Quarantining With Your Car

Published on February 24, 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, people have been looking for any excuse to safely escape from their homes for a few hours. Walks in the park or around the neighborhood are an easy fix, but when everyone else has the same idea, it can become difficult to maintain the 6 feet of recommended distance. As a result, many Angelenos are taking to their cars, and going on long car rides around the city and along the coast, reveling in the lack of usual LA traffic. Even a simple drive by the ocean is a better way to spend your lockdown days than rewatching the same Netflix show for the 100th time. Plus, it’s fully within COVID guidelines, which means for once, driving around might be safer than going to the grocery store.

Classic cars especially are getting their time in the spotlight, as classic car owners return to the time honored tradition of cruising, driving up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, showing off their highly polished and highly cared for prized possessions. On a Saturday afternoon, the PCH is packed with classic cars from Santa Monica to Malibu. This mobile car show provides an outlet for socialization, albeit heavily distanced, and gives those who don’t drive classic cars the opportunity to dream about one day owning their own.

When your car becomes your only refuge, you begin to notice all the details you may have missed during your pre-pandemic commutes to the office. The stitching in the seats, the sleekness of the dashboard, the aerodynamic body. Every car, from classic Porsche to modern Toyota, is a testament to hard work and craftsmanship. Next time you’re out on a pleasure cruise, take a moment to really appreciate the beauty of your vehicle. 

Now to ask the tough question: what takes a car from “just a vehicle to get from point A to point B” to “this is the car I will tell my kids about?” The answer is simple: love. A car that you really love will be in your stories for years to come, and will be there for late night taco runs and long drives along the beach. Especially if you drive often, it’s worth the investment in a car you really love spending time in. On average, Americans spend just over 4 years of their lives behind the wheel! 

 We are becoming more connected to our cars than ever, as they become our one remnant of normalcy in an increasingly abnormal world. Classic cars especially remind us of a time gone by, a time when things were simpler.

What if you don’t have a car, or don’t have a car you love? Now might be the perfect time to make the investment into a piece of history. Since less people are out on the roads, and we all have more time on our hands, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to really get comfortable behind the wheel of a classic car, and get familiar with the handling. Driving a classic car is an experience like no other, and if you get the opportunity to do so, you’ll never want to drive a modern sedan again. 

As lockdowns continue, I encourage you to go for a drive. Whether that be around your neighborhood or on a meandering cruise down the PCH, take the time to get off your couch and into your car. Turn the music up loud, roll your windows down, and create your own bubble of nostalgia.

Alex Manos, founder and CEO of Beverly Hills Car Club, has established his role as one of the world's leading experts in European classic cars. The entrepreneur's growing empire currently boasts over 135,000 square feet of showroom crammed full of jaw-dropping classic automobiles.  With a straight-forward manner, Hollywood good looks, and not lacking in charm, Alex has forged relationships with some of the world's most elite collectors. Alex understands that true happiness comes from finding a dream car and is committed to making sure every single one of his customers leaves feeling that same way.

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