12 AI Use Cases: Enhancing Customer Experience in Various Industries

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on September 28, 2023

To understand the transformative power of AI in enhancing customer experience across industries, we sought insights from twelve industry leaders, including CEOs and founders. From boosting customer support to streamlining content creation in HR, these experts share compelling use cases and benefits achieved through AI implementation in their respective fields.

  • Boosts Customer Support
  • Enhances Lead Generation Content
  • Automates Cross-Selling in SaaS
  • Fuels Content Marketing Efforts
  • Elevates User Experience in Education
  • Transforms Financial Report Generation
  • Ignites Creativity in Writing
  • Matches Authors with Suitable Editors
  • Powers Personalized Content Delivery
  • Refines SEO Data into Insights
  • Personalizes Beauty Product Recommendations
  • Streamlines Content Creation in HR

Boosts Customer Support

At one of my previous startups, we leveraged AI chatbots to significantly improve customer support response times. By training conversational AI models on thousands of support tickets, we created intelligent bots that could understand customer questions and immediately provide answers for common inquiries about billing, returns, sizing, etc. This freed up our human agents to handle more complex issues. 

Post-implementation, customers received quick resolutions 24/7 instead of waiting for replies. Meanwhile, agents increased productivity by 20% as easier queries were automated. 

The AI-augmented capabilities didn’t replace staff but elevated them. Customers benefited from faster assistance and employees handled higher-value work. Blending AI and human intelligence optimized the experience for all.

Ankit Prakash, Founder, Sprout24

Enhances Lead Generation Content

We work in lead generation automation. When the popularity of a freshly appeared ChatGPT reached its peak, many people raised their expectations and believed that the players of our industry could replace SDR 100%. 

After experimenting a little with ChatGPT, we quickly realized that it was impossible, and this solution would destroy your reputation. In the end, as the hype died out, it became obvious that AI and ChatGPT can help with generating content for all kinds of mail-outs—they introduce a hint of creativity. However, everything that is automatically generated should be verified and proofread by a living human being before using it.

Daria Erina, Managing Director, Linked Helper

Automates Cross-Selling in SaaS

The Regie.AI platform is utilized for our sales teams. As a SaaS company, subscriptions and selling related products to customers are relied upon. A significant revenue booster is cross-selling once a paid subscriber is secured. Regie.AI is used to automate cross-selling emails to customers, and it also analyzes customer data to suggest the best products to offer them. 

This not only saves the sales reps’ time but also improves the customer’s experience by suggesting relevant services and products based on their context. Links to the knowledge base can be included to help customers gain a better understanding of the software. 

Regie.AI has enabled the identification of those customers who could benefit from hearing from us without overburdening them. It is a tool that continues to enhance our customer experience strategies.

Alister Wood, Owner, VisitUs

Fuels Content Marketing Efforts

I have used artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the audience’s experience on the Brosix website through some content marketing efforts. In particular, we have used AI tools for keyword research for search engine optimization and idea generation for the blog. 

AI is also used to generate meta titles and descriptions as a way of automating small content requirements. This move has significantly aided efforts in providing valuable content and insights to readers in a shorter span of time, while boosting efficiency and productivity.

Stefan Chekanov, CEO, Brosix

Elevates User Experience in Education

In the education industry, EuHu is rooted in the sector, primarily supporting educators in enhancing their lesson plans and teaching techniques. Crafting these lessons, as many educators would attest, often feels like a time-consuming, uphill task. Hence, insights from seasoned educators and dedicated specialists have been pooled together to provide top-notch service. Recently, a leap has been taken by integrating AI into the platform.

AI has made navigating the website a smoother experience for members. Services in producing support and inspiration for teachers have also improved through AI, as elements of AI have been incorporated in lesson designs and educational contents. Overwhelmingly positive feedback has been received from clients, and the ROI of using AI for the company in terms of optimizing the user experience has been worth it.

Chris Burgess, Project Lead, EuHu by Findel

Transforms Financial Report Generation

In our industry, harnessing the power of AI has really made a difference, especially for creating detailed reports for our clientele. Financial consulting, at its core, is about assisting businesses in navigating their financial landscapes, freeing them to zero in on other vital areas of operation. 

However, the process of producing comprehensive financial reports that are both thorough and user-friendly used to be a lengthy endeavor for our team. Given the intricate nature of financial data, adjusting the content to be palatable for our clients was also a significant task.

AI has revolutionized how we approach report generation. We can produce detailed, yet clear, financial assessments faster than before. Moreover, AI allows for a tailored approach, which ensures our clients receive data in a format that’s both informative and easily understandable. This has resulted in enhanced client satisfaction and more efficient use of our team’s time.

Lorenzo Nourchan, CEO, Northstar Financial Consulting Group

Ignites Creativity in Writing

AI has transformed online writing from a solitary craft into a dynamic partnership, where the writer’s creativity is amplified by the insights and assistance of intelligent algorithms. This quote is ChatGPT’s thoughts on the matter when asked, “How are you useful for an online writer?” 

The truth is, AI is being utilized for writing. There is no way around it. As consumers demand more and more content, it forces writers to create more and more ideas and work, which can be extremely draining and uninspiring for a creative.

Where it is important not to overstep the mark is through our actual writing. People want to hear human opinions, and AI can quickly remove that feeling and the connection with your audience. Instead, why not utilize AI by asking for prompts or subjects when your creativity is running low? It can be a great tool to reignite your inspiration without taking away from your writing.

Bobby Lawson, Technology Editor/Publisher, Earth Web

Matches Authors with Suitable Editors

Enter our AI-powered “Manuscript Matcher.” Before, authors would send in their work and wait for a human editor to assess its genre, quality, and the best matching editor for the job. That process could take days. With the Manuscript Matcher, all that changed. As soon as an author uploads their document, the AI system scans it for key elements like writing style, genre nuances, and thematic elements. It then instantaneously suggests the most suitable editor from our team, tailored to the unique needs of the manuscript.

The benefits? First, it dramatically cuts down wait time. Authors get matched in minutes, not days. Second, it adds a layer of precision. Because the system is trained to recognize subtle literary elements, its match is often more nuanced than a quick human scan could provide. And third, it lets our human team focus on what they do best—polishing and perfecting the manuscript, knowing it’s already a good fit for their expertise.

Vikrant Shaurya, CEO, Authors On Mission

Powers Personalized Content Delivery

In the digital marketing landscape, AI’s role is pivotal. At Ignited Results, we’ve harnessed AI-powered predictive analytics to tailor content delivery. 

By analyzing user behaviors and preferences, AI anticipates their future interests. This results in highly personalized content that resonates with the audience, enhancing engagement. In short, through AI, we’ve achieved a more targeted approach, optimizing both customer experience and marketing efficiency.

Jon James, CEO, Ignited Results

Refines SEO Data into Insights

Witnessing SEO’s evolution over 15 years, what was the most transformative shift? The AI infusion. At SEOBRO.Agency, AI played the role of a bridge, translating complex SEO data into digestible, actionable insights. Remember the jargon like backlinks and canonicalization? AI refined them into clear, business-centric briefs, thereby elevating client engagement.

Consider our local Boston bookstore client who was previously misaligned with global keywords. With AI’s predictive analytics, they refocused on localized strategies. The result? A 60% boost in organic traffic within months. AI isn’t mere automation; it’s precision and clarity in the vast SEO seascape.

Roman Borissov, CEO, SEOBRO.Agency

Personalizes Beauty Product Recommendations

In the beauty industry, AI has transformed the customer experience, and at Evenskyn, we have embraced this shift. One standout initiative is the “AI Skin Analysis Tool.” Customers upload a selfie, and an AI-driven algorithm assesses their skin concerns and provides personalized product recommendations. 

For instance, when a customer named Emma uploaded her picture, the tool detected early signs of fine lines and uneven pigmentation. Based on this, she was recommended a specific anti-aging device, which suited her needs. This AI implementation has dual benefits: customers feel understood with tailored advice, leading to higher conversion rates, and they’re more satisfied with their purchases, reducing return rates. 

In an industry where personalization is key, leveraging AI to provide bespoke recommendations gives brands a significant edge in enhancing the customer experience.

Zain Ali, Partner, EVENSKYN

Streamlines Content Creation in HR

AI has been a game-changer for enhancing the customer experience at NamanHR. A specific use case that illustrates this is our approach to training content development. Utilizing AI-generated insights, we’ve reshaped our content creation process for clients, enabling us to produce comprehensive training modules that form the fundamental basis for our development initiatives. This not only speeds up the process but also ensures a consistent and innovative approach, offering clients a highly informative experience.

Moreover, it has brought a shift in our ability to generate individual participant reports, providing personalized insights on a participant’s progress, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. This level of tailored feedback enables us to deliver individualized guidance, resulting in remarkable progress in our participants’ career journeys. As an organization, we eagerly anticipate the new impacts of AI as it continues to shape the future of our clients’ journeys.

Fehmida Merchant, L&D Consultant, NamanHR

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By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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