and effectiveness. The design and handle also make it ergonomic and easy to hold and use, even in the shower. Another great part about this massager is how light and portable it is. If you choose to use it as a dry massager, you can easily store and carry it.

  • It works as both a wet and dry massager
  • It is made with soft silicone
  • It is made with soft silicone
  • The design makes it ergonomic and easy to use
  • It is light and portable

  • It will not give the deepest massage

Breo iDream5s Electric Head Massager

The Breo iDream5s is far more than a simple head massager. In fact, it provides a deep massage to the head, neck, and eyes using a total of 150 pressure points. It even has integrated heat compression, which reaches around 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and intelligent air pressure to take the massage to a whole new level.

This massager can even be controlled with the app, allowing you to customize your experience. It can even integrate with music. More than that, the entire helmet can be adjusted to fit comfortably, and the eye visor can be removed to allow you to read or watch a movie while receiving your massage. The battery even lasts for 90 minutes.

  • It targets a total of 150 pressure points
  • The app allows for a range of customization
  • The app allows for a range of customization
  • The helmet can be adjusted easily
  • Many have found it useful for migraines

  • It is very expensive for what it offers
  • It can be quite loud during use

MANLI Cordless Head Massager

The last massager on this list is a cordless head massager from MANLI. The first thing to note is that this massager is not only effective, but it is also small and easily taken with you if you want something portable. It will not disappoint either since it comes with four removable heads with 84 nodes for a great massage experience.

This massager can be adjusted as needed, coming with the ability to massage in two different directions at two speeds. Moreover, it can be used for up to 60 minutes on one charge and is waterproof, meaning you can take it with you into the shower without worry. There is even a great warranty backing up the MANLI massager.

  • It is small and portable
  • The massager has four heads with 84 nodes
  • The battery can last up to 60 minutes
  • Excess pressure can cause the heads to come off

  • Excess pressure can cause the heads to come off

How to Shop for a Best Head Massagers

While the things that make a good massager are quite simple, there is more to think about when it comes to choosing a head massager that suits you. After all, there are various types, both manual and electric, and it requires some consideration. Keep these things in mind when shopping for a head massager:

  • Size: The size of the head massager might mean a lot to you. If you want something that can be taken with you and used when you need it, then you are going to want a more compact option. If you choose electric, then you will want a strong battery as well.
  • Power Type: While manual massagers are less expensive and equally useful in many situations, there are some people who might want to consider an electric massager. In fact, since you need to be able to apply sufficient pressure for some manual massagers, it is something you should consider closely.
  • Massaging Heads: The massaging heads are important because they impact how deep of a massage you will receive. They can also work better on different lengths of hair. Moreover, you will need to consider whether they can be used wet and dry or just dry.
  • Purpose: You also need to consider the purpose of the head massager you choose. If you want to buy something for simple scratching and massaging, then there are plenty of options. However, if you have a specific concern, then you might need one that has a different feature.

There might be other things that cause you to choose one massager over another. However, the things above will help you narrow down the choices and find the perfect massager for you.

In Conclusion 

A head massager can provide a great deal of comfort and help you relax. It can also help provide relief from certain conditions or problems. Moreover, there are a lot of options out there, meaning there is no reason not to pick one up for yourself.

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