Jackie Abramian

Jackie Abramian is a Columnist at Grit Daily. A multi-lingual social-media strategist with 20+ years experience, she has managed national and international campaigns for global tech companies, social enterprises, NGOs, and non-profits including public education campaigns for various federal government agencies. A contributor to Thrive Global, etal media, and HuffPost, she is the founder of Global Cadence consultancy and Artists at War multi-media platform of interviews with artists living in war zones. Based in Maine, she focuses her coverage on social entrepreneurship and travel.

September marks the Feminist Press awards — a rare salute to women who write well

At September’s Feminist Power Awards, the Feminist Press will recognize six commanding women for pushing the envelope to be “at the table” to be heard and distinguished. They are ambassadors, activists, writers, feminists, journalists, artists, and LGBT+ advocates. The Feminist Press — a nonprofit organization — advances women’s rights and amplifies feminist perspectives. Publishing classic and new writing, it elevates “silenced and marginalized voices” supporting...

Girona rises in Game of Thrones

Stand at the hilltop Girona Cathedral’s sharp, ascending stone steps as the bells toll in a hot summer day to imagine yourself on the Great Sept of Baelor in the Game of Thrones. HBO transformed the medieval quarters of this northeastern Catalan city of Girona into Braavos, Oldtown and King’s Landing in the sixth season of the medieval fantasy epic. Perched atop Plaça de la Catedral the Romanesque and Gothic style Girona cathedral is, in fact, a real structure and the seat of the Roman...

Chernobyl’s Instagrammers Pose and Smile “Radiation”

The recent flock of Instagrammers to Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone “tourist attraction” is too young to remember the nuclear disaster 33 years ago. They wonder about the ghost town where thousands had to flee to safety. 33 years ago Safety measures were top of the mind for the Cambridge Peace Commission delegation enthralled into the next phase of establishing “sister city” relations with Yerevan, Armenia. After a few days of meetings, we had Moscow’s blessing. We were off to Armenia...

Lifting Haiti’s Poor One Nutritional Shaved Iced Cone at a Time

The World Poverty Clock records more than 597 million of the world’s population living in extreme poverty. The UN’s top Sustainable Development Goal, SDG1 is “Ending Extreme Poverty”. And one social enterprise is shifting the paradigm of poverty reduction, offering the poor a self-help business model. The Portsmouth, NH based nonprofit organization Social Ventures Foundation is all about doing “Business with a Purpose” which its Executive Director Marc Blumenthal explains means:...

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