Doughp Joins With Marco Experiences to Get Teams Talking About Mental Health

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 8, 2021

Doughp, the edible and bakeable cookie dough brand, joined Marco Experiences to help companies and organizations ignite conversations around mental health, while enjoying cookie dough and baked treats. Marco curates immersive, unforgettable experiences that evolve modern teams into thriving cultures. Doughp’s Founder & Fearless Leader Kelsey Moreira leads the virtual workshop titled “Raw Cookie Dough & Real Conversations” as a team building exercise to help companies make a culture shift, normalizing mental health discussions in the workplace.

“Life is raw, I like to think cookie dough can help!” says Ms. Moreira. “Through this team building experience we’re opening up the mental health conversation in a setting that isn’t scary or intimidating. What better way than with some ridiculously tasty cookie dough that brings you back to your childhood licking the spoon while whipping up a batch of cookies?”

During the workshop, Kelsey Moreira, Shark Tank alumni & Forbes 30 Under 30 shares the scoop on her cookie dough business, which has received national recognition, and its mission to make the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time.

“From its inception, Doughp has made it a mission to raise awareness and shatter the stigmas around mental health and addiction,” said Ms. Moreira. “We donate a portion of all sales to this mission and by joining Marco Experiences, we can spread our message and be on the frontlines to help others join the conversation.”

Marco Experiences offers a diverse collection of curated experiences—remote, hybrid, and in-person. Each experience is designed to bring teams and groups together in a truly unique and unforgettable way. The Doughp experience is unlike anything else on the Marco roster and was selected to help companies bridge the conversation with employees around mental health.

“Doughp not only serves up incredibly delicious cookie dough, it’s also a leader in addressing mental health—a topic that we should welcome conversation around in the workplace,” said Suman Siva, CEO and Co-Founder Marco Experiences. “Kelsey’s candidness of her own struggles and her friendly, approachable nature make her the perfect moderator for discussions on mental health and addiction. Adding the mental health and cookie dough experience brings a much-needed event concept to the Marco Experiences platform.”

Kelsey Moreira has spoken openly about her own struggles with addiction and her path to sobriety which led her to start her cookie dough company. Because of Kelsey’s passion to break stigmas, Doughp is a pioneer in addressing mental health. Doughp was one of the first businesses to implement a Mental Health Policy for its employees and was named a Recovery Friendly Workplace by the Foundation for Recovery. In addition, a portion of all sales sold go to support addiction recovery.

During the Raw Cookie Dough & Real Conversations experience Kelsey guides teams as each mix up unique cookie dough creations and enjoy it three ways – licking the spoon, half-baking in the microwave, and fully baking some delicious cookies. Kelsey shares her personal experience with mental health and addiction recovery, creating a space for employees to let loose and open up with a “Raw Truth Game” – where vulnerability meets fun.

Participants receive kits with materials, ingredients, and five cookie dough flavors. Teams join through Zoom to share in the Marco experience.

To learn more or schedule a Raw Cookie Dough & Real Conversations workshop, visit

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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