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The Internet is loving eBay’s plans to “crash” Amazon Prime Day

The competition has begun.

After Amazon announced its 2019 Prime Day sale, eBay fired back that its summer sale will start the same day as Amazon’s – July 15. 

In other words, eBay is planning to “crash” the prime day celebration. In addition, eBay is going to offer “a new batch of amazing deals.”

This will be quite the turn of events since historically only Amazon Prime was able to dominate the summer online shopping market.  eBay is the only platform that can compete “eBay is primed to deliver exactly what shoppers want during this year’s crash (sale).” Said Coo of eBay Americas Jay Hanson. 

Prime day is becoming seasonal, not a couple of days of special sales. This opened new opportunities for buyers to get great deals but also requires putting more time spotting the money saving deal. 

eBay’s special offer

eBay will offer special deals for three weeks after July 15 where people can also find “amazing” items and “unbelievable” prices.

Whatever you decide to shop, take your time to compare deals. If you are shopping on eBay, “eBay’s best price guarantee icon,” you have the opportunity to return the item and receive 110% refund of the price difference if you find the same product in another store. 

eBay term “crash sale” is an obvious way to troll Amazon. In 2018, Amazon’s website crashed as a result of customers flooding the website. Joking,  eBay said, “If Amazon’s site crashed again this year on its “Prime Day,” eBay’s site will be waiting for shoppers with a huge amount of unbeatable deals. Amazon has not commented about it.

Amazon’s “incredible” prices

Amazon has assured that at the beginning of its “Prime Day,” it will release tons of products with deals never seen before. Among the products that people can buy at reduced prices are  TVs, Amazon Alexa devices, video games, electronics, and thousands of products from Amazon partners. Last year, Amazon had more than 100 million products in two days of its “Prime Day.”  

Amazon Prime Day is such a huge and important event. Furthermore, eBay has moved to fixed-price retail that offers brands of major retailers. This is clearly an effort to compete with the huge online seller, Amazon.

Nevertheless, eBay is not the only one that is looking to capitalize on “Prime Day.” Target is also offering thousands of products with deals on July 15 and 16.

Will these dates become the biggest sale days in the summer? America will have a new shopping holiday like Black Friday.

We do not know the answer to these questions yet, but we know that this can declare a war between these two giants. It will make shoppers happy. I am personally excited about it and I cannot wait to go back and forth from one website to another and shop where I find the best deals.