How a Handicapped Rescue Dog From Texas Ended Up starring in a New York City Fashion Show

Published on March 7, 2019

From living in deplorable conditions in a Lone Star State garage to rolling down the runway in a Big Apple fashion show, Effie the pit bull is showing the world anything is possible.

Effie on the Runway Photo Credit: Walkin' Pets by
Effie on the Runway
Photo Credit: Walkin’ Pets by

The six-month-old pup was rescued last year after Apollo Support and Rescue found her living in a plastic bin inside a Fort Worth, Texas garage.  She was covered in urine burns and could not move the lower half of her body.

Effie Found in a Garage
Picture Credit: Apollo Support and Rescue

Monica Brown, the rescue’s special needs coordinator, offered to foster the pup and named her Effie. “It was very hard to see,” Brown said. “All she wanted was your attention. It broke my heart. She was my first paralyzed puppy.”

With a lot of love and vet care, the dog’s burns healed, but her rear legs did not. So the rescue decided Effie needed some assistance to get around. They teamed up with Gunnar’s Wheels and Handicapped Pets who hooked her up with this custom wheelchair.

Credit: Apollo Sport and Rescue

And soon after not only was Effie happily wheeling her way around her foster home and neighborhood, she also got an invitation to be the first handicapped dog ever to roll down the runway at the New York Pet Fashion Show.  

Effie pulled off her stardom well and took home a special merit prize.

Photo Credit: Walkin’ Pets by

She was even featured on the Today Show and Walkin’ Pets made a video about Effie’s incredible journey. 

Brown could not have been more proud. “She has made it so far, from that garage to being able to roll on the runway in NYC wearing designer gowns,” Brown said. “I am most grateful for everything she has taught me. Her amazing spirit. She is full of love and joy and shares that with everyone around her.”

And Effie not only gained happiness, fame, and stardom, she also scored a forever home. Brown decided to “foster fail” and is going to adopt Effie.

Credit: Monica Brown


Brown hopes Effie’s success story persuades others to try fostering or adopting a disabled dog. “I want people not to be afraid, even if you don’t have experience,” Brown said. “I am using everything I have learned and helping others with their own underdogs.”








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