Turn up with the Futuristic Air Audio Pull-Apart Bluetooth Speaker

By Peter Salib Peter Salib has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 9, 2021

**This article about the Air Audio Pull-Apart Bluetooth Speaker is co-authored by Katelyn Quisenberry of Bold TV.

Welcome back to Show and Tell, where I unbox the trendiest tech for every area of your life. In this product showcase, we bring you the latest in tech gadgets and everything else you would want to keep your electronics looking up to date. And now, meet the Air Audio Pull-Apart Bluetooth Speaker by Quirky. So, for all the audio nerds, you’ll want this unboxing on full blast.

Meet Quirky

Designed and created by a community-based company, Quirky offers a new kind of development by remaining open to public opinion. The Air Audio idea was submitted by the public. Any person is welcome to participate in the requests for audio development. Quirky then uses its product development expertise to manufacture, prototype, design, and launch the product with payment to the inventor in the form of royalties.

Music for one or for all.

Air Audio Pull-Apart Bluetooth Speaker makes listening to music or podcasts expandable and flexible. It’s made up of one big piece with a combo of five smaller parts. When you put it all together, it is a powerful speaker with a power of 24 watts. But you also can pull it apart into five different pieces and set it up for surround sound. The anatomy of the speaker is broken down into 1) the main middle speaker called the Air Base and 2) the smaller pieces called the Air Connects.

Photo Credit: Air Audio Co

And since they connect magnetically, you don’t need an app to organize which speakers will play. All Air Audio tech is easily transferred from place to place and is made with reliable connectivity to Bluetooth. Now, you can live life in surround sound and decide whether you want audio at one table or five different tables.

Enjoy music anywhere there’s air

AIR is the shape of how the future listens to music. And Quirky wants you to be prepared to listen wherever and whenever you want—and that means rain or shine. These speakers are an IPX4 water-resistant product, allowing you to continue singing in the rain. Like what you hear? You can get the Air Audio Quirky on Amazon for $199 here.

I will be back soon to unbox more tech but check out previous videos here until then.

By Peter Salib Peter Salib has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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