Jackie Abramian

Jackie Abramian is a Columnist at Grit Daily. A multi-lingual social-media strategist with 20+ years experience, she has managed national and international campaigns for global tech companies, social enterprises, NGOs, and non-profits including public education campaigns for various federal government agencies. A contributor to Thrive Global, etal media, and HuffPost, she is the founder of Global Cadence consultancy and Artists at War multi-media platform of interviews with artists living in war zones. Based in Maine, she focuses her coverage on social entrepreneurship and travel.

Amidst COVID-19 Armenia’s Public Schools Enjoy Uninterrupted Learning

With a continued rise of confirmed COVID-19 cases, 113 countries have closed educational institutions impacting 849.4 million students (UNESCO). In the Republic of Armenia, (population: 3 million) however, public-school students’ learning remains uninterrupted, thanks to an EdTech platform called DASARAN. With Armenia on emergency shutdown until April 14th, DASARAN’s newly launched distance learning feature allows public-school teachers to administer online lessons and quizzes....

TaLI Advocates Education for Zimbabwe’s Children

When the Zimbabwean non-profit, Tag a Life International Trust (TaLI) launched ‘Every Child in School’ campaign in 2017, over 270 Zimbabwean non-profits and NGOs signed on. The campaign pushed the Zimbabwean government to provide access to state-funded basic education for all children in Zimbabwe. Since 2010, TaLI has empowered girls and women’s rights in the landlocked Southern African nation where 1 in 4 women experience sexual violence by age of 15. Either impregnated, or unable to...

Brands’ Biggest Threat: America’s Working Class Walks the Tightrope

In their latest book, Tightrope–Americans Reaching for Hope, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn sound off the alarm on rural America’s disappearing working-class. The “miasma” of unemployment, failed government policies and the disappearing American dream is “slowly killing” rural America’s working class with widespread addiction, imprisonment, suicide, and early deaths. The journey begins at Yamhill, Oregon, where we meet the ghosts of Kristoff’s childhood...

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