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Elevate Is a Hemp-Based Elixir Designed for the Quarantini Generation

From “Quarantinis” to an ironic interest in Corona beer, if there’s one thing that the pandemic has shown us, it’s that people are seemingly more interested in alcohol than healthcare.

According to data from ListenFirst – a social listening platform – engagement with almost 300 alcoholic beverage brands on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram was 326.51 percent higher in March 2020 than the previous year. Engagement with health care brands, despite ranking second behind alcohol, rose just 131.35 percent.

And while an increase in alcohol interest doesn’t necessarily imply an increase in consumption, anecdotal evidence suggests it is true, and according to BACTrack – a breathalyzer app – consumption spiked in several US cities after the lockdown began.

Of course with increased alcohol consumption comes various issues and problems, including mental health problems, liver problems, and – somewhat ironically – is linked to an increase in respiratory issues.

Today, Austin-based AMMA Healing has announced Elevate, a zero percent THC, hemp-based beverage alternative to alcohol. AMMA claims that Elevate offers a mood-enhancing effect to beverages, providing a perfect new way to unwind, and it can be used either with or without alcohol.

Elevate is AMMA’s fifth product, which was founded by technology and wellness entrepreneurs in 2019.

AMMA says that Elevate maintains the social ritual of enjoying an adult beverage with a meaningful mood-enhancement, without harming your brain, liver, or waistline.

“Elevate also works as a nootropic, and is often used to replace coffee as a focusing tool,” cofounder at AMMA Healing, Ted Moskovitz, told me. “Whereas caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and improves short term mental alertness, Elevate activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes your body and improves holistic mind and body focus.”

“You can think about it like this: our central nervous system can be stimulated, similar to fight or flight, which is a stress response and allows us short bursts of intense concentration,” Moskovitz said. “But sustained periods of stimulation can result in energy crashes. On the other hand, our parasympathetic nervous system is our relaxed state and it lets your brain know you are safe, which is beneficial when you need to sustain focus for longer periods of time and participate in creative activities that require a calmer state, all without any crash.”

I’ve tried Elevate for myself, and as with many CBD-based drinks and products, it does indeed have a stress-relieving, calming effect. I enjoy an alcoholic drink, and adding it to my tipple of choice did not affect the taste of my drink, but did give me a different, more calm experience than the drink alone does.

Elevate is a natural product, and has no additives. It is organic, vegetarian, and calorie-free. It launches today and is available from the AMMA Healing website. The company is offering an initial 20 percent discount on orders of Elevate, which starts at $49.39 for a bottle that offers 36 servings.