Tech Talk Media Announces Metaverse Premiere Week With Exclusive Red Carpet Film Premiere

By Tori Madison Tori Madison has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on September 7, 2022

Multi award-winning US production company Tech Talk Media (TTM) announced Metaverse Premiere Week, a fully custom built, virtual Red Carpet Film Experience based on the Arium platform. Guests can rub shoulders with the stars, featured guests, influencers and major brands while surfing around the virtual playground.

Guests can simply join via a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even better a set of VR Glasses, like the Oculus Rift, to experience the full Red Carpet Treatment, metaverse interactivity, the spotlights, the art, the performances and more, before actual film screenings begin.

Tech Talk Media has just recently announced the release of the brand-new docuseries on the NFT and crypto industry entitled NFTme.

Partly funded through the sale of digital art in the form of NFTs, Season One of NFTme showcases the wonder and excitement inside the NFT community, featuring major stars such as Susaye Greene (of The Supremes), Refik Anadol, one of the world’s leading Digital Artists, NASA, Peter Rafelson, son of the late Iconic Film Director, Bob Rafelson, Peter is most known for writing Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” among many other greats.

The NFTme All Star crew has filmed across five continents worldwide featuring 50 highly intriguing guests who have made their mark in the NFT space and led by award-winning Executive Producer, Jonny Caplan, who is himself a pioneer within the NFT community, which provides unique access and information to ensure the NFTme Series helps to educate and enlighten the masses.

“NFTme is set to be the MTV of NFTs,” commented NFTme Executive Producer & Director, Jonny Caplan. “When I was growing up MTV is where we found culture, music, art, fashion, and social mannerisms, and in the same vein NFTme will enlighten the world to the new trends, designs, technologies, and culture. It’s an incredible space, where all the innovators and creatives have gathered together in order to try and make the world a better place. I have literally never seen so much encouragement, inclusion, collaboration, and opportunity all in one space. I believe this production is going to make huge positive impact, as have our other multi award winning cutting-edge productions.”

Most of the world still does not understand the NFT phenomena, or what the term “non-fungible token” means. NFTme Season One breaks down the jargon, showcases the immersive tech, and highlights all the amazing creatives who are making it happen.

Metaverse Premiere Week is running until Sept. 8, starting with it’s VIP only event, and running on to General Admission and then a private Industry event for Senior Entertainment & Media Execs and TTM Partners. VIP Partners from Disney, Amazon, Discovery, Apple TV & many others are attending.

Aside from screening actual episodes of the NFTme Season One before it hits the big screen and television screens worldwide, attendees can mingle and network, party, view art and behind the scenes cuts from the show, experience the wonder of the metaverse with proximity sound, video options, flight mode, portals to other areas and much more, it’s the first of its kind and certainly won’t be the last.

TTM is said to be opening their metaverse Red Carpet experience to other entertainment partners and brand franchises after launch of the NFTme Premiere events. The trailer for NFTme has already amassed over 75,000 views and tickets for the VIP event are almost at capacity.

The best way to experience the metaverse is to jump in yourself. Events like this are a fantastic way for the Entertainment and Media industry to fully immerse themselves in this new Web3 environment and technologies in order to evolve the market with social developments.

Tickets can be bought via Opensea at the NFTme TV Store. 

If you are an industry professional and would like to attend the exclusive industry event on Thursday 8th Sept 2022 at 5pm ET, contact TTM directly via their website.

By Tori Madison Tori Madison has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Tori Madison is on the editorial staff at Grit Daily. She is the host of the Woman Be True podcast and workplace mental health advocate and is a Web3 specialist experienced in business development, product management, and community building. Her research focuses on how Web3 will impact our future, our environment, and our mental health.

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