ColdSnap’s Ice Cream Keurig-like Machine Unveiled At CES 2021

Published on January 13, 2021

Sometimes the world provides the people with nice news. For example meet the ColdSnap, which is an ice cream Keurig style machine that’ll let consumers make tasty soft-serve ice cream from the comfort of their own home. It’s a breakthrough in the world of ice cream. 

ColdSnap is new and innovative. At the all-digital CES tech show, the new ice cream keurig machine was introduced. Here’s how it works: the machine uses recyclable cream pods with an array of flavors. The ColdSnap freezes them in 90 seconds and then unleashes the ice cream into a cup or cone. The machine reads a QR code on top of the pod and goes from there. Right now, the company is developing similar pods to produce smoothies, protein shakes, frozen cocktails, and more. ColdSnap’s soft-serviced ice cream machine is just the beginning of this new era of ice cream from home. 

Right now, the product is in the prototype stage. During the second quarter of this year, ColdSnap will appear in limited locations. By the end of the year, consumers can order the machine online. By 2022, ColdSnap will become widely available. Unfortunately, the machine costs $1,000. As for the pods, they cost $2.99 a pop. “We’re taking all the cold that it’s generating and we’re harnessing that cold and we’re isolating it right around the pod, and we’re effectively pulling heat out of the pod and putting it through this refrigeration system,” according to Sigma Phase, the company that makes it. 

Matthew Fonte, who has a PHD in mechanical engineering, is the entrepreneur behind the machine. Fonte told CNN making a machine that was safe as well as convenient and cost effective was no simple task. “This is challenging and requires significant development and engineering expertise,” said Fonte. “In the beginning, a lot of people didn’t think it was [scientifically] possible to create ice cream like this in about a minute or so.”

Fonte had the idea years ago when he was inspired by his daughters, who own shares in the company. Most at-home ice cream machines require time and work. Long before making ice cream machines, Fonte worked on missiles. The entrepreneur worked for his father for 20 years in the metal business, creating rocket motor cases for missiles. As for ColdSnap, the company employs 18 people. So far, ColdSnap has had thousands of preorders already for the product. “Sometimes we get notes on our website that just say, ‘Hurry up. I need this,’” Fonte jokes. 

There have been similar machines made in the past, but mostly focused on yogurt and other treats. For example, LG made a yogurt-making prototype called SnowWhite. Fonte and ColdSnap have broken new ground, though, and there’s no question other companies will follow in Fonte’s company’s footsteps.

Fonte wants to change the ice cream game. “We hope that maybe someday, in 20 years, people will look back and say, ‘Remember when ice cream was frozen the whole time. How crazy is that?'” he said. Selling the machine to offices and professional workplaces was the original goal for the company. After the effects of COVID-19 earlier this year, however, Fonte realized the product would be a great accessory for the home. 

The entrepreneur knows the price of the machine is too high for most families and households. Which is why Fonte already has a gameplan in mind to bring down the price. To make the ColdSnap $500, the company will one day replace the steel parts of the machine to plastic fixtures. 

Fonte said there’s a wide range of interest in the United States in ColdSnap, but he’s confident other major consumer countries, such as China and India, will express interest as well.

Jack Giroux is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Los Angeles, he is an entertainment journalist who's previously written for Thrillist, Slash Film, Film School Rejects, and The Film Stage.

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