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Be A Dreamer

 “Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality, upgrade your  faith to match your destiny”- Unknown

During the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic world we live in many are struggling, however, the greatest challenges often turn out to be the greatest opportunities. I wanted to take this time to inspire you to start that company you always wanted. Write that screenplay. Compose that song. Reach out to that old friend you wanted to talk to and collaborate with but always made excuses about time. However, this all starts with the most powerful force in the universe. Your dreams!

We Are All Dreamers

We are all dreamers. Ever since you were young, you’ve always had dreams. You probably grew up with a vivid imagination and believed anything was possible. You were created to be a champion. Your potential is determined by your dreams. You are not limited by your circumstances, your place of birth, your current finances, or what your family thinks of you. If you can dream it now, then God, a higher power or anything you believe in has already made that a reality. Your plan is already in motion because your mind has made it a reality it is now a certainty that if you keep dreaming it you will force your body to take action to make it a reality.

Visualization Is Key And Dreams Are Free

Almost all the greatest inventions of humanity started from the mind. Don’t believe it? Well, here is an experiment. Imagine your dream car. Now draw it. See without visualizing that we can’t make it. I drew that 1969 Mustang. Your dreams are the blueprint for your manifestations. Every great idea that comes to life starts as a dream. Everything. You are the product of a supreme higher power’s dream. If you love someone you visualize them, you think about them, and do what you can to pursue them. Even our life’s partners start as an idea in the mind. Without our addictions formed in the mind for love, even that wouldn’t manifest into a reality. Only when you know what you like and want, can you go after what you like and want.

Also, dreams are free, they don’t cost anything. So, if they are free why not dream big dreams, bold dreams, dreams that are almost impossible. If you went to the mall and could have anything for free, you would buy lavish expensive things and not stuff from the dollar bin. Same with your life. Why are you playing small? Why aren’t you dreaming big and bold dreams? Most of us believe it’s not possible or afraid it won’t happen and don’t want the disappointment. On the contrary. It’s a disappointment to dream small dreams. Your parents gave life to you to be a visionary, a thinker, a doer and someone who manifests their full potential.