David Litwak was frustrated by his experiences traveling to over 60 countries and struggling to find the best local options for getting around.

To solve his frustration, in 2012, David Litwak founded Mozio, a company solving airport ground transportation.

Mozio Founder, David Litwak

Litwak discovered a hole in the market and  his team quickly out-hustled competitors to create a travel infrastructure that was sorely missing.

“The two qualities that are kind of Paramount are self-awareness and hustle,  I see a lot of people
that have one or the other meaning they’ve got
a lot of hustle but they don’t have a lot of self-awareness.” 
-David Litwak

Mozio grew by making partnerships with some of the largest companies in the travel space, including: SkyScanner, Booking.com, Cheap-o-air and many others.

The company solved the gap for large companies selling airfare, it seemed only logical that they would want to complete the travel experience of their customers and handle airport connections.

“Basically all the multimodal guys are trying to add up as many modes as possible.”
-David Litwak

Whether it’s train, bus, shuttle, sedan, taxi, limo, water taxi, motorcycle or helicopter, Mozio has grown to servicing over 2000+ airports.

As for the future of transportation, Litwak sees changes in the future as the bigger brands continue to buy smaller upstarts, each desiring to offer more modes of transportation to the end user.

David Litwak sits down with me, Jeremy Ryan Slate, on the latest episode of the Create Your Own Life Show.