Tricia Harte

Tricia Harte is a Columnist at GritDaily. Her column focuses on brands and emerging technology. She is a former reporter for FOX59 News.

Best US Cities for Manufacturing Workers

Since the Industrial Revolution, America’s manufacturing sector has been growing, adapting and changing. As a result, the demands of the manufacturing worker have also changed. In some instances, manufacturing growth appears non-traditionally. WeWork spaces in Silicon Valley and Toolbox in Los Angeles place manufacturing components alongside marketers and programmers. But in smaller metro-areas, traditional manufacturing still goes strong. Where manufacturing thrives in 2019 Kempler...

Study: Who’s most afraid of a drug test

Search histories reveal a lot about a person. And if you’re searching “does [my company] drug test,” it’s likely because some underlying concern exists. Whether you’re a prospective employee concerned about pre-employment drug screening policies, or a current employee questioning, your question offers some insight into your extracurricular activities. Who is most concerned? JDP, an employee-screening firm, analyzed search trends tied to more than 150 of the...

Americans underestimate daily screen time, according to new study

The average American adult spends 5.4 hours a day on their smartphone, but many people are in denial about the realities of their screen time. Denial? Who? Me? You?  According to a new study by Provision Living, 82-percent of people think their personal phone usage is below that national average. Provision Living surveyed 1,000 baby boomer and 1,000 millennial iPhone users to identify similarities and differences across generational phone use. To complete the study, respondents were asked to...

Americans comfortable with letting computers do their thinking, study shows

Every day, millions of Americans make decisions supported by artificial intelligence (AI). From what route someone should take to get from A-to-B, which playlists to listen to, shows to watch and articles to read, to even who they should go on dates with, AI algorithms are constantly making recommendations. Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) set out to identify just how satisfied Americans are with AI recommendations. Innovative Technology Solutions surveyed 2,000 Americans, about which...

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