Harrowing Accounts Of Police Brutality On Peaceful Protestors Shows The Power Imbalance In America

Published on June 2, 2020

Mainstream news outlets have been reluctant to share video content taken from the frontlines of the historic police brutality protests happening around the world over George Floyd’s death. Many outlets have given attention to the looting and rioting that is happening, but have not revealed that much of the rioting only begins once police attack peaceful protests in cities around the United States.

Here are several harrowing accounts of police brutality on peaceful protestors at protests around the United States. Trigger Warning: Some of the violence depicted in these videos is graphic and we encourage you to view at your own risk.

A group of officers that were caught on camera tazering a woman and a man before dragging them out of their vehicle.

The six officers involved have been fired and several have since been charged with assault after the video went viral on Twitter.

One Seattle police officer attacks a protestor while others threaten people with mace for getting close to the assault in an attempt to help.
More accounts from the Seattle protests.
This reporter that was hit with an explosive while reporting on the protests after police began shooting rubber bullets, tear gas and flash bangs into a crowd of nonviolent protestors in Seattle.
And again, the same protest in Seattle filmed from another angle.

The neighborhood is a historic LGBTQ neighborhood and the protest took place on the first day of what would otherwise be Pride month.

More accounts of police in Seattle throwing tear gas at protestors.
Two accounts from social media users in Oakland that were present when police began throwing tear gas at protestors without warning.
One Twitter user debunking the claim that protestors began rioting and storming into private homes in Washington, DC.
…and an interview with the homeowner that welcomed protestors into his home to escape the police.
Salt Lake City police pushing a man with a cane to the ground.
Police attacking two women engaging in a sit-in.
Conversations with a protestor that was arrested and put in solitary confinement for crying in pain after being maced by police.
Accounts of assaults on the homeless.
Accounts of police in Washington, DC cornering protesters so they cannot get home.
Police in Los Angeles taking turns tazering a woman in the street.
Live footage of a man that got arrested for walking home from work.
Police forcing a weapon into someone’s hand to forge a reason for arrest.
One of dozens of accounts of police kneeling in solidarity with protestors only to beat, gas, and open fire on them with rubber bullets.
…and more

…and more

This story about a woman that endured a miscarriage after police brutally beat her in the street.

Her name is Saraneka Martin and you can donate to her GoFundMe right here:

Another woman that suffered a miscarriage after being shot in the stomach by police.
And another
…and another police brutality video of a woman being shot at with rubber bullets after telling the police officer that she’s pregnant.
This video of police destroying a car parked in their path.
Another video of police vandalizing property in Seattle
This video that compares side by side footage of an NYPD SUV driving into a crowd of protestors that went viral, compared to what was shown on one news channel.
Side by side footage of how two of America’s biggest news channels covered Monday’s police riot in Washington, DC.

Another video taken from an Australian news team shows police assaulting a videographer live on Australian television. Attacks on journalists in conflict zones is widely considered a war crime.

And finally, police arresting a man for thanking the protestors that got arrested while fighting for his rights to live.

Julia Sachs is a former Managing Editor at Grit Daily. She covers technology, social media and disinformation. She is based in Utah and before the pandemic she liked to travel.

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