BODS Raises $5.6M Seed Round Funding to Expand its World-class Digital Fashion Technology Platform

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 31, 2022

With the seed round funding, BODS will revolutionize the online shopping experience and bridge the gap between eCommerce and the metaverse.

(Los Angeles, CA – March 29, 2022) – BODS, the pioneering digital fashion technology company, is pleased to announce it has closed its seed round funding for $5.6M. The round was led by Peter Boyce II at Stellation Capital to support the growth of BODS’ luxury partner portfolio, make key hires across its product, engineering, design, and partnerships divisions, fulfill technology patents as well as advance product feature development.

The funding round was joined by an incredible group of investors including a strong representation of female investors: Karlie Kloss, Jenny Fleiss, Cyan Banister, Long Journey Ventures, Third Kind Venture Capital, The WXR Fund, Alsara Investment Group, and Prodject.

Founded by Christine Marzano, BODS launched the beta version of its digital platform with luxury fashion partner KHAITE in 2021. BODS offers an elevated, personalized thus inherently inclusive solution to the digital styling and try-on experience. Leveraging cutting-edge achievements in computer graphics, AI, and gaming technology, every “BOD” is an elegant representation of a customer’s unique body type and skin tone. 

Sophisticated fashion technology doesn’t need to look or feel ‘techy.  With BODS, utility is delicately woven between layers of luxurious digital fabric.  We are providing the customer with an incredibly useful solution IRL, today and creating a bridge to fashion’s digital future and Metaverse opportunities.” – Christine Marzano, CEO, and founder of BODS.

Revolutionizing online shopping experiences through immersive real-time technology, BODS allows online shoppers to virtually style outfits and digitally try-on real world apparel and accessories, on a fully customizable digital version of their body with elevated and precise renderings of garments’ fabrication, colorway, design detail, and fit.

BODS is on a mission to deliver a much-needed win-win-win — for customers, for retailers, and for the environment — with their platform. Christine’s background of experiences, from fashion to gaming and computer graphics, provides her deep authenticity and empathy as a CEO we are proud to support as a Stellation Capital portfolio founder.” – Peter Boyce II, CEO at Stellation Capital.

We were excited about BODS technology because it provides clear value to retailers, consumers, and the planet. Creating a BODS avatar could be many people’s first step into the metaverse, and we are confident that the elegant, elevated user experience the BODS team has designed will leave users feeling delighted and wanting more.” – The WXR Fund.

With this strategic round of fundraising, BODS will continue to empower online shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions, encourage them to experiment with their style, while also providing brands with invaluable data to inform their direct-to-consumer business strategies.

About BODS:

The future of fashion is fit, not size. BODS uses groundbreaking technology to transform online shopping into an immersive experience that is personalized, inclusive, and sustainable.

Leveraging cutting-edge achievements in AI and computer graphics, BODS makes it possible to style looks and try-on clothing in a truly personalized digital experience. BODS offers the only elegant and elevated solution in the market today. BODS empowers online shoppers to make accurate purchasing decisions while encouraging them to explore and experiment with their style. Our photo-realistic depictions—of body types, skin tones, materials—and real-time customer interactions are a first for fashion.

At the core of the experience is your BOD: a 3D representation of YOU, which can be used across brands.  Your BOD allows you to see how clothes of various sizes, colors, and shapes will fit your actual body and how they can be styled together. You’ll wonder how you ever shopped without one.

Founded by Christine Marzano, BODS is powered by a world-class team of engineers, 3D artists, and real-world garment designers. Marzano, who previously co-founded avatar animation company DNABlock, and was the first fashion model to create her own photorealistic 3D avatar, is a former runway model, and Princeton graduate. She drew upon her years of experience in the fashion industry and in 3D digital technology to merge the two learnings and develop the concept for BODS.

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Cory Maki is a former Staff Editor and the Business Development Manager at Grit Daily.

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