The Role of Social Media in Growing Your YouTube Subscriber Base: Best Practices and Tips

By Jessica Wong Jessica Wong has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on May 12, 2024

Spending time on social media has become a non-negotiable part of the day for the majority of Americans. For businesses, social media channels are an essential marketing tool. Creators are looking to social media to reach new audiences and grow their subscriber base. As a budding YouTube creator or a brand looking to leverage YouTube, you must understand how to use your social media presence to attract and retain YouTube subscribers.

Understanding the Interplay Between Social Media and YouTube

Social media channels were created to encourage interaction by users of the same platform. Over time, leading platforms have expanded their approach and are now rewarding users for sharing content across several platforms. For example, Instagram encourages users to post their stories simultaneously on Facebook, reaching a wider audience without additional effort.

This interactivity is just as critical for growing your YouTube subscriber base with the help of your social media channels. As a new YouTube creator needing to build an audience from scratch, social media channels can be critical in introducing your channel to your existing audiences. Current social media connections can easily become your founding subscribers.

Regular social media posts highlighting new YouTube content help drive engagement, encouraging YouTube to show your content to more users. Those YouTube users may not only become subscribers to your channel but may also be interested in your social media content. At the same time, YouTube users can become social media followers.

Integrating your approach and cross-promoting content allows you to grow audiences across multiple channels.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

Even with a highly coordinated approach to digital marketing, your audiences will differ between social media channels. Using social media platforms to grow your YouTube channel works best when audiences are aligned and engaged.

With that in mind, evaluate your current social media presence and select the channels that promise the best fit with your intended YouTube audience. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram posts let you share full-length videos, while stories and reels are better suited to shorter versions of your YouTube content.

Consider which one of your social media audiences is most active and likely to engage with your content. YouTube’s algorithm values engagement highly, especially right after content has been posted. That means you should be ready to share links or even the entire video on social media as soon as possible to encourage engagement.

Creating Compelling Social Media Content

Cross-posting and integrating your social media channels with your YouTube content is most effective when you tailor your social media content to complement your YouTube videos. Your audience follows you for your expertise or insight into specific subjects. The more your platforms’ pieces of content complement each other, the greater your impact will be.

In practice, that means working on engaging stories, posts, and visuals that encourage your followers to click through to your YouTube channel and become subscribers. Try a mix of different content formats, such as video teasers, behind-the-scenes footage, and full-length videos. Once your channel has attracted initial followers, you can leverage user-generated content.

Remember to monitor the performance of your posts and their ability to drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

Optimizing Social Media Profiles for YouTube Promotion

Are your social media profiles optimized to promote your YouTube presence? This may sound obvious, but it is easy to miss quick wins to direct followers to your YouTube channel. Make sure to include a clear call to action (CTA) on relevant posts and stories as well as your overall profile.

Maximize social media channel features like pinned posts and ‘links in bio’ to make discovering your YouTube channel easy. Instagram stories allow you to include direct links to your YouTube videos. Don’t miss out on those opportunities to promote your YouTube channel.

Keywords and hashtags are another powerful tool to optimize your social media posts for YouTube promotion. Incorporating your YouTube keywords and tags into your social media content makes content more accessible and discoverable by highlighting the connection to the relevant algorithms.

Cultivating a Strong Social Media Community

Engagement is not only key to building your YouTube audience, but it is equally important to your social media presence. Encouraging social media followers to visit your YouTube channel does not stop once a post has gone live.

Connect to your social media followers by replying to their comments and messages and consider offering live stream events. Question & answer sessions and giveaways lend themselves to interactive events.

Talking to your audience directly like this potentially creates stronger connections than consistent posting in most cases. User-generated content is another great way to be a community builder. Showcase your users’ posts and reactions to build your community and foster a sense of belonging among your followers.

Implementing Social Media Advertising and Promotion

In addition to posts, reels, and stories on your social media channels, paid advertising and selected influencer partnerships can help grow your YouTube audience.

Targeted adverts are a great tool for showcasing specific videos. Influencer partnerships allow you to tap into new audiences that may have been inaccessible otherwise. Research relevant social media communities and start contributing. Some will allow you to share your videos organically.

Analyzing Social Media Performance and Iterating

Monitor the effectiveness of your social media posts to grow your YouTube following as carefully as you monitor other digital marketing activity. You will soon notice which channels and types of content work best to help grow your subscriber count. Adapt your approach according to your findings to maximize your impact, and remember to track changes in platform algorithms.


Social media channels offer powerful options for growing your YouTube following by cross-posting and highlighting new content. Follow the recommendations in this guide to expand your reach effectively and grow your YouTube subscriber count.

By Jessica Wong Jessica Wong has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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