Former Meta Recruiter Says She Was Paid $190K to Do No Work

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 19, 2023

A former Meta recruiter, Madelyn Machado, confesses that she was hired at a whopping annual salary of $190,000 in the fall of 2021 but was told not to hire anyone.

“We were not expected to hire anyone for the first six months, even the first year, that is what they tell you when you start,” said Madelyn Machado in a TikTok video that has gone wildly viral. “The crazy part was that we had so many team meetings. What are we meeting? We are hiring nobody,” she said. “Is it just to hear how nobody else is also not hiring anybody?”

Machado, a resident of Tampa, Florida, is an independent career strategist who has built a following of 220,000 on TikTok. In August 2021, she began posting on TikTok about her work as a recruiter for Android developers and began her job at Meta a month later. Her videos addressed open jobs at various companies, her perks as a Meta employee, and advice on using online sources to “find compensation information.” She was fired from Meta at the end of February 2022. Machado blamed her firing on the videos she posted but said she was already planning to quit.

“I would post career content, and they didn’t like that and brought it up a few times, and the last time I just realized I couldn’t be at a company that controlled everything I post,” she told SFGATE. Machado called the scrutiny of her TikToks “dehumanizing.”

Meta began laying off employees generally in November 2022. Staff cuts to date at Meta total approximately 21,000 people, with another round of layoffs announced just today. Other large tech companies have also laid off thousands of employees, though most find new jobs relatively quickly.

Machado has mixed feelings about her stint at Meta. On the one hand, she was not at all impressed by the corporate culture, which she said was marked by inefficiency and bloat. On the other hand, obviously, is that $190,000 salary.

“I miss it. I wasn’t doing shit,” she admitted

Meta has not issued any public statement about her videos.

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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