Peter Page

Peter Page is the Contributions Editor at Grit Daily. Formerly at, he began his journalism career as a newspaper reporter long before print journalism had even heard of the internet, much less realized it would demolish the industry. The years he worked a police reporter are a big influence on his world view to this day. Page has some degree of expertise in environmental policy, the energy economy, ecosystem dynamics, the anthropology of urban gangs, the workings of civil and criminal courts, politics, the machinations of government, and the art of crystallizing thought in writing.

UK Study Estimates Huge Death Toll Unless Social Distancing Continues Until We Have a Vaccine for Covid-19

President Donald Trump is famously unpersuaded by scientists — just ask scientists who have tried talking to him about climate change — but his abrupt recommendation of strict social distancing to fight the spread of Covid-19 is reportedly motivated by a dire report from the Imperial College of London estimating as many of 2.2 million people in the US could die without strict measures. “It’s bad,” Trump said Monday as the White House recommended people avoid gathering in groups of...

Julian Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s flagging campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination got a boost this morning with an endorsement by Julian Castro, who recently dropped out of the race for the nomination. Thank you @JulianCastro for being a powerful voice, for proposing bold and progressive plans, and for using your campaign to help people who need it now. You made this race stronger—and you will continue to be a leader in our party and our country for many years to...

Illinois Weed Sales Total $3.2M on First Day of Legal Cannabis

Potheads in Illinois eager to buy weed and receive a receipt, just like they would for any other product, spent a total of $3.2 million at dispensaries on New Years Day, the first day of legal sales in the state. Total sales in Illinois tie the first-day cannabis sales record set in Oregon in 2015. Illinois is the eleventh state to legalize cannabis for adult use, and only the second Midwestern state after Michigan to legalize. Both states had robust medical cannabis sales prior to legalizing...

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