Celebrating PEACE through Music Diplomacy with World Renowned Violinist Aiman Mussakhajayeva

By Tori Madison Tori Madison has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on October 5, 2023

World-renowned violinist, UNESCO ambassador, and educator Aiman Mussakhajayeva will perform in New York and Washington, D.C.

In a harmonious celebration of culture, diplomacy, and music, the world-renowned violinist Aiman Mussakhajayeva is set to grace the stages of Carnegie Hall and the United Nations Headquarters during her visit to New York from October 3rd to October 10th, 2023. This cultural exchange event is a testament to the power of music as a bridge between nations, coinciding with the recent signing of the PEACE through Music Diplomacy Act by President Biden.

Pre-concert Cocktail Party: Honoring Music’s Diplomatic Role

To kick off the festivities, a pre-concert cocktail party will be held on Thursday, October 5th, 2023, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at 305 East 47th St., New York, NY. This elegant event will honor the importance of the PEACE through Music Diplomacy Act, emphasizing the role of music in fostering international understanding and unity.

Aiman Mussakhajayeva, a UNESCO Ambassador and dedicated educator, is known for her tireless efforts to promote art and cultural diplomacy worldwide. Her visit to New York and Washington, D.C., is a continuation of her mission to facilitate cultural and educational exchange programs.

The PEACE through Music Diplomacy Act

The recently signed PEACE through Music Diplomacy Act underscores the profound impact of music in bridging cultural divides and promoting peace. This landmark legislation directs the Department of State to collaborate with the private sector to design and implement music-related exchange programs, specifically those that advance peace globally. Furthermore, it encourages a focus on conflict resolution in relevant exchange programs for young musicians.

Aiman Mussakhajayeva’s Itinerary: Key Meetings and Events

During her visit, Ms. Mussakhajayeva will engage in a series of significant meetings and events:

  • On October 3rd, 2023, she will be in Washington, D.C., meeting with Senators and Congressmen, key figures behind the PEACE Through Music Diplomacy Act, the World Bank Gender Equality office, the IMF, and will sign an MOU for academic collaborations with the Catholic University.
  • On October 5th, 2023, The Mission of Kazakhstan to the UN will host a reception attended by press members, politicians, and representatives from the arts and academic communities. Ms. Mussakhajayeva will screen a short documentary and participate in a live panel, sharing insights and experiences related to her ongoing advocacy and contributions to the Kazakh National University of Arts (KazNUA), which she founded in 1998.
  • On October 9th, 2023, Aiman Mussakhajayeva will take the stage at Carnegie Hall at 8:00 pm, performing with the Kazakh State Symphony Orchestra, followed by a post-concert reception.
  • On October 10th, 2023, Ms. Mussakhajayeva will perform at the United Nations Headquarters at 1:00 pm, further emphasizing the universal language of music in fostering peace and understanding.

Throughout her visit, Ms. Mussakhajayeva will hold meetings with prestigious institutions such as Juilliard, NYU, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Manhattan School of Music, New Haven High School Orchestra, International Committee of the Broadway League, and the New York Film Academy, exploring future partnerships, collaborations, and academic exchange programs.

Aiman Mussakhajayeva: UNESCO Ambassador and Cultural Advocate

Born in 1958, Aiman Mussakhajayeva is an outstanding violinist, an integral part of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the rector of the Kazakh National University of Arts. She has also served as a juror for numerous international competitions and festivals. Recognized for her exceptional contributions to the social and cultural development of Kazakhstan, Ms. Mussakhajayeva has been honored with the title of “Kazakhstan Yenbek Eri.”

Kazakh National University of Arts (KazNUA)

Kazakh National University of Arts (KazNUA)
Kazakh National University of Arts (KazNUA)

Founded in 1998 by Aiman Mussakhajayeva, KazNUA stands as a leading academic institution with a wide array of international exchange programs in Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Jazz, Art Technology, and more. The university’s active partnerships span over 20 different countries, continually expanding its global footprint in the realms of arts and culture.

As Aiman Mussakhajayeva’s visit draws near, the world eagerly anticipates the magical fusion of music and diplomacy that is sure to resonate across borders, further reinforcing the timeless adage that music knows no boundaries and has the power to unite us all.

By Tori Madison Tori Madison has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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