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Influencive is an online publication that was founded in 2016 by Inc. 500 Entrepreneur Brian D. Evans that shares unconventional wisdom around entrepreneurship, success, and the blockchain.

Women’s Best founder David Kurzmann reads his customers’ reviews in bid to top womenswear market

David Kurzmann is one of the co-founders and CEOs of Women’s Best, a fitness company that’s marketed solely to women. He, his brother Lukas, and a friend discovered that, when looking at the fitness market, there wasn’t a company that offered a one-stop-shop for fitness and nutritional supplements made for women only. Too many fitness […]

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Dan Lok: Formal Education Is a Scam

In a country where student loans are on the rise, yet skills are declining, it’s only fair to question what’s going on behind the doors of America’s educational institutions. Several years ago, it took a highly educated individual to acquire wealth, but today, not always. We asked Dan Lok, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who didn’t take […]

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