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Ex-model Sarah Anne Stewart on the power of “breath work”

[playht_player width=”100%” height=”175″ voice=”Richard (en-US)”] I had one of the most enlightening and refreshing conversations recently with an entrepreneur that I just had to tell you about. You will find some truly fascinating people in this world in the limelight all the time, while others will be in the shadows waiting to have their voice […]

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Facebook page organic reach continues marked decline

In 2018, Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that they would further reduce the organic reach of branded content published on Facebook Pages. The news received mixed reactions. Facebook users were happy because it means they’ll see more posts from their friends and family. Businesses using Facebook for social media marketing, however, found it […]

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Dan Martell Sheds the Truth on Entrepreneurship and Family Life

Being a child growing up in a chaotic and stressful environment usually isn’t the greatest formula for future success in today’s society. We have so much stimulating us at any given moment and being a child growing up in this type of environment can take its toll. I got the opportunity to sit down with […]

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LinkedIn is starting to court pro athletes and fans are loving it

Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat: Those are the social media networks that come to mind when you think of professional athletes. The one network you don’t think of is LinkedIn, and that’s why I was shocked when I got a message one evening on LinkedIn from Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and founder of CHARG1NG, Braxton Miller. […]

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Diana House on how to be a “Chief Financial Entrepreneur”

It’s time to do the scary thing. According to Diana House, the number one problem most entrepreneurs suffer from is not looking at their finances. Pull off the band-aid, because if you don’t know what’s going on, you can’t improve it — you might even find undiscovered profit possibilities, and everyone likes free money! The first step is obvious — look […]

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