Naughty America promises “close a simulation as possible” at SXSW

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 6, 2019

Holograms, it turns out, aren’t just a feature of Star Wars mythology. After a brief respite they’ve come roaring back on the back of tech that, finally, is realistic.

Or at least that’s the thinking behind entertainment company, Naughty America, which has its own hologram-based exhibit and series of talks around the tech at this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas. Grit Daily caught up with Naughty America CEO, Andreas Hronopoulos to get a deeper look into why he thinks holograms could get ubiquitous and how adventure seekers can benefit.

GD: For the uninitiated, what has the Naughty America brand been up to lately?

Andreas Hronopoulos: Most people never have the chance to experience their sexual fantasies in real life before they pass on. To be able to provide as close a simulation as possible to the real thing via holograms and VR is really a privilege for us.

The technology to achieve this has been a long time in the making, but it’s here now – and if our experience in the tech world is any indication, the future will bring us even closer.

GD: Why focus so much on tech?

AH: Reality has a bad habit of getting in the way of sexual fantasies. Technology is the bridge to helping people have sexual experiences they’re either not likely to have in their real lives or perhaps want to relive from sometime in the past when they did. While the content of adult entertainment has some limitations – although we do try to tell a great story in what we produce – the bounds of technology are clearly limitless.

These are the reasons we focus and invest so much on the tech side. Incidentally, it’s true that the adult entertainment industry has provided much of the impetus for developing new technologies that are being used well outside our industry, with some of the greatest benefits in science and medicine.

GD: Explain how this type of tech offers “six degrees of freedom?”

AH: Six degrees of freedom refers to the ability to move around the room based on the number of axes that a body can freely move in three-dimensional space. Our holography cameras are able to capture movement and detail on all of these planes no matter what the performer is doing. We will provide audiences with an interactive, 360-degree view of any scene.

The new camera technology to capture movement on all of those axes and convert it into highly realistic 3-D video is truly brings us the next generation of adult entertainment, which does not require you to have a headset, so you can view holographic content on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. And as the technology continues to advance – and it is – we intend to take full advantage of it to give our audiences the most realistic experience possible.

GD: What will be your big reveal at SXSW this year? 

AH: Holograms. It’s incredible the pace at which technology has advanced in just a few short years. We’ve gone from 4K, which not long ago was the most realistic imagery possible, to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and now holography. We’re taking the technology to a whole new level. SXSW has always been a showcase for new entertainment and the tech to create and enjoy it. This March will be no different.

There will be multiple presentations and panels addressing the topic of holograms, so this is clearly a top-of-mind topic for SXSW producers and attendees. We will be there to show what holography brings to the adult entertainment world, and of course we expect great interest from attendees – and the media as well.

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By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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