Six Creative Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Actually Want

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 5, 2018

Father’s Day is upon us. Now, you could run out to the local big box store or head to Amazon and buy what everyone else is buying their dads. Most likely, the gifts will end up lost on some shelf or tossed into a box that then gets tucked away in the attic.  But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? Maybe, but you could go above-and-beyond and buy your dad’s some awesome gifts that they’ll actually love and use.

I’m going to be pulling the trigger soon, and I’ve narrowed my list down to 7 items that I picked off of the Gadget Flow. Most likely, I’ll get one or two gifts, but the question is, which ones? Let’s dig in and consider why each would be a worthy Father’s Day gift for dad.

1. Haber London RFID Protected Card Wallet

My dad’s wallet has seen a lot of years, and all of them have been better. Dad’s wallet is well beyond rough around the edges. In fact, most of the edges are frayed past the point of no return. That’s why picking up a wallet is at the top of the list. I like the Haber London RFID Protected Card Wallet not just for its modern design and high craftsmanship, but also the RFID blocking security features. Sadly, digital theft has become a major concern. At $95.76, the price is more than fair for the quality.

2. Barber Surgeons Guild Premium Grooming Products

Growing up, shaving and all that always seemed like a right of passage into adulthood. Now that I’ve been there, done that, I realize it’s quite the hassle. That’s why the premium Barber Surgeons Guild Premium Grooming Products caught my eye.

I might be thinking a bit too much about myself here, but these moisturizing and skin care treatments sound like they’d provide a lot of aftershave relief. At just $44 bucks, I could afford to splurge and pick up dad another cheap gift.

3. Boomerang Watches Sunbeam Men’s Watch Collection

The Boomerang Watches Sunbeam Men’s Watch Collection might be a touch of my price range this year at $209. However, dad has done a lot for me over the years, and this looks like a hella cool watch. Generally, when I think of fashionable, stylish watches, I wonder if I can even find one for under $1000. The Boomerang, however, is classic-yet-modern, built from some very high-quality materials, and I’d love to wear it around my wrist.

4. imSTONE Collection RockBook Stone Paper Notebook

My dad always keeps a notebook around where he can jot down anything and everything. Who called, what needs to be fixed around the house, who owes who money, you get the idea. Usually, he just picks up the plain school pads from the local big box. However, I think a classy, high-end notebook would be a nice touch.

The imSTONE Collection RockBook Stone Paper Notebook costs just $39, making it a gift that’s unique but won’t kill my bank account. It’s not the flashiest gift, but I really think my dad will come to enjoy it as the weeks roll by and the pages fill up.

5. MyŒno Smart Wine Scanner

I know my dad likes wine, but I also know he’s far from a sommelier (not that I’m any better, for the record.) That’s why the MyŒno Smart Wine Scanner caught my eye. This app can actually scan glasses of wine to determine their characteristics. Then, you can compare future glasses.

So if you find a glass you like, you can scan it. Next time you’re looking for a glass, you can hunt around for one with a similar profile. Nifty no? And at $93.61 it’s not a bank breaker either. Personally, I often avoid tech gadgets come Father’s Day, but this year might be an exception.

6. Corkcicle Cigar Holding Whiskey Glass

I don’t know if my dad smokes cigars too often anymore. That’s the only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger on this chic glass right now. The Corkcicle Cigar Holding Whiskey Glass features a groove molded into the glass where you can slot your cigar while enjoying a whiskey.

If you’ve ever been around cigar smokers then you know that many of them like to hold both their cigars and their whiskey glass in the same hand. The Corkcicle makes that easy and at only $24.95 it’s the perfect budget gift. This paired with a nice box of cigars would make for a great Father’s Day 1-2 punch. Add in a bottle of whiskey, and your dad is sure to be pleased.


By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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