The 8 Top Butane Lighters of 2023

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 2, 2023

When it comes to lighters, a butane lighter is perfect for those who want something with more power. The flame is powerful, often windproof, and can be easily adjusted. Butane lighters can also be refilled, making them far more convenient for those who use a lighter often. Plus, there are a lot of different types of butane lighters out there.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Butane Lighter

When it comes to butane lighters, it’s all about the flame. While there are other factors that separate the good from the bad, the need for a strong flame is universal. Of course, most of the lighters on the market accomplish a pretty powerful flame, with many of them even utilizing multiple burners. Here are some of the things that were considered:

  • Burners: Reliable burners are needed for a reliable flame. Therefore, the first thing all of the butane lighters on this list needed was a reliable burner. Whether there is one burner or more than one, it all starts with reliability.
  • Flame Adjustment: The burners are important, but the ability to produce a powerful flame is equally as important as reliability. Therefore, all of the lighters on this list can be adjusted, and none of them lack power behind the flame.
  • Safety: When dealing with butane and fire, safety is vital. While there doesn’t need to be a specific safety feature involved, it is important that every design chosen is safe and usable by anyone and everyone.

There are plenty of other important factors when it comes to lighters, such as how well they ignite, their fuel capacity, and their versatility. However, the main factors are the flame and the safety of using the product, so those things were focused on.

Here are our top picks for the Best Butane Lighter of 2023

The 8 of Best Best Butane Lighters of 2023

There are a lot of different butane lighters out there, with many of them being marketed for specific things. There are larger torches meant for cigars and cooking, those meant to be kept in the pocket, and lighters meant to ignite things from afar. Regardless of which suits your needs, you will find something for you on this list.

Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter Insert – Double Torch

There are few names as trustworthy as Zippo when it comes to lighters. Of course, this is only an insert, but the only thing that it is missing is a shell, and it can work without one if needed. While you might want to also pick up a case to put it in, there is no doubt that this lighter will be one of the best you can find on the market.

The material of the lighter insert is zinc, which is a great material to resist corrosion and rust. It is also a double torch lighter, meaning you’ll be getting two flames. You can also adjust the height of the flames as you like. Moreover, the flames reach temperatures of up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit and can be ignited with the simple push of a button.


  • You get Zippo quality
  • It uses a push-button ignition system
  • The flame height and heat are adjustable
  • Has a fuel capacity of 0.9 grams
  • Can reach up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Does not include a Zippo case
  • Some have an easily fixable electrode problem

Urgrette Butane Torch Lighter

If you want a different design that makes it easy to ignite whatever you want, the pen lighter featured here is a great choice. It is six inches long, so it can light things without your hand having to get too close, and the flame can be adjusted for even more control and precision. They even come in pairs of either black and silver or black and red.

These are also very high-quality lighters, using materials such as aluminum alloy, temperature-resistant ceramic, and a copper nozzle. Because of the materials used, you do not have to worry about safety. Additionally, the nozzle allows the flame to be adjusted up to 2.8 inches, reaching temperatures of around 2800 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Six inches long for easy use
  • Adjustable flame height and temperature
  • High-quality materials for safety and longevity
  • A fuel window shows the amount of fuel
  • Push-button design for easy ignition


  • They burn through fluid rather quickly
  • Refilling can be a tad difficult

LcFun Torch Lighter 2 Pack

If you are looking for something with a little more punch, then this torch lighter made by LcFun is a great choice. You even get two of them for a fantastic price. Keep in mind that if you do decide to go with LcFun’s torch lighter, you’ll want to get butane with a long universal filling tip for easier refilling. Though, aside from that, refilling is a breeze.

This butane-fueled torch lighter is also great for those who want to adjust the flame, with the adjustment only requiring the turn of a wheel on the bottom of the lighter. Another great thing about this lighter is that you can see the amount of fuel left inside due to the see-through nature of the lighter. Moreover, using it is as simple as the push of a trigger.


  • It is easy to refill with butane
  • The amount of fuel is visible
  • Made from sturdy zinc alloy
  • You can adjust the flame at the turn of a wheel


  • The torch heats the metal quickly
  • It is a top-heavy lighter

GUEVARA Butane Torch Lighter

If you want a high-quality lighter, then GUEVARA’s butane torch lighter has you covered. It is made out of metal and is designed to be easy to use and keep a strong flame no matter where it is being used. In fact, it is windproof, utilizing double torches that can withstand the elements. You can ignite and do what you need to without having to worry.

The lighter has a fuel window as well, allowing you to keep an eye on the amount of butane left. When it gets low, you can refill it easily using the valve on the bottom, which is located right next to the convenient cigar punch. You can even adjust the flame, and since it is a wide flame due to the double jets, you will find it quite easy to use


  • Has a fuel window for easy monitoring
  • Can be easily refilled with the valve
  • Utilizes double jets for a wide flame
  • The flame can be easily adjusted
  • Comes with a cigar punch


  • Does not hold that much fuel
  • The lid is not the best

Kollea Torch Lighter

Another great butane lighter is the Kollea torch lighter, which is the perfect size to keep in your pocket and comes with a powerful flame that can handle whatever you need. While it is not that long, you get a triple jet flame that comes from three adjustable burners. Together, the three burners provide a powerful, windproof flame.

Safety is another benefit of choosing the Kollea lighter. It is made with zinc, so you are getting corrosion resistance, and the entire thing is sturdy. Moreover, there is a safety lock that can prevent the ignition button from being pushed down, which is nice to have. You will also find features such as a cigar push and an easy-to-use refilling valve.


  • Uses three burners for a powerful flame
  • Has a safety lock to stop ignition
  • Features a retractable cigar push
  • Compact size for carrying around
  • Made with sturdy materials and zinc


  • It does not have a fuel viewing window
  • The small size means less fuel capacity

TOPKAY Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighters

Another triple jet flame comes from TOPKAY, which has a slightly different design from the previous lighter and is perfect for lighting wide objects such as cigars. However, it is also notably bulkier. Of course, the additional bulk might make it less convenient for carrying around, but it also means more fuel capacity and less refilling involved.

The TOPKAY butane lighter is transparent, allowing you to see the fuel tank. You will also see a safety cap on the top, which needs to be opened manually. From there, ignition is as simple as pressing the button on the side, and if the flame needs to be adjusted, it can be done with the knob on the bottom. The lighters come in a two-pack.


  • Creates a powerful triple-jet flame
  • Has a wide flame for lighting larger objects
  • You can easily see the fuel inside
  • Comes with a manual-open safety cap
  • The flame can be adjusted with ease


  • The design is a bit bulky
  • Runs through fuel very quickly

Yeuligo Torch Lighter

If you are looking for a butane lighter with a long neck that can light things from a distance, then look no further than the Yeuligo torch lighter. This lighter is over seven inches long with a handle that is a good distance from the neck and flame. There is even an easy push-to-open button to ignite the flame.

This butane lighter has more going for it than a strong, continuous flame. It also has a visual fuel window that lets you monitor how much gas is left. In addition, the anti-slip handle ensures that you won’t have any accidents when using it. Finally, you can adjust the flame and refill the lighter with ease using the knob and valve at the bottom.


  • Is over seven inches long
  • Has a strong, continuous flame
  • Includes an anti-slip handle
  • The flame can be easily adjusted
  • There is a fuel window to observe the tank


  • Uses fuel rather quickly
  • Not ideal for carrying around

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

The final butane lighter on this list is also the longest and most versatile of the bunch. This lighter made by Zippo has a 4.8-inch neck, and there is an XL version that measures 13 inches. It can also be bent and rotated a full 360 degrees. If you need something that can light from afar or change depending on the situation, then you won’t find anything better.

The lighter doesn’t lack the usual features, either. First, it has a long handle, making it easy to use without burning yourself. It is also built with dual-flame technology to resist going out when it’s windy. There is a child safety button that makes it safe to leave lying around, and you can easily adjust the flame with the dial on the bottom.


  • It has a long neck and an XL version
  • Has a large handle
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Uses a safety ignition button
  • The flame can be adjusted easily


  • Too large to take out with you

How to Shop for a Butane Lighter

As you have seen from this list, there are many types of butane lighters, and they all have their own merits. Some are longer, while some are more compact and can easily fit in your pocket. There are even lighters with multiple burners with a wider flame. Therefore, to make choosing easier, consider these things when shopping:

  • Purpose: What are you using it for? If you want to light candles or use it for other small jobs, then something with a longer neck but a smaller flame would work just fine. For cigars and other such things, you might want a wider flame consisting of multiple burners to make things easier.
  • Safety: Safety is important, especially if the lighter might be left in the reach of minors. If so, you want to get one with a safety lock. Of course, keeping your hands away from the fire is also a safety concern.

Finding the right lighter for you is actually pretty simple. Butane lighters are convenient, and as long as they will work for what you need them for and do so in a safe manner, you don’t have to worry much about anything else. Of course, there are plenty of smaller features out there, so keep an eye on those and get something you’ll like.

In Conclusion 

With so many butane lighters out there, you won’t have a problem finding something you like. Plus, you can refill them and adjust the flame, something butane lighters have over traditional lighters. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take a look and get something that will be with you for some time to come.

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By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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