Mindie Kaplan Just Launched MaleRoom, A Modern Take on ‘Men Are from Mars’

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 9, 2020

Mindie Kaplan wanted to clear up the confusion when it comes to dating between the sexes. In a new show called MaleRoom, Kaplan interviews men to find out what, exactly, goes on in men’s minds.

Grit Daily: You had your own adventures before you launched MaleRoom. Share those.

Mindie Kaplan: My curiosity has definitely led to many adventures throughout my career! I’ve had a corporate background with brands like Microsoft and Nissan, started a VR/AR company and often led a double life with creative projects on my nights and weekends! This curiosity led me to pitching my first video series to the Chicago Sun Times called “Happy Hour” where we interviewed athletes, musicians and celebrities over cocktails! Even though I didn’t have a background in as a journalist, I thought it would be fascinating to meet different types of people and learn about the common thread that makes them successful.  

Years later, in tandem with my Rated VR company launch, I applied what I learned (along with fighting my fear of heights) and interviewed the Fat Jew in a hot air balloon in virtual reality! I wanted to profile a non-traditional entrepreneur in a VR environment which also provided a great lesson in how to create, measure and understand the space. After a little over 2 years, we were acquired by MediaMint where I’m currently the VP of Innovation.  

The common theme throughout is that I didn’t really have any business jumping into the areas that I did, I just had the curiosity and motivation to see them through. What was worse, trying and having to recalibrate if it doesn’t work out or the regret of not trying at all and wondering what if? I went with B and took some chances that have led me here!  

MaleRoom logo
GD: What’s behind the MaleRoom name?

MK: Since we’re getting inside the mind of guys by going straight to the source, MaleRoom seemed especially fitting. See what we did there? We wanted to change the conversation a bit by putting men in the hot seat and the name embodied just that to us. Now we can use some of our favorite lingo such as “You’ve Got Male, Total Package & MaleRoom Certified.”

I was actually trying to find the perfect name for the brand for months, held a contest and literally asked every friend I had in advertising too. Funny enough, my amazing 72 year-old aunt actually came up with the name, so she definitely gets all the credit!

GD: For the uninitiated, what is the premise of the show?

MK:  It all started with wanting to recreate conversations that I was having with my guy friends about dating and relationships to get their tribal knowledge. Their advice was gold while being especially entertaining and actually pretty spot on. As a marketer, I also noticed a white space in content for single women that wasn’t just self-help or self-deprecating. So, the premise is the exact opposite — think of a modern day “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” where we actually feature non-experts with very real perspectives.

Guests include various types of men from celebrities, influencers, and everyday guys with segments like “Text Translations and Just the Tips” to understand this elusive species. The format is a video series, podcast & virtual event series. *Bonus content: We also feature trading cards of “MaleRoom Certified” single men in NY on social too!

Mindie Kaplan and Carl Radke
GD: Don’t women hear enough from men as it is? Why have all male guests?

MK: Not in this way. Our guests are often “lightly roasted” or challenged on behalf of the ladies of the world who are in the market for some real conversation (and comedy) about these topics. The format is completely unscripted and the guy’s candid answers lead us down many different roads since we’re all along for the same ride. Since I’m living and breathing this topic, and doing all of this as a selfless act of market research, I ask the questions that me and my friends actually want to know! Women can also submit their texts, ideas and questions on social (& our live streams) since we want this to be as interactive as possible.

GD: How are brands involved?

MK: We have a fun partnership with Loverboy Hard Sparkling Tea (with the cast of Summer House on Bravo) for the first season along with Soho House for our “MaleRoom Live” events. During this time, we will also be live streaming new episodes in partnership with Twitch (& the Stimulus.tv Network) starting on April 17th.

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By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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