The Top Seven Best Desk Fans of 2021

Published on June 27, 2021

We get it. Work day in and day out can be a pain sometimes. Sometimes it probably feels like you spend more time behind a desk than at home (even if you work from home!) Why not make your work desk area as comfortable as possible? If you’re one of those people working in a stuffy environment or you just don’t understand those co-workers that are always cold, have we got a list for you! 

Desk fans. Because there’s no reason for you to feel uncomfortable during a long shift. We’ve compiled a list of the top seven best desk fans of 2021. Consider this an act of self-care.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Desk Fans of 2021

Criteria For Choosing the Best Desk Fans

Durability/Portability: One of the biggest benefits of a desk fan is the fact that it’s small but mighty. You want a fan that’ll keep you cool but doesn’t blast your laptop off your desk right? It would also be nice if you could easily transport your new desk fan from the home to the office without breaking your back in the process. You want a fan that lasts, and is easy to carry. 

Reviews: As always, we like to compare the ratio of five star ratings to one star ratings. Sure a fan might have a lot of reviews but how many are five star ratings? It’s always worth checking the good reviews versus the bad reviews of a product. 

Is it Easy to Use? Is the desk fan USB powered or do you need to look for the nearest outlet? Does the fan adjust angles or does it just point in one direction? Does it make your life easier? 

The 7 of Best Desk Fans of 2021

The Aluan Desk Fan

When you picture a desk fan in your head it probably looks exactly like the Aluan desk fan. This fan comes in a deep blue shade, or you can get it in pink, dark blue, or even a pretty sky blue. You can adjust this fan to a low or high speed and it’s five inches, making it a small but mighty addition to any desk. The Aluan is compatible with any USB port and can rotate 360 degrees. 

  • The Aluan fan currently has a 4.6 star rating based off of 7,912 reviews. 6,102 of those ratings are five star reviews.
  • Reviewers appreciated that this fan was powerful but quiet at the same time 
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery 
  • The price for these fans doesn’t break the bank. Prices differ slightly based on the color, but the most expensive price is still under twenty dollars 
  • Several reviewers appreciated that this fan was stable, lightweight, and overall very effective 

  • Several reviewers said that their fan stopped working quickly after they first started using it. 
  • Other reviewers said that their fan didn’t remain stable when it was on 
  • Another reviewer said that their fan wouldn’t turn on unless they tapped it on the side 

The Holmes Heritage Desk Fan

Need to negotiate a deal at work with steely resolve? Start first with this brushed copper Holmes Heritage desk fan. It comes in two sizes, four inches and six inches. (Note, there is a seventeen dollar price difference between the two sizes.) The Holmes Heritage desk fan has one speed setting, and is USB powered for easy charging. The fan head is tilt-adjustable as well, making it easier to angle for the best breeze possible. 

  • Right now, this fan has a 4.5 star rating based on 10,781 reviews. 8,240 of the reviews are five star ratings. 
  • Several reviewers said that they appreciated that this fan was quiet 
  • One reviewer appreciated the way that the air flowed out of this fan, saying it felt more effective compared to other fans she had purchased in the past 
  • Another reviewer said that this fan was the perfect size for a work desk (for reference this reviewer purchased the four inch size.) 
  • Another reviewer said it was so quiet they had to double check that it was on! 

  • The six inch size is a bit pricier, but still under thirty dollars
  • Several reviewers said that their fan stopped working within a few weeks of use. 
  • Several lower rated reviewers said that their Heritage fan was actually too loud for their taste 

The Opolar USB Desk Fan

So far the Opolar desk fan has the most reviews on the list, with 22,516 reviews and counting. 18,485 of those ratings are five star reviews. What makes this fan so special you ask? This fan comes with a 4.9 foot USB cable and the fan head is able to tilt from zero to forty degrees for easy adjustability. The Opolar is built with three different speeds so you can adjust that as well based on your needs. 

  • The price is the same no matter which three color schemes you choose 
  • The front cover is removable, which makes it easy to clean 
  • Fans of this fan were surprised by just how strong the Opolar fan was in spite of its tiny size 
  • Other reviewers said that the fan kept them cool even on the lowest setting. 
  • The price is very reasonable, under fifteen dollars. 
  • Several reviewers said that they highly recommended this fan, and liked that it was quiet as advertised 

  • Similar to the other fans listed, the main complaint in the one/two star reviews section for this fan was that it didn’t last a long time before the fan stopped working 
  • Another reviewer said that their fan didn’t stay on consistently 
  • Another reviewer said that their fan started to squeal after a few uses. 

The Dr. Prepare Tower Fan

If you’re looking for a different type of desk fan try the Dr. Prepare tower fan. This fan is designed to be energy efficient, and the fan has oscillation up to one hundred and ten degrees. The Dr. Prepare fan also comes with three auto-off timer options, where you can set the fan to automatically power off after two, four or eight hours. This fan also comes with three adjustable speeds, and can be easily carried with a built in handle on the back. 

  • This fan currently has a 4.3 star rating based on 2,208 global reviews. 1,456 of those ratings are five star reviews. 
  • One reviewer liked that this fan worked immediately, all she had to do was plug it in and it started up quickly. 
  • Another reviewer said that this fan was great as a work desk fan, due to it being quiet, efficient, and due to the fact that it provided an effective air flow. 
  • For the larger size, this fan is reasonably priced, under thirty five dollars. 
  • Another reviewer said that this fan was great for individual use

  • If you’re looking for a cheaper, standard design desk fan than this isn’t the fan for you (not a critique of the product itself per se, it’s just a matter of preference) 
  • Two reviewers said that their fan made a cracking/creaking sound when in use that was too distracting 
  • Several reviewers said that their fans stopped working quickly after only a few uses 

The Conbola Desk Fan

This fan has a more streamlined and bladeless design that is designed to be quieter yet more efficient than a standard design fan. Another fun detail of this fan is that it has color-gradient LED lights. Just touch the ambient light touch button and your fan will cycle through seven different colors which could help keep you awake during a late night work session. Currently the Conbola desk fan has a four star rating based on an average of 2,560 global reviews.

  • The sleek design would enhance any work space 
  • For the design and extras that come with this fan (the ambient lighting for example) the price under forty five dollars is quite reasonable 
  • One reviewer said that this was a perfect side table/desk fan. 
  • This fan lasts about four hours before it has to be recharged again 

  • One reviewer thought it was a good fan, but overpriced for the amount of product you get 
  • Another reviewer said that the on/off button only works consistently when the fan is plugged in 
  • Several reviewers said that the fan speed wasn’t noticeable even on the highest setting 

The Rowenta vu2660 Turbo Silence Fan

So this fan is going to cost you a hundred dollars (if you go for the five speed option.) The Rowenta fan also comes in a four speed option and a full 360 degrees oscillation option (which is currently unavailable at the time this was written.) 

This fan is bigger than the other fans listed so far, so it would be ideal for a larger workspace area or in an area with little to no A/C. This fan is remote controlled so there’s no need to have to get up and change speed settings or power settings manually. 

There’s even a slot in the fan’s top carrying handle to store the remote. This fan has a 4.6-star rating based on an average of 3,318 global reviews. 2,644 of those ratings are five-star reviews.

  • The remote control is an added layer of convenience 
  • One reviewer said that this fan was astonishingly quiet in a good way 
  • Another reviewer said that this fan was like a luxury car of oscillating fans 
  • Several reviewers said that this fan was stable and didn’t jerk around or move when it was powered on 

  • This fan is a lot pricier than the others. Not for someone budgeting under thirty dollars. 
  • Some reviewers said that this fan was not easy to assemble 
  • Several reviewers liked this fan but thought it was overpriced for what you get 

The Xamshor Personal Fan

This fan is definitely perfect as a gift for someone who’s a fan of cute things. You can get this fan in cat, penguin or whale form. This fan is USB-powered, and can last from 3-6 hours after being fully charged. Another nice thing about this fan is that it comes with three different wind speeds and is angle-adjustable. 

  • The price is reasonable, under twenty five dollars 
  • Currently has a 3.8 star rating based on 16 reviews 
  • 12 of those reviews are five star ratings 
  • One reviewer said this fan was sturdy and didn’t break even after falling off the table 

  • One reviewer said that the fan was cute but the execution of the product wasn’t good 
  • Another reviewer said that their fan started falling apart when they first set it up to charge

In Conclusion 

We hope one of the fans listed above helps keep you cool without causing distractions. Whether you want something bigger and remote-control operated or something cuter and usb-powered, the point is that there is a good desk fan for anyone’s needs. These products are supposed to make your life easier, so don’t hesitate to take time to peruse each fan to decide which one works best for you! 

Stay cool and take care.

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