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By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 25, 2021

Another year has gone by, and Thanksgiving is fast approaching, which means it is time to talk about Black Friday! That is right, deals are about to be everywhere, with your favorite stores offering significant savings. However, sometimes finding the deal you need can be stressful and take a lot of time. It does not have to, not with Amazon.

While Black Friday traditionally means going out and getting what you want from your favorite stores, Amazon makes that a thing of the past. Their Black Friday Deals are tremendous. Moreover, you can get everything from the comfort of your own home, not risking the crowds or potential disappointment of not getting what you want.

Additionally, Amazon’s Black Friday event is not a single day or weekend. In fact, if you are reading this, then the deals have already started! Amazon is already rolling out Early Black Friday Deals on all kinds of popular merchandise, with some being time-limited. Read on if you want to see some of what you can find already on sale.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best Amazon’s Black Friday Deals of 2022

Criteria for Choosing the Best Amazon Black Friday Deals

With Black Friday on the horizon, deals are to be expected, but there are multiple ways you can save with Amazon’s Black Friday event. The first is the most obvious, which are the Early Black Friday Deals already available across the site. These cover a wide range of items, from technology to home decor.

Currently, Amazon has a tab that leads you right to these fantastic deals. All you have to do is go to their website and find the “Early Black Friday Deals” tab at the top. Click that, and it will take you straight to a long list of the deals available, which you can further sort using a number of categories, including top brands and Amazon brands.

Keep in mind that not all of the deals you find here will last. There are some deals that are offered in a time-limited capacity, only being available for a day before they vanish. Moreover, some of these are only being sold in a specific quantity, and once they are all claimed, that is the end, meaning you might want to check back regularly.

One example of a limited-time item that popped up is a 7-in-1 air fryer oven by Geek Chef. This fantastic product was 36% off, which equaled savings of over $70. However, the deal was time-limited, with only a certain quantity of them being sold before the deal was gone forever. That is only one example of the savings coming and going right now.

Deals on the Top Brands

Amazon is loaded with popular brands that sell some of the best products on the market, and many of them are already showing up with Early Black Friday Deals. A few of those include Instant Pot, Roku, Energizer, and Invicta, among plenty of others.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer Lid

Instant Pot products have already appeared during the daily deals, with some of them reaching around 50% off. Therefore, you might find some great deals again when Black Friday officially arrives. But even before then, the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker featured here is marked down 13%, saving you around $20 dollars.

This stainless steel 6-quart pressure cooker can pressure cook, air fry, slow cook, steam, saute, warm, roast, broil, sous vide, dehydrate, and act as a mini oven. That is 11 functions in one product, and it allows you to do all of that with ease. In fact, it can be as simple as the press of a button.

  • It cooks things quickly
  • It is easy to clean
  • There are 11 functions

  • It is large and difficult to store

Roku Ultra | Streaming Device

Are you looking to up your streaming game? Well, now is the time to do it with Roku Ultra. Roku is a well-known brand, and the Roku Ultra is a high-quality streaming device that comes loaded with fantastic features, such as 4K and Dolby Vision picture and immersive Dolby Atmos audio. Do you like crystal clear audio and video? Roku does.

The Roku Ultra has the strongest Wi-Fi that Roku has put out to date as well, meaning you get a better signal and less buffering. Additionally, they have loaded the remote with features, from personal shortcuts to voice control and a lost remote finder. You can even plug your headphones into the Roku remote and listen without disturbing others.

  • Incredible picture and sound
  • The Wi-Fi is fantastic
  • There are all kinds of features with the remote
  • It is 31% off, saving you more than $30

  • The initial setup can be tedious

Energizer MAX AA Batteries & AAA Batteries Combo Pack

There are savings on all kinds of products, and although batteries might not be the first thing you think of, you should definitely consider picking up this combo pack, which contains 24 of each type. After all, with Christmas coming up, you might just need some extra batteries. Even if not, they are always handy to have on hand.

You can also trust Energizer, which is one of the top brands for a reason. They have a great reputation and even advertise a ten-year shelf life, which is all the more reason to snag these while you can. If you are not convinced yet, look at the savings, which is a whopping 30%, which comes out to around $10 off this useful purchase.

  • The batteries have a long shelf life
  • The pack includes the popular AA and AAA batteries
  • The savings are great

  • There is no way to get the same savings without buying both types

Invicta Men’s 0073 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph 18k Gold-Plated Watch

If you are in the market for a watch, Amazon’s Black Friday event is a great time to get one. You will find both men’s and women’s watches, and they come in a number of styles from various brands. However, few are as impressive as this Invicta gold-plated watch. Not only is the gold-plating stunning, but the stainless steel means it is durable.

This watch features a blue dial and luminous hands, which compliment the gold and make it easy to read, even in the dark. There are also functional subdials for 60 minutes, 60 seconds, and 24 hours. As an added benefit, the watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters, so it is suitable for diving and surface water sports.

  • Stunning colors
  • Durable material
  • Water-resistant
  • It is 60% off, saving you over $100

  • It is large and will likely require link removal

Deals on Technology

Technology is everywhere, and on Black Friday, people are on the hunt for great deals on all kinds of technology-related items. The good news is that Amazon has a ton of Early Black Friday Deals for technology, from computers and accessories to TVs and products for the home.

WD 18TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive HDD

Western Digital makes some of the best storage devices for computers, with both internal and external drives that come at a great price and deliver when it comes to performance. It features fast transfer rates thanks to the USB 3.0 port, and it has a sleek design. There is even a limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

During the Black Friday event, this massive 18TB of storage is 36% off. The savings to be had with this hard drive are massive, totaling up to almost $200. Additionally, while not all of the sizes they sell are discounted, the 18TB is not the only place to find savings. So, even if you do not need such a massive storage device, it is worth a look.

  • Western Digital is known for its hard drives
  • The USB 3.0 port delivers fast transfer rates
  • You get 18TB of storage

  • The hard drive is not very portable

Sony X90J 75 Inch TV

When it comes to Early Black Friday Deals, a TV is one of the most sought-after items. If you are one of the people looking for a great TV, you can take a look at Sony, which is offering deals on all sizes of the TV featured here. However, the biggest savings come with this 75-inch TV, which is nearly 40% off, saving you over $1,000 dollars.

The TV is not the only thing you can get a deal on. There are also sets that include a soundbar with equally fantastic savings to be had. Additionally, this TV is loaded with features, such as being a 4K LED TV with Dolby Vision HDR and Alexa compatibility. And it is a smart TV, which is a must these days.

  • You save a ton on this 75-inch monster
  • It is a smart TV
  • The picture and sound are fantastic

  • There are some issues syncing to the soundbar

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Earbuds are more popular than ever, and if you have yet to join the ranks of those listening and talking wirelessly, this is a great time to pick a pair up. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ are a terrific pair of earbuds that are already available as part of Amazon’s Early Black Friday Deals, and you can get them at 33% off, saving you $50.

These earbuds can be controlled from Galaxy smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, or with voice assistants like Alexa. However, even without that feature, they have plenty to offer. They have a playtime of around 11 hours and can reach full charge in around half an hour. Moreover, they keep distracting sounds out and provide superior audio quality.

  • They have fantastic audio quality
  • They help block out external sounds
  • When charged, they last up to 11 hours
  • They can gain an hour of charge every three minutes

  • The noise cancellation could be better

LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home

If you suffer from poor air quality or simply want to breathe a little fresher, an air purifier is exactly what you need, and few make purifiers as good as LEVOIT. The LEVOIT air purifier utilizes VortexAir technology with aerodynamic fan blades to bring air in from all around. It is so efficient that it can purify 403 square feet of space in eight minutes.

The LEVOIT purifier also has multiple layers to protect against all kinds of things, from dust, hair, and pet fur to mold, pollen, dander, and smoke. On top of all of that, it makes less noise than most purifiers due to rubber pads that absorb sound. It can even be controlled through their app, where you can also get real-time air quality updates.

  • Highly effective air purifier
  • It can purify a 403 square-foot area in eight minutes
  • The noise produced is minimal
  • It can be easily controlled using the app

  • The deal for this only saves you 10%
  • The filter needs to be replaced relatively often
  • The filters are a bit expensive

Deals on Clothing and Fashion

There is no time of the year when people are not looking for a good deal on clothing, and Black Friday offers a great opportunity for people to get what they need for the seasons ahead. Amazon’s Black Friday event takes that a step further, allowing you to pick from a number of great brands from the comfort of your own home.

INTO THE AM Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirts

The humble t-shirt is not a piece of clothing that should be ignored. T-shirts can be worth in many different situations, and if you buy a high-quality shirt, it can last you for years to come. That is where INTO THE AM comes into play, with the brand offering some fantastic shirts for a great price, and Black Friday only makes it that much better.

These shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes, and you can get over 30% off, depending on what size and shirt you pick out. Moreover, with these shirts, you are getting soft material and a tailored fit that the brand is incredibly proud of, and for a good reason. They fit well, they are soft, and you can get them for a steal on Amazon.

  • The shirts are comfortable and soft
  • There are numerous colors and sizes available
  • The price is fantastic, especially with Early Black Friday Deals pricing

  • There are some reported tightness discrepancies between colors

BLENCOT Womens Turtleneck Long Sleeve Elasticity Chunky Cable Knit Pullover Sweaters

Winter is coming, and that means it is time to get some warm clothing to round out your wardrobe. If you still need a sweater, BLENCOT has you covered with this long sleeve turtleneck sweater. Not only does it look great, but it comes in numerous colors and sizes, making it easy to find the one that fits you perfectly.

This sweater has high elasticity, so it is more forgiving with sizes. It also has a beautiful pattern and two front pockets for storing accessories or keeping your hands warm. Plus, you can get it as part of Amazon’s Early Black Friday Deals at up to 25% off, depending on the size, which could save you more than $10.

  • The material is warm and comfortable
  • It has great elasticity
  • There are two pockets on the front

  • It has to be washed by hand

KAVU Original Rope Bag Cotton Crossbody Sling

If you want to tread on the more practical side of fashion, then picking up a great bag is never a bad option, and KAVU makes some of the most practical, reliable sling bags out there. The first thing you will notice is the signature rope strap. However, that is just the start, with the entire bag being made from tough, durable cotton.

The KAVU bag also has multiple pockets, with the main pockets having zippers to keep things secure. There are also outer pockets, with one being the perfect size for a cellphone and the other being an easy-access velcro pouch. There is even a convenient side-release buckle if you ever have the need for it.

  • The bag is made out of durable cotton
  • There are multiple pockets and an easy-access velcro pouch
  • It has a 20-inch should drop

  • It can be a bit awkward for left-handed individuals
  • There is not much padding

New Balance Men’s 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

Shoes are another great item to snag on Black Friday. Shoes can be expensive, but they last a long time, so it is definitely worth it if you can get a good deal. One of the best deals you will find from Amazon’s Early Black Friday Deals comes from New Balance, with the men’s shoes featured here being a great example of that.

These casual comfort cross trainers come in sizes ranging from 7 to 20, and there are even wide and x-wide versions of the shoe for those that need a little more room. Moreover, the color and design are simple and clean, making them great for almost any casual outfit. Plus, depending on size, you can get them up to around 20% off.

  • They last for a long time
  • They come in a wide range of sizes
  • There are wide and x-wide versions

  • They do not offer all that much in terms of arch support

Deals on Toys and Games

With Christmas on the way, it is time to pick up some toys. Fortunately, you can find an assortment of toys and gifts on Amazon this Black Friday, with plenty of them already available with the early deals.

Holy Stone GPS Drone with 1080P HD Camera

Remote control toys have always been a blast, and they can be fun for both kids and adults. That is only more true with this drone from Holy Stone. One of the best features of this drone, which makes it so much fun, is that it is equipped with GPS. It can be set to follow your GPS location or return to its “HOME” point automatically.

This drone can also have custom flight paths set, and even if you are controlling it manually, it has easy-to-use controls. The altitude control system makes it even more stable and beginner-friendly. Moreover, the camera has a fantastic 1080P HD camera. You can even share your favorite captured moments with a single click.

  • The drone is equipped with GPS
  • It can be set to automatically return to a “HOME” point
  • The controls are responsive and beginner-friendly
  • It has a great camera equipped

  • It is not the most durable drone out there

Giantville Giant Tumbling Timber Toy

Do you like Jenga? Do you want to play it but with a giant tower of blocks that can reach up to four feet? Then Giantville has exactly what you need. This giant tumbling timber toy is just what you expect it to be, a gigantic 56-piece set of wooden blocks that will provide fun for the whole family. They can do more than just stack into a tower, too.

Each of the blocks measures 6.4 inches long, 2.1 inches wide, and 1.2 inches tall. They are made of pine and have a smooth, sanded finish as well. Plus, the set of blocks comes with a high-quality nylon carrying case that makes it easy to store and carry the blocks. Twenty blocks are even numbered, so you can change up the rules.

  • The set comes with 56 smooth, sanded wooden pieces
  • It includes a durable nylon carrying case
  • Twenty of the blocks are numbered

  • They are quite heavy
  • The zipper on the bag is prone to breaking

Soyee Compatible Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

Building things is a lot of fun, and magnets make the entire process even more exciting. Magnets also make it easy to click pieces together and take them apart to put them away after. Therefore, everyone is sure to have a blast with these kid-friendly magnetic tile building blocks from Soyee, which are suitable for children ages three and up.

This set of building blocks comes with 102 assorted pieces, with each of them having permanent magnets and being made from strong ABS plastic. In addition, the colors are bright, smooth, and blur-free. These building blocks come with a convenient storage bag, and they come at a 33% discount, which will save you around $26.

  • The magnets are powerful and allow for a lot of versatility
  • There are 102 pieces of different shapes and sizes
  • The pieces are bright and durable
  • It is a great gift for children over three

  • The size of the magnets makes the connection a bit weak

Deals on Furniture and Kitchen Tools

Furniture and kitchen tools can be expensive, but they are an essential part of any home, which makes them a popular choice on Black Friday. You do not have to wait until then to start shopping, though, because Amazon is already rolling out some impressive deals on home essentials.

Ninja Foodi NeverStick Premium Hard-Anodized 8-Piece Cookware Set

Ninja makes incredible kitchen equipment, and their cookware is known to last. The set featured here is even more impressive, with their NeverStick hard-anodized cookware not chipping, sticking, or flaking due to being created at 30,000°F, which is far superior to most traditional nonstick cookware. It is metal-utensil safe as well.

This cookware is safe in ovens up to 500°F, making it ideal if you need to finish things off in the oven. The long handles are also fantastic, making it easy to move the cookware and preventing it from getting hot on the stove. Moreover, with the anodized surface, it will resist scratches and wear and tear longer than other cookware.

  • You do not have to worry about chipping, sticking, or flaking
  • The cookware is metal-utensil safe and scratch-resistant
  • It is safe in ovens up to 500°F
  • The handles are extra long
  • The tempered glass lids are thick and prevent splatter

  • The surfaces are still prone to micro-scratches from metal utensils
  • Water can get trapped on the edge of the lids

TOPSKY Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

Amazon’s Early Black Friday Deals includes furniture as well, and one of the best deals available is this computer desk from TOPSKY. It is a 46.5- by 19-inch desk that is around 34 inches tall. It also has some great features, such as a 23-inch keyboard tray that is perfect for a keyboard and mouse. It also has open shelves on each side.

The desk is surprisingly sturdy as well, holding up to 200lbs with ease. Another great part about this desk is that it is relatively easy to assemble, with all the tools you need included. So, if you need a great desk, you should give it a look, especially since it is 38% off, which means you save more than $50. There is even a one-year warranty.

  • There is plenty of space on the top of the desk
  • It provides a good deal of legroom that will be comfortable for most people
  • The shelves and keyboard tray keep the desk space open
  • Assembly is relatively easy

  • Some people think the keyboard tray is too small
  • The shelving is not spacious enough for all computer towers

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler

Another big-ticket item to consider is this beverage refrigerator and cooler from NewAir. It is designed to hold 126 cans, though the adjustable shelves mean you can store pretty much anything you want inside. Moreover, it goes down to 37 degrees, which is perfect for cool drinks or anything else you want to put inside.

This refrigerator is 18.9 inches wide, has a depth of 18.4 inches, and has a height of 32.4 inches, making it a great choice if you need something that can be placed out of the way. It also has quiet compressor cooling to prevent excess noise and custom temperature controls that let you adjust it as needed. Plus, it is 39% off.

  • The shelving can be adjusted to hold whatever you want
  • There are multiple temperature choices
  • The dimensions allow you to put it out of the way
  • You save almost $200 bucks during the Black Friday event

  • It still has a bit of noise, so having it in a bedroom is not ideal

Shopping Advice for Amazon Black Friday

Black Friday means savings, and with Amazon, there are even more deals to be found and more ways to save. However, if you plan on getting everything you can out of Amazon’s Black Friday event, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Deals Appear Often: There are time-limited deals to be found, and as long as you check in every day, you are unlikely to miss them. Of course, some have limited quantities, so you can check back more often if you are looking for specific deals. Make sure to also check back when Black Friday actually arrives.
  • Christmas Is Coming: With Christmas on the way, this is the perfect opportunity to get some early shopping done. Plus, you will get things at a price you will not be able to beat. Make sure you consider early gifts as you look through the deals.
  • Narrow Things Down: Amazon has all the current deals in one place under the Early Black Friday Deals tab, and you can sort things by category from there. All you have to do is click a few buttons to make your search a whole lot easier.

You should also keep in mind that for clothes and other similar items, size or quantity might change the deal you are getting. Make sure to double-check before you add something to your cart.

In Conclusion 

Amazon’s Black Friday event has all kinds of deals that span every category imaginable and include all kinds of brands. So if you want to save some money and get some amazing items, it is worth checking it out. Just make sure that you return on Black Friday and over the weekend since there are bound to be even more amazing deals.

Other Products You May Need

We hope you enjoy these products! But keep in mind, Grit Daily might take a small commission on the items recommended here—but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in them. We only recommend products that we would buy or use ourselves, so don’t be wary of our suggestions. 

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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