The Global Rise of Women Entrepreneurs In the Startup Era

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 21, 2022

The role of women entrepreneurs on the startup front has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Women are running banks, sport media firms, construction companies and detective agencies, all industries which were traditionally dominated by men.

Women entrepreneurs today come from all walks of life and now hold top corporate positions in the new ventures, while outpacing their male counterparts in some of these areas.

Women-owned new business enterprises are playing a prominent role in the society. They are a source of inspiration for other women, which in turn generates many more employment opportunities for women. Not only have their prominent ventures strengthened the women entrepreneurship ecosystem, some venture capitalists have made a conscious decision to invest in them. They use tools for businesses by checking sites like Top10 to ensure higher productivity and better time management.

The consistent development of the start-up system has enabled more and more women to chase their entrepreneurial dream to drive their new ventures. Women have proven leadership skills and now dominate the new age industries, like electronic manufacturing, where because of the high precision work involved and increased productivity levels they have garnered more than 50% of the employee workforce. This attitude also emphasizes the importance of women in modern start-ups because of their business skills.

Moreover, there are hundreds of women entrepreneurs engaged in start-ups in today’s world that have proved they can do everything perfectly on their own and that no amount of sheer force can prevent them from going forward. Over the last twenty years, women-owned start-ups have amplified by as much as 74%, which gives an idea of how these new businesses have empowered them to be their own boss and demand a salary they rightly deserve.

That said, even after years of efforts to create equality between men and women on the start-up front, both socially and economically, the gap between them is still quite large. This is the sole reason women have begun to start new businesses on their own in order to create more job creation for other women, which in turn helps reduce the gender gap in the workforce of their business. After all, when women become successful in any new field it inspires the next generation to emulate their success.

The rise in female-dominated start-ups has increased, as the woman of today is well equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques to help them stay ahead of their competitors. For instance, despite the female start-up founders in Africa being among the most underfunded, they are the driving force in some of the most exciting changes in the continent.

The list of this year highlights women innovators to make robots for waste collection in Cameroon, addressing insurance-related issues in Kenya or tackling freight logistical challenges in Ghana. Despite the coronavirus hit, which became paramount for the survival of their business, the resilient ones lent a hand towards digital entrepreneurship to drive its economy towards recovery.

In an undeveloped country, women are not encouraged to think big, but despite that, there are some who have scaled new heights in a conservative environment. These are the wonder girls who are inspiring other women to take the path of start-up entrepreneurship, in spite of all the challenges and struggles.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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