Steven Sitrin Shares 3 Steps to Success When Buying or Selling Luxury Properties

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 23, 2024

There are no half-measures in the world of luxury properties. When you intend to part with a sizable sum, you want everything in your control to go to plan.

But what if there was a surefire way to secure your success beyond what you thought possible? Even better, it doesn’t require any extra effort.

Partnering with a Newport, RI, real estate agent with the right expertise, values, and connections can turn luxury properties into lucrative possibilities. What’s more, it can make your purchase or sale seamless and stress-free.

Steven Sitrin is a Broker Associate at Sitrin Realty Solutions / William Raveis Inspire with a point to prove the transformative impact a dedicated real estate agent can bring in Newport, RI. Before he was an expert in luxury properties, guiding buyers to idyllic waterfront homes and sellers to opulent outcomes, he was an educator. His past profession informs every aspect of his current one, and now he reveals three invaluable pieces of advice for those dealing in the luxury real estate market:

1. Research the region

“Know the market,” Steven begins. “It is important to set reasonable expectations when beginning the home-buying or selling process. Learning what homes are available, what similar homes have sold for, and how the process works in a local market helps you be ready to act.”

It’s a pivotal principle that Steven Sitrin follows himself. Constant education is a cornerstone of his practice, ensuring his skillset continuously expands to meet the needs of discerning clientele. From GREEN Buildings to Resort & Second Home Specialist and Commercial & Investment Real Estate Certified, his list of accreditations is a tangible target for your chosen real estate agent in Newport, RI.

On the brokerage side, balancing authenticity with a forward-thinking philosophy is crucial. Steven’s company is family-owned and bucks common claims about quarterly results in favor of a long-term strategy. Its focus is solely on client success—it shapes its values, cutting-edge technology, and local insight around that goal.

2. Pick up pointers from a professional

Now it’s time to nail down your dream real estate agent. In Newport, RI, the right realtor can make or break your search for luxury properties. Consider your decision carefully, and when it’s time to make a move, hear them out, regardless of how familiar you are with the area and the process.

“Get advice from a trusted partner,” Steven Sitrin recommends. “A good real estate agent is your best resource throughout the process.”

“Even when you’re buying or selling in an area you’ve lived in for a long time, realtors have experience, knowledge of reliable partners, and access to much more information to help you at every step,” he continues. “Utilize that resource—your process will be more successful and less stressful.”

For Steven, sharing wisdom is second nature. Before real estate, he worked in universities and non-profit organizations, spreading knowledge and enthusiasm for the subjects he was passionate about.

It proved fertile ground for his real estate career. Today, a guiding principle of his practice is providing insight in as much depth as a client desires. Condensing vast swathes of complex information into an accessible snapshot is an invaluable skill to prioritize in a property professional because it leads to more informed decision-making.

3. Ask away

Personability is just as essential as expertise when dealing with a sector as nuanced as luxury properties. You need to trust and rely on your realtor to bring you out of the dark and into the light in every aspect of your transaction. That way, you can take control and make your money go further.

“There are no stupid questions,” Steven assures. “People are often afraid to ask questions, fearing that they will appear naive—but my job is to help my clients understand everything. If there is ever anything you’re unsure of, ask!”

This stage distinguishes the competent professionals from the industry leaders. While Steven has a strong educational ethos, he’s not an encyclopedia.

That’s where networks come in. The Newport, RI, real estate agent opens his contact book to all his clients, providing specialized advice for specific scenarios and strategies. Being part of William Raveis, which recently won Inman’s National Top Brokerage Award, has its benefits, while Steven is a visible local figure and active volunteer in his community.

Whatever your aspirations in the world of luxury properties, you need someone with standards. Principles are described as such because they shape all of our ensuing actions. Whether they’re searching for a luxury waterfront home or a two-bedroom condo, Steven provides the same personalized service, illustrating the inescapable value of standards in real estate.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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