Olivia Mark, Managing Director of RelevanC: How Does RelevanC Boost Ad Revenue

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Published on January 28, 2023

Welcome to The Grit Daily Podcast with your host Sebastian Rusk, where we explore the behind-the-scenes of startups and their founders. Today’s guest is Olivia Mark, the Managing Director of RelevanC, a company that has utilized both tech and data to craft a white-label platform that enables retailers to target their customers and serve ads that are pertinent to their customer journey. Sebastian and Olivia share an enthusiasm for retail media, and she shares her insights on what the retail media landscape looks like in 2023. Sebastian is particularly excited about the potential of marketplaces expanding retail options and increasing orders this year.

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Topics Discussed and Key Points:

●The Intersection of Retail and Technology

●What RelevanC Does

●Creating Relevant Ads with First-Party Data

●The Future of Retail Media in 2023


[00:00:28] Introducing Olivia Mark

[00:02:01] What is Retail Media?

[00:03:48] How To Create Relevant Ads

[00:07:28] Retail Media in 2023

Notable Quotes

“My dad’s a retired tech entrepreneur, so from an early age dinner table conversations were about product releases, IPOs versus acquisitions, and the benefits of product marketing.”

“So, retail media means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. So to be specific, we focused on the highest impact format, and that is sponsored product ads.”

“It’s hard. You know, people put blood, sweat, and tears into these things. But if the market timing is wrong, the competition got there first, or whatever – it’s over, you missed. You have to know when to end it. And those are really hard decisions to make, but they’re important ones.”

“I think it’s really the shift from relying on third-party cookies to first-party data. So first-party data is the data that we give retailers ourselves.”


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By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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