Travel Hacks: 30 Business Leaders’ Tips for Efficient and Stress-Free Trips

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 15, 2023

From traveling C-suite leaders to travel experts, thirty seasoned professionals share their personal travel hacks that transform trips into seamless adventures. Discover how digital document preparedness can set the tone for a hassle-free journey and why exploring authentic local eateries might be the perfect ending to your travel story. These are the thirty unique strategies that could make your next personal trip more efficient and enjoyable.

  • Maintain Digital Document Preparedness
  • Leverage Local Co-Working Spaces
  • Bring Portable Wi-Fi for Constant Connectivity
  • Pack a Portable Power Bank
  • Take a Reusable Filtered Water Bottle
  • Stay Informed with Travel Advisories
  • Embrace a Capsule Wardrobe
  • Invest in Travel Insurance
  • Have an Essentials Bag
  • Immerse in Local Café Culture
  • Prioritize Experiences Over Souvenirs
  • Streamline Travel with E-Visas
  • Track Luggage with AirTags
  • Strategize with Mind-Mapping Tools
  • Network in Airport Lounges
  • Manage Sleep Across Time Zones
  • Read Insider Tips from Travel Agents
  • Eat Gum and Snacks for Flight Comfort
  • Choose Lodgings for Adventure Proximity
  • Navigate with Offline Maps
  • Integrate Public Transport into Travel
  • Travel with Your Own Pillow
  • Allocate a Day to Wander
  • Incorporate Fitness into Travel
  • Charge Anywhere with Universal Adapter
  • Save Space with Rolled Clothing
  • Enjoy the Convenience of Pre-Moistened Towelettes
  • Organize Travel with Notebook
  • Engage with Local Communities
  • Explore Authentic Local Eateries

Maintain Digital Document Preparedness

To keep my personal trips enjoyable and stress-free, I create digital copies of essential documents, such as passports, travel insurance, and itineraries. Storing these documents in cloud storage or email makes them easily accessible in case of loss or emergencies, giving me peace of mind during my travels.

Michael Nemeroff
CEO and Co-Founder, Rush Order Tees

Leverage Local Co-Working Spaces

One travel hack that truly enhances my personal trips is leveraging local co-working spaces. During a visit to Lisbon, I researched and found a co-working space conveniently located near my accommodation. This provided me with a dedicated workspace equipped with all the necessary amenities.

Not only did it enable me to maintain my productivity, but it also allowed me to network with like-minded professionals from different parts of the world. This strategy turned my trip into a blend of work and leisure, making it both efficient and enjoyable.

Josh Ladick
President, GSA Focus

Bring Portable Wi-Fi for Constant Connectivity

One travel strategy that I find invaluable as a digital entrepreneur is using a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. During a recent trip to Seoul, I rented a portable Wi-Fi device, which provided me with high-speed internet access wherever I went. This allowed me to stay connected to my work, attend virtual meetings, and respond to important emails seamlessly.

Whether I was exploring the city or sitting in a local café, having reliable internet on the go greatly enhanced the efficiency and overall enjoyment of my trip.

Cyrus Partow
CEO, ShipTheDeal

Pack a Portable Power Bank

One travel hack or strategy I have been utilizing for years is to always pack a portable power bank when traveling. This may seem like a small thing, but it has proven to be incredibly beneficial during my trips. It saves me from running out of battery on my phone and other electronic devices and allows me to stay connected and organized throughout my travels.

For instance, during a recent trip to Italy, I used my power bank while exploring the city of Rome. Instead of constantly searching for charging points or worrying about my phone dying, I was able to navigate through the city comfortably using Google Maps and take plenty of pictures without any interruptions. Moreover, when my flight got delayed on the way back, I kept my kids entertained by charging their tablets, avoiding any potential meltdowns.

Rachel Coleman
Travel Advisor and Senior Editor, Easy World Travels

Take a Reusable Filtered Water Bottle

I often pack a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter to stay hydrated while minimizing single-use plastic waste. This eco-friendly travel hack not only saves money on buying bottled water but also ensures I have access to clean drinking water wherever I go, making my trips more convenient and sustainable.

Dr. Scott Katzman
Orthopedic Surgeon, NJ Spine & Orthopedic

Stay Informed with Travel Advisories

I make sure to check travel advisory websites and local news sources for updates on safety and health recommendations for my destination. Staying informed about any potential risks or health concerns helps me plan and adapt my itinerary, ensuring a safe and worry-free travel experience.

Jonathan Feniak
General Counsel, LLC Attorney

Embrace a Capsule Wardrobe

One travel hack I consistently use is packing a versatile capsule wardrobe. This means selecting clothes that mix and match well, are suitable for multiple occasions, and can be layered.

On a recent trip to Europe, this approach allowed me to pack light, saving on luggage fees and making transit easier. It also reduced decision fatigue each morning, as everything coordinated. This strategy not only streamlined my packing process but also made my trip more efficient and enjoyable.

Eric Lam
Head of Business Strategy, Energy Credit Transfer

Invest in Travel Insurance

I always purchase travel insurance before embarking on a trip. It provides peace of mind by covering unexpected events like trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and lost luggage. This safety net has saved me from unforeseen expenses and ensured that I can fully enjoy my travels without worrying about potential setbacks.

Ian Sells
CEO, Million Dollar Sellers

Have an Essentials Bag

One travel hack I swear by is packing a small essentials bag. It’s a lifesaver for situations like delayed luggage.

I remember once, during a trip with several layovers, my checked bags got held up. But because I had my basics—a change of clothes, important documents, and toiletries—in my carry-on, I managed just fine. It was a huge relief and really kept the stress at bay, letting me enjoy my trip without worries. This little trick ensures that no matter what, I’m prepared for the unexpected!

Balaram Thapa
Director, Nepal Hiking Team

Immerse in Local Café Culture

One travel strategy I employ to enhance both the efficiency and enjoyment of my personal trips is immersing myself in the local café culture, as it serves as a true reflection of the destination’s essence.

During a recent trip to Melbourne, Australia, I opted to explore lesser-known cafés instead of conventional tourist spots. This not only provided a cost-effective way to enjoy delightful local brews but also allowed me to connect with the community authentically.

By prioritizing café experiences, I seamlessly blended exploration with relaxation, creating a personalized and enriching travel itinerary.

Andrew Chung
Founder, Best Cafe Designs

Prioritize Experiences Over Souvenirs

To make the most of my personal trips, I prioritize experiences over possessions. Instead of souvenir shopping, I collect memories through activities like taking local cooking classes, exploring cultural sites, or engaging in outdoor adventures. This approach adds depth to my travels and creates lasting memories.

J. Tucker Merrigan
Managing Partner, Sweeney Merrigan

Streamline Travel with E-Visas

The importance of e-visas in making travel more efficient and enjoyable cannot be overstated. The convenience and time-saving aspects of e-visas have been game-changers. In some countries, like Brazil or India, the visa application processes used to be somewhat lengthy. However, with the advent of e-visas, this changed dramatically.

When planning my trips, I apply for an e-visa online, which is a remarkably streamlined process. It eliminates the need to physically visit an embassy or consulate, saving a significant amount of time and hassle. Being able to apply from my office or home, coupled with the rapid processing times, allows me to focus more on preparing for other aspects of my trip rather than on bureaucratic procedures.

Furthermore, the digital nature of the e-visa means all my travel documents are conveniently accessible on my smartphone, which is a huge relief during my travels and makes airport experiences smooth.

Lukasz Koszyk
Head of Business Development, VisaFly

Track Luggage with AirTags

My #1 travel hack for personal trips is putting an Apple AirTag or another tracking device in every piece of luggage I’m traveling with. This saves a lot of time and hassle when dealing with lost luggage.

Oftentimes, when luggage is “lost,” it’s simply at the wrong spot at the airport. Using a tracking device, you can quickly point the airport staff in the right direction. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting hours on boring paperwork and replacing lost goods.

On a recent cruise vacation, my bag was accidentally put on the wrong baggage carousel, two terminals away. I never would have found the bag and would have missed my flight home if it weren’t for the AirTag in the bag. With the AirTag, I found the bag in under 10 minutes and could move on with my vacation.

Lauren Moore
Founder, The Traveling Moore Blog

Strategize with Mind-Mapping Tools

I’m a big fan of making my personal trips more efficient and enjoyable by planning ahead. The key to trip planning is being able to see the big picture, and that’s not always easy.

So when I plan a trip, I use MindMeister (a free online mind-mapping tool) to map out all the major places I want to visit on the trip. Then, once I’ve got that list together, I can start getting more granular with it—what exactly do I want to see at each place? What are my favorite restaurants? Which sights do I want to photograph?

The result is that once I’m actually in the city, it’s much easier for me to find what I want than if I were just winging it. And since everything is written down during this process, it’s also easier for me to make sure no one misses out on anything important!

Mac Steer
Owner and Director, Simify

Network in Airport Lounges

One of my favorite clever travel tips is to use expensive credit cards to access airport lounges. I know this seems traditional, but I’ve added a twist by making the most of the networking opportunities these exclusive locations provide. I got in touch with another business traveler in a lounge in Hong Kong during a layover.

An industry event that was taking place in the city, of which I was unaware, was brought up at this impromptu meeting. Due to this coincidental meeting, I changed my schedule to attend the event, and I gained insightful knowledge and vital connections. My vacations have become much more efficient and enjoyable, as I can now use downtime at the airport to network, combining fun with unanticipated business benefits.

Durgesh Maurya
Marketing Manager,

Manage Sleep Across Time Zones

Having lived across numerous continents on multiple occasions, and having a French partner, I’ve had to dial in my travel needs. Travel is tiring, and maintaining energy levels helps you have a better experience, but it is also especially important for me considering I also have to juggle keeping a business running while on the move.

Understanding sleep is by far the most important thing to know about travel, especially internationally. Know that your body can only adjust its circadian rhythm by about 1 hour each day, so if the gap between time zones is 12 hours, it will take you 12 days to adjust. Acknowledging this can help you not burn through 12 days of expensive and precious travel time feeling groggy and jet-lagged.

I personally leverage some proven methods to help adjust. Start pre-adjusting your sleep cycle to the new time zone about 3 days in advance and get serious about it the day before (live your life on the new time zone for the 24-48 hours before your trip).

If you’re tired and sleepy and it’s 1 PM in the new time zone, DO NOT SLEEP. This includes on the plane and while in transit.

Harness environmental and physiological signaling to reset your circadian rhythm to the new cycle. Eat dinner at 6 PM in the new time zone. Breakfast at 7 AM. Exercise in the morning and 4 hours before bedtime. Get 60 minutes of early sunlight and remove any artificial lighting stimuli at 6 PM.

Utilize caffeine intake as a drug to signal your body to adjust to the new cycle. NO caffeine after 10 AM in the new time zone. Eat a protein-rich dinner, with limited carbohydrate, to encourage deep sleep.

John Mac
Founder, Oz Backcountry

Read Insider Tips from Travel Agents

In today’s age of being able to just book a vacation online, I think you can miss out on personal, insider travel tips from using a travel agent who knows the destination you want to travel to and experience.

With the last name “Griswold,” I know a lot about travel, meeting people along the way, and the journey, which I think is what makes the vacation. You can avoid vacation pitfalls by contacting a good travel agent who’s been to a destination or resort.

For example, if you are looking for the friendliest bartender at Beach Resort Turks and Caicos, you need to meet up with Bishop at that all-inclusive resort. If you have a child who is autistic, there are resorts with certified specialists who will be assigned to your child as their buddy during your vacation. How do you beat the lines at Disney World? Which luxury cruise line is good for families? All these travel hacks and questions a good travel agent can help you with.

Steve Griswold
Owner, Pixie Vacations

Eat Gum and Snacks for Flight Comfort

One of the best travel hacks or strategies I’ve used for personal trips to make them more efficient and enjoyable is to always carry gum or a small snack inside my bag at all times. Gum is especially important for any flights you take during your personal trip.

It’s common knowledge for most travelers that the air pressure when going up high in the sky can make your ears pop and become clogged mid-flight. If you make sure to always have a pack of gum inside your backpack or pockets, it will be a lifesaver for you throughout the flight, as chewing gum can help alleviate the pressure in your ears and make them pop easier to let air out and unclog them.

Keeping a snack is also very handy to ensure you have some sort of sustenance to keep your energy and mood up at all points of your travel time.

Chris Hunter
Director of Customer Relations, ServiceTitan

Choose Lodgings for Adventure Proximity

We use the “peak-proximity” travel hack at Sand and Elevation. We purposely pick lodgings near the best-looking natural phenomena and adventurous events. We help our clients find the right mountain lodges close to trailheads and alpine lakes in the Olympic Peninsula and Cascade Mountains.

This minimizes travel time and lets them get the most from their outdoor experience. Each trip becomes a life event with this approach, creating lasting memories of the Pacific Northwest’s beauty.

Meeshka Brand
Founder, Sand and Elevation

Navigate with Offline Maps

Many tips and hacks exist for good traveling, and one of the most crucial is having offline maps. Maps can be downloaded for offline use, which is particularly useful because internet access may not always be available when visiting a foreign country. Although offline maps are less feature-rich than their online counterparts, they are invaluable for navigating unfamiliar cities.

To get Google Maps offline, open the app on your phone, zoom in to the desired location, or search for the city you wish to download. Then, select the “Offline download” option. This allows you to access the designated area even in airplane mode or with spotty internet. It’s important to download maps for offline use while you have a reliable internet connection.

Axel Hernborg
Founder and CEO, Tripplo

Integrate Public Transport into Travel

I love to use public transport when I travel, not just because it’s affordable, but because it offers a different way to experience a place.

When I’m staying in a large city, I always try to book accommodation that’s well-connected to public transit. Being able to walk a few minutes to access a system that can take you anywhere in the city makes trips much more enjoyable for me.

Amanda Napitu
Founder, Improving Your English

Travel with Your Own Pillow

Always bring your own pillow with you. I know that sounds simple—and somewhat crazy—but believe me, it will make your life incredibly better when traveling.

Sure, you have to pack and lug around a bulky pillow, but the sleep benefits are well worth it. Everyone knows that hotel pillows suck. They’re always too thick, too hard, or too lumpy. They’re never the same as the pillow at home. And a pillow can make or break a good night’s rest. The sheets, blankets, and even ambient noise don’t matter as much as the pillow does.

And what’s the point of traveling to Paris for a week if you’re only getting three decent hours of sleep each night? I used to make the best of hotel pillows, but I don’t even try anymore. I always drag along my own pillow, which is a pain, but I’m also well-rested, so I can make the most of experiences during the day.

John Ross
CEO, Test Prep Insight

Allocate a Day to Wander

I always make sure I have a day to amble, and where possible, I try to make this the first day of the trip. When we are on travels, people can get so concerned with packing their days full of activities that they end up running everywhere and miss the beauty in between.

Typically, people come back from city breaks saying, “Well, that place wasn’t very relaxing,” but truthfully, it is typically because they’ve done it to themselves. Making time to just accidentally discover and exist within a space will help you find so much more and come home feeling far more refreshed.

Also, find a good coffee spot on day one. We use a lot of energy on holidays with longer days and more excitement of discoveries, and you’ll need the fuel to make sure you get through.

Alex Mastin
CEO and Founder, Home Grounds

Incorporate Fitness into Travel

Making time to work out and take care of my mental and physical health while traveling is one way that I make my trips more effective and enjoyable.

By making time to work out while traveling—whether it’s in the gym, a run outside, etc.—it helps me enjoy my time with my family more. I’m able to be in a better headspace and make the most of our trip together. This is why I look for hotels with gyms or places to run so that I can clear my head and maximize my trip.

Marshall Weber
CMO, Stor-It

Charge Anywhere with Universal Adapter

Having traveled to many countries, I’ve encountered one major challenge: charging my mobile phone and tablet. The thing is, countries have different plug points. This is because engineers, electricians, and grid planners in different countries develop their own technology.

With a universal travel charger, you can use any plug point. It will save you the trouble of having to buy a country-specific converter.

Logan Nguyen

Save Space with Rolled Clothing

The “rolling clothes” packing technique is a strategy that involves rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This can help save space in your suitcase, reduce wrinkles, and make it easier to find and access specific items. Many travelers swear by this method for its efficiency and space-saving benefits.

By rolling your clothes, you can fit more items into your suitcase, which is particularly beneficial when packing for a longer trip. This allows you to pack everything you need without exceeding baggage weight limits and can be especially helpful for those who prefer to travel with just a carry-on, avoiding checked baggage fees and the hassle of waiting at the baggage claim.

The rolled clothes are also less likely to be wrinkled compared to folded clothes when you arrive at your destination, saving you time and effort on ironing or finding alternative solutions to smooth out your garments. The rolling clothes packing technique is a simple yet effective travel hack that can contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable trip.

Edmund Jenkins
Travel Expert, Time To Backpack

Enjoy the Convenience of Pre-Moistened Towelettes

One travel hack I use to make my personal trips more efficient and enjoyable is to bring pre-moistened towelettes.

Why? Because they are just so handy! You can use them to clean your hands after you’re done eating, or you can use them to wipe down your seat before you sit on it. It’s also great for cleaning off the grimy handle of your suitcase before you pick it up.

If you’re not used to using them, try starting with just a few—you’ll find that once you get used to having them around, they’ll become indispensable!

Dr. Hamdan Abdullah Hamed, Board-Certified Dermatologist and Co-Founder, Power Your Curls

Organize Travel with Notebook

I always pack a small notebook and pen in my carry-on bag. I can write down anything I want to remember while I’m on the plane, and then, when I get to my destination, I can use the notes as a checklist for things I want to do while there.

I’ve found this strategy helpful because it allows me to take advantage of the time I have when traveling by writing down any thoughts or ideas that come up during my flight. When you’re flying, you often feel like you don’t have enough time—and taking advantage of every moment is crucial!

Paul Eidner
Chief Operating Officer, CarnoGel®

Engage with Local Communities

One travel hack I swear by is embedding myself in the local community as soon as I land in a new place. I find local blogs, join local Facebook groups, or connect with local influencers on Instagram. This strategy not only gives me a more authentic experience but also provides insider information on the best places to eat, shop, or visit, which often aren’t in mainstream travel guides.

For example, I joined a local foodie group on Facebook during my trip to Barcelona. Through this group, I found a small, family-owned tapas bar tucked away in a narrow alley. The tapas were mouthwateringly delicious, and the experience was one highlight of my trip. This strategy transformed my travel experience, making it more efficient, enjoyable, and unique.

Nadia Podrabinek
Travel Expert, Mother, Why This Place

Explore Authentic Local Eateries

Instead of dining exclusively in touristy areas, I make an effort to seek out local eateries. This not only exposes me to authentic flavors but also often saves me money. I’ve discovered a lot of fantastic street food markets that offer delicious meals at a fraction of the cost of restaurants in tourist hubs.

Tony Mariotti
CEO, RubyHome

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