The 6 Most Efficient Happy Nappers Your Child Needs

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Published on March 12, 2023

From a fun plaything to a cozy sleeping bag, Happy Nappers does it all. The sleeping sack can be unzipped when it’s time for your child to nap. Just pull on their feet to make them fall asleep. ​ Happy Nappers is a sleepy sack surprise for kids. It’s the best way to describe it! This pillow can be filled with anything you want. It can be rolled up and used as a lightweight sleeping bag blanket. 

Happy Nappers come in 11 different designs in two different sizes, so kids can pick from creatures such as dogs, dragons, kittens, unicorns, and so many others. Kids will definitely want more than one favorite, regardless of whether it matches their décor, their favorite animal, or their favorite color. If you want a squashy spot for your head to rest, leave them as pillows on the couch. The napper is the ultimate blanket/pillow for watching movies or snuggling up on a rainy day.

A Happy Napper is also a great companion for sleepovers. Parents can prepare a variety of these for a sleepover birthday party, and the guests can take them home with them as a gift. When grandkids visit for a weekend or when little ones need a nap on the go, grandparents can keep a stash of squishies on hand. They’ll be kids’ favorite spot to nap!

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top picks for the best Happy Nappers of 2023:

Criteria for Choosing the Best Happy Nappers

How warm are happy nappers? 

A spring and summer camping trip is much more enjoyable if you have a sleeping bag with a synthetic fill. While you can stay warm in low temperatures with this soft, lightweight jacket, it is ideal for temperatures between 25 – 44 degrees.

Can you put a happy napper in the dryer?

Make sure to close the zipper before putting the garment in the washing machine. Please do not bleach the garment. Use a low-temperature tumble dryer and avoid ironing or dry cleaning.

How do I fold up a happy napper?

Happy Nappers Sleepy Sacks should be positioned flat on a surface. The unit must be folded up so that the lower portion of the character can be seen. On the lower and upper portions of the character, secure the two snaps.

Right now, Amazon has some pretty sweet deals on some of the coziest and most efficient happy nappers one can find. Our criteria for choosing the best happy nappers include ones that provide a good value for their price and are easy to wash and clean.

The Best Happy Nappers of 2023

Happy Nappers Pillow & Sleepy Sack

This happy napper is the perfect play pillow! Pull their feet to reveal a cozy sleeping bag when it is time to sleep. When nap time is over, the sleepy sack folds back up and is secured by snaps so that you can play again! It is made of soft material and includes a comfortable pillow that will keep your child cozy and warm. Your child can easily cuddle up and nap inside Happy Nappers while staying super cozy with a simple pull-n-zip feature on the side. All Happy Napper characters are machine washable on the delicate cycle, so you can always have them clean and handy, ready to nap and play every day!

  • The napper is ultra-soft and comfy 
  • The napper provides a variety of sizes 
  • The napper is machine washable and easy to clean

  • One customer reports that the price is not worth its value

Cozy Crocodile Happy Napper for Kids

On the coldest days of the year, your child will love snuggling up with this Crocodile Snuggle happy napper. With its dual-sided croc design, this ultra-soft blanket provides a soft, warm hug feeling. The cozy blanket allows kids to curl up with ease, and there is enough space for them to move around and feel comfortable. You can watch TV or movies, read books, play games, or host a sleepover party for your friends. In addition to being warm on their movie night, sleepover, camping trip, etc., this polar fleece tail blanket will also be able to accommodate kids aged 3 to 13 years old. Polar fleece is used to make this super-soft and cozy tail blanket, as it is machine washable and tumble dryer safe.

  • The price is worth its value
  • The napper provides a dual-side design
  • The napper is soft and machine-washable 

  • One customer reports that the napper is not warm 

Catalonia Monkey Happy Napper for Kids

Like a sleeping bag, this monkey tails blanket is adorable. While your children cuddle up into our blanket, let their imaginations run wild! It is made of 240gsm super micro baby plush polyester, a soft-touch fabric that keeps kids warm in all seasons. The throw blanket provides your toddler or kids with comfort when sleeping. You can use this blanket on the couch, on a camping trip, while traveling, in bed, in a car, wherever, as it’s a perfect gift for anyone on your list!

  • The napper is ultra-soft and cozy 
  • The napper provides a lovely design
  • The napper can be used for multiple purposes

  • One customer reports that the napper is smaller than advertised 

Bixbee Kids Happy Napper

This toddler happy napper provides a spacious napping area with plenty of space to add a pillow, unlike many other competitors. It is designed to provide comfortable sleeping or playing even on hard surfaces. With soft velvety padding, this plush nap mat is fun and easy to use at daycare, kindergarten, sleepovers, as well as at nighttime when sleeping. Kids will feel snug with this butterfly blanket, which has a full zipper closure that maintains its shape. It is easy for children to open and close the heavy-duty zippers since they are well made.

  • The napper is durable and easy to use
  • The napper is easy to clean and machine washable
  • The napper is made out of extra soft and thick material 

  • One customer reports that the napper is shorter than advertised 

Gilbins Plush Ultra-Soft Fleece Snuggle-in Happy Napper

Featuring a fleece-like texture and a plush crust, the sleeping bag is ideal for snuggling up. You can also use this blanket to relax on the couch, for sleepovers, parties, as a gift, camping, and car trips! The fabric and weight provide warmth in the winter, but are breathable in the summer, making the scarf a year-round essential.

  • The napper is soft
  • The price is worth its value
  • The napper comes in a perfect size

  • One customer reports that the napper is made out of cheap materials

Snoozy Shark Tail Animal Blanket

This Shark Happy Napper will allow your child to imagine themselves as the fiercest predator or simply a fish among the fleet. It is made from premium-quality, extra-plush, double-sided minky fabric that will make any child feel adventurous while lounging. Despite kicking your child’s blanket, they will not catch a cold because of the soft flannel fabric. It is machine washable, easy to wash and dry, wear-resistant, and not easily out of shape, making it an ideal blanket/sleeping bag for storytime, camping, playdates, and more! 

  • The price is worth its value
  • The napper is easy to wash and dry
  • High-quality, soft material

  • Reports that the inside is not as soft as the outside

In Conclusion 

We hope you found the best happy napper that best suits your needs! Happy nappers offer a whole variety of different animals and sizes, so it may be a little hard to choose which one might be the best. However, you still won’t be disappointed with your choice as they all provide the same soft and warm feeling they give when you hop inside them. 

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By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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