Trevor Hall Performs in Dayton, Ohio to Help ‘Heal’ Fans

Published on August 12, 2019

Huber Heights, OH—On Saturday night, singer and songwriter, Trevor Hall took the audience at The Rose Music Center to the Moon and Sun, with his new Fruitful Darkness tour. Hall opened the night for John Butler Trio+, with a volume of peace-loving music.

Grit Daily was granted access to Trevor Hall’s sound check, where we had a chance to briefly chat with Trevor and the band and watch them prepare for the upcoming show.

Grit Daily Deputy Editor, Andrew Rossow with musician, Trevor Hall.

What Are We Fighting For, Why Are We Still At War?

Trevor opened his show with “Where’s the Love,” which couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, given the horrific mass-shooting in Dayton’s Oregon District.

After the song ended, Hall delivered an extremely sentimental and sobering message to the audience concerning the recent tragedy:

We just wanted to express our hearts out to y’all this evening and say what a blessing and privilege it is to be here,” Hall exclaimed, “and to share these gifts we have, this music we have. Music to us is one of the most healing things on this planet.”

“We know that this community recently has undergone a horrible, horrible tragedy, and I don’t really have the words to say anything about that, but our hearts and our beings, which we have been talking about for days now, go out to you. We are so overwhelmed and privileged to be here; to share this experience with you guys. We pray that these songs give you some love and some light this evening, so you can walk out of here feeling a little better than you did walking in.”

Throughout the performance, Trevor’s team went around the venue, collecting donations that would be given entirely to The Oregon District Tragedy Fund, to help victims and families from the Ned Pepper shooting that occurred last Sunday in the Oregon District.

We Are Everything, And We Are Nothing

Trevor Hall (Andrew Rossow/Grit Daily)

The show was exactly what the city of Dayton and Huber Heights needed—peaceful and inspirational. If you are a fan of artists like Matisyahu, Dave Matthews, and Rebelution, then you would find yourself in a trance of calamity.

The music and lighting was spectacular, bringing the audience directly into the mind of Hall and his band. As for the fan-favorite “Moon/Sun” hit, it teaches listeners that we are all the continuous flow and cycle, similar to that of the moon and the sun.

In a previous interview I had with both Hall and director, Jordan Taylor Wright, the founder of Taylor Cut Films, who helped craft the hit’s music video with Hall, “[the song and video] paints the picture that we are everything, and we are nothing.”

[The moon and the sun] are both out there right now, regardless of our perception. It’s a human-created notion, because the more present you are, the more you are able to arrive at that enlightenment.”

For Hall, the paradigm shift of the music industry has been beautiful to witness. “[People] are now asking themselves who they are, and art is one of the greatest tools of self-discovery.”

I spoke with Taylor Marshall, a Dayton-native and first-timer to Trevor Hall’s music, who was also at his sound-check.

Dayton native, Taylor Marshall, with Trevor Hall

I went into this concert eager and with an open mind, being fairly new to Trevor’s following,” she shared with me.

“What I did not expect was to leave with a sense of love and renewal. The music, alone, was mesmerizing as we walked up to the stage for the sound check. I felt like I had almost an immediate connection with the artist himself. His lyrics were raw, his music was powerful, and his purpose was evident: live in love. After the recent events in Dayton, we could all deal to walk away with the sense of unity and higher purpose I felt that night. The oneness between him and the audience, and the audience with each other is something I won’t forget. I would encourage anyone to listen to Trevor’s music; it has the means to jump-start a greater understanding of this world and each other.”

To hear Hall’s latest album, Fruitful Darkness, you can stream and download it on all music platforms.

A huge thank you to Trevor Hall, his management team, and Jennifer Buonantony with Press Pass LA for making this happen.

Andrew "Drew" Rossow is a former contract editor at Grit Daily.

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